Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Moderation Disease

During the last election cycle and new news aggregate site called "Citizens Free Press" came on line as an alternative to the Drudge Report. Up till very recently it has been unabashedly conversation and open and freewheeling. But now they seem to have become infected with the silicon valley disease of "moderation" and are apparently afraid of harsh truths that some might take offence at and call racist. Below find a post I put up in there open comment section. It almost immediately went into the "awaiting moderation" pile where it will no doubt remain.

Is CFP now going woke? I’m not a racist by nature. Never have been. I spent a good piece of my career as a shop steward and union president in an over 40% black industrial plant. BUT, I am among the growing number of people who are sick and tired of governments giving a free pass and or making excuses for all manner of not just bad behavior but outright criminal behavior especially to blacks.

Nobody but nobody wants to admit or discuss the fact that we have a serious 13-50 problem. It’s not even a 13-50 problem. More like a 5-50 problem.
50% or more of murders and violent crimes are committed by blacks. And no it’s not all blacks. It’s primarily young black males between 18 and 35.

If white society is to bare any blame for this it’s because for a long time there had been an attitude if as long as they were victimizing each other we didn’t care. And yes that’s wrong. But it’s also wrong that black society in general has largely refused to cooperate in ridding there own community of the criminals in their midst.

Mix into this bleeding heart judges and prosecutors who file reduced charges and hand out probation etc. for violent crimes. Of course then these criminals become even more contemptuous of the system and turn right around and commit more crimes. And those they prey upon don’t believe there is any justice either when they see the thug that robbed them or assaulted them right back on the street.

As a result many inner city black families end up living in conditions of fear and criminal oppression worse than the conditions of any plantation of the antebellum south.

If the problems in black communities are ever going to be solved it going to have to start with them and yes more policing not less. Blaming whitey and demanding more welfare has failed. Time for another path to be found.

If this little rant gets me banned from CFP so be it. It needed to be said.

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  1. All you have stated here is true. All of us, in what evervtransportation container we are in need to address and fix from the inside out and when we do the outside in will get affected as well. Its a terrible thing for these people and my heart goes out to them. Its easy to say "Dont Just Dont" But even if you refuse in soe of these cities you die anyway. You get caught in the middle, but starting where its important is why people flourish and leave the traps and pits behind them ^5 FVS


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