Friday, November 5, 2021

Don't Trust Your Dr. No Matter How Much You May Like Them.

 I am at the point of seeking a new Dr. After being very satisfied with the one I have had for over a decade.

During my recent semi-annual visit I asked him to give me a guarantee that should I contract the Sino-Lung-Rot that he would treat me with Ivermectin and he flatly refused saying simply "It doesn't work." I asked if he had treated anyone with it and he said "no." I then asked how he then knew it didn't work and rather than answering he said he would not prescribe it because of the "side effects." Well prepared, I then asked "If it's so dangerous why has it remained in use for so many years and why did the inventors awarded the Nobel Prize for it?" Again he could not and would not answer. I then reminded him that it is impossible to turn on the television without being bombarded with ads for drugs of all kinds, all of which list at the end and as quickly as possible all the possible side effects up to and including death! Again I got no response.

I then reminded him that there are now thousand of examples of "vaccinated" individuals who have subsequently gotten the bug. He then gave out the standard bullshit answer that that was true but they "only had mild symptoms". Reaching my limits I told him that I knew a specious answer when I heard one as I also knew that the vast majority of people who had contracted it even before the "vaccines" had only had mild symptoms, otherwise it wouldn't have a 99.95% survival rate! 

He then said "Well it sounds like you have your mind made up" and accused me of getting my information from "Facebook". Keeping my temper in check I reminded him that I was a degreed engineer and had an MS in History from Univ of Chicago and I certainly knew how to do research and comparative analysis, none of which included anything found on social media. I then ripped my mask off I and told him how I knew they were useless because any fool who learned how to calculate the area of a circle could figure out that the ratio between the size of the virus and the holes in this mask is some 360,000 to 1 and that you had a better chance of shooting a BB at the open end of a 75" pipe and expecting it to be stopped. His feeble response was that "We've all been wearing then around here and no one has contracted the virus." I laughed and reminded him that there was a big sign downstairs that said "If you are sick do not enter. Return home and call in," and that there were no studies that I had been able to find that documented any asymptomatic transmission. I didn't wait for any more CDC or AMA propaganda and simply left.


  1. JWMJR, I am a retired nurse, my cv: MS, Nursing, MS, Behavioral Science and a accepted doctorate student in Applied Clinical Research. I had finished my prereqs for admission, accepted and was about to move and was diagnosed with MS. I elected to retire from nursing and not pursue my doctorate. That out of the way, I too had a very similar conversation with new Internist I picked for my primary health doctor since moving to a new area. He was adamant about me getting the jab and I told him I decline. He continued to argue and convince me of it's effectiveness. I again declined and he threw up his hands and charted I refused the inoculation. I then told him to change that entry and state what I said because a decline is legally different from a flat out refusal. He refused, I then told him I was filing an ethics and malpractice charge to the local and state medical boards. Needless to say I will not be having him as my primary. I have secured an Nurse Practitioner as a primary and I am more comfortable with an CNP any way.

    1. Best of luck to you. I know MS is a tough row to hoe.


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