Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire".

Baltimore burns, and the authorities have told the cops to stand by and watch it burn down.  There is a false hope that this situation would burn itself out.  That has clearly not worked, so now they will have to move in with massive force.  Whether or not this will quell the violence or add fuel to the fire we will just have to wait and see.

Realistically this is the penultimate failure of leftist social engineering that has bread generation after generation after generation of illigitimate ghetto dwellers who have been brought up in a moral vacuum and subsequently lack the social conscious necessary to know or even care what the difference between right and wrong is.

They have been given just enough food and shelter to live a subsistence existence and facilitate their breading like soulless rats. In turn they have been robbed of any incentive to actually work to make their lives better and pumped full of hate filled propaganda that even attempting to improve their lives is a hopeless endeavor because "the white man" is out to keep him down.  Therefore they have no reason or need to take responsibility for themselves or their communities.

There is one thing you can rest assured will happen.  Every communist/fascist/agent provocateur will come crawling out of the woodwork in every ghetto across america with a can of gasoline in one hand and a match in the other.  Absent any real police violence rest assured the incidents will be manufactured.   All this will just make the  black communities cannon fodder for and the excuse for a massive police state crack down on everything and everyone.  This crackdown will go hand in had with ever increasing restrictions on cash transactions, currency controls or saving anything except in the form of government "approved" instruments.  Ultimately these are the very communities and people are that will suffer the most under the coming draconian and disfunctional dystopia.  No credit card or debit card linked to a personal account or no government EBT card?  Well the tough luck. You don't eat.

Now guess which party will be sitting in the White House directing the government violence and guess party will be licking Obama's boots while whimpering like beaten dogs about the need for "law and order"?  The Republican's beaten bat shit crazy ex POW John McCain and their house faggot Lindsey Grahame will no doubt be leading the charge.

Just what do you think all those FEMA camps were built for?  They've already got the boxcars lined up on the sidings and bodybags folded and stacked.

And while we are consumed in our on paroxysm of violence the Middle East and North Africa will erupt in its own spasam of seemingly endless death and destruction. Then guess which newly reformed Eurasian alliance will announce the need for them to step into the fray to restore "peace and stability?

Naaaaahh, never happen.  John of Patmos.  Who be dat?  He gots some free shit fo' me and da' bros?

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