Saturday, August 17, 2013


Egypt has a certain commonality with Turkey which also has had recent civil unrest related to an elected government over stepping it bounds in trying to impose Islamic law on a population with a large secularized population. 

Although Egypt does not have Turkeys much longer history of republican and democratic institutions, it does have a large secularized element in its population.  This is due to both the presence of the Suez Canal and it large dependence on tourism as a major pillar of its economy.  Both of these bring in large numbers of foreigners and particularly Westerners and their influence into the society. 

Additionally, like Turkey, Egypt's economy has remained open to Western commercialization and over the last decade or so, the internet.  This stands as opposed to countries like Syria, Libya and most others that have remained largely closed and controlled economies and societies.

Having enjoyed at least some of the benefits of a Westernized society and economy they don't want to slide back toward the social mores of the 8th century which the Muslim Brotherhood represents, and much to the surprise of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood,they are willing to fight to prevent it.

Whether the military and the new government will be successful in suppressing the social and civil destructive influence of the Muslim Brotherhood of course remains to be seen.  Will there be a protracted and bloody civil war?  At this point it seems likely if the military and their secularist supporters don't move swiftly.  There short term success nay have some serious repercussions for the Islamist segment of Egypt's society.  In the long term thier failure my have serious repercussions for the rest of the world.

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