Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just Another "I'm Fed Up" Rant.

Sorry I'm just not going to buy into all the "Blame America first, last and always" crap that has become the stock and trade around here. Nations have been playing economic and geographic political advantage over one another since the dawn of organized society.  We are no different excrpt that we have also had the huge advantage, up until recently, of both a far better educated and free thinking public possessed of entrepreneurial drive that allowed us to push our advantage largely without massive military effort. Our message to the world was not one of military conquest and forced assimilation but of demonstrating the superiority of free enterprise and free citizens and that prosperity grows from individual effort not from government imposition of force.

That made us the envy of the world wher people flocked here to become part of the American dream if not for themselves then for their children and grand children. But now the so-called progressives have turned our educational system into a sewer of egelatarian filth telling any and all that they are entitled to live like kings with out making any effort to actually earn it. They have deprived our youth of any in depth knowledge of history and its proper application to today's issues. Everything must be boiled down to "America is greedy, Americans are racists" and foolish demands for a distorted concept of "equality" that never has, can't and never will exist. They don't teach young people to go out and develop a skill or find a passion and make it work and maybe, just maybe you will make it rich or maybe you will succeed and be able to raise a family in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. There is no emphisis that first and foremost you have to work hard today for tomorrow's rewards. No they teach them that all rewards can be theirs, and theirs now, all they have to do is demand in enough numbers that government give it to them. In their minds their lazyness is simply a manifestation of other peoples greed.

The same dynamic applies to the radical islamists.  Kill the Jews because they succeed where we have failed. Kill the Americans because they wont share their wealth with us. Well you know what? Screw the damn whole lot of them, their communist diaelectic and their Islamic 7th century fascist barbarism. I'm no fan of Putin but at least he is openly facing the reality that it may well come down to nukeing the crap out of Islam before they will be stopped.

As for our own lazy degenerate class, give them jobs, put them to work building Trump's wall on the Mexican border. Forcebly teach them the skills needed to build roads and rebuild bridges. Make them learn to appreciate the value of hard work and stop being such a bunch of spoiled petty children. In short make them grow up.

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  1. Welcome to the club! The silent majority is on the rise in a way not seen in a generation


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