Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poor Pooty Poo . . . .

The crybabies in the Kremlin are now upset that the Ukrainian parliament has banned the symbols of both the communist and Nazi occupations, declaring it "repression of free speech".  Really Vladdy boy?  So tell us how many journalists have disappeared, died of fled into exile under your watch?  Or perhaps there is something about opening old KGB police records that the legislation also calls for that has you concerned?  Or maybe you're worried that the Ukrainians will melt down all those statues of Lenin and turn them into bullets to shoot at the Russian troops you say aren't in Ukraine.

Does this statement of outrage include an apology for all the millions of Ukrainians you Russians have killed just since1918?  Or how about a thank you to George H.W. Bush for letting you sorry communist murderers off the hook for your nearly 75 years of crimes against humanity.  Maybe the world would take Russia more seriously if you finally buried Lenin's rotted corpse and took down his statues and stopped putting up posters of Stalin and apologized to the rest of the world for his having started World War Two in conjunction with Hitler.

We all know none of that will happen so how about taking your phony outrage and sticking it where the sun doesn't shine and just STFU!

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