Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hilarity and Desperation in the (Real) Money Pits (Part 3)

Jamie Dimon sits behind his desk trying to concentrate on some paper work.  His chief aide is the only other person in the room.  He suddenly raises his head with a twisted look on his face and sniffs the air.  "Is that bad tuna fish I'm smelling?"

His aide replies "No sir. That's Blythe's crotch your smelling.  With the spike in PMs today she is getting seriously fucked with a golden derivatives dildo sir."

Jamie twist his face yet again.  "The US still doesn't have an extradition treaty with Brazil right?"

"I believe that is the case sir.  Would you like me to call and have the plane warmed up?"

"Perhaps we should.  The main lobby called a bit ago and said that this big silver phallus looking thing was just there when they came in this morning.  They said it had my name on it."

"Warmed up AND fully fueled!  I understand sir.  Your passport is in the top drawer sir."

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