Saturday, October 3, 2015

President Ineffectual Leads Us Into War.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am no fan on Vladimir Putin or Russia in general and that I am even less of a fan of the despicable creature currently inhabiting the White House or her ineffectual husband. As awful as our president's performace is, what's is worse is all the pundits that promote Putin as some sort of savior in the middle east. And the same time little credence is given Puin's motives for getting involved.

The recent interview of Putin on 60 Minutes was pathetic. Charlie Rose pitched so many softballs I thought I was watching a middle school girls game. No questions about communist culpability for 70 years of crimes against humanity. No questions about Assad's blocking the construction of a natural gas pipe line that would severely undercut Russia's foreign exchange reserves by reducing western Europe's dependence on Russian energy supplies. Putin's claims about merely wanting to support the established and legitimate government are a smoke screen at best.

All that said Putin is just following an ages old pattern. He sees Obama for what he is, weak, ineffectual and mistrusted by all. If Putin were to fail to step into the void the ultra nnationalists would purge him and find someone who would.

Now we are hearing reports that the Russian's air campaign against ISIS infrastructure has been effective and demoralizing for their forces. Of course for the momment these reports must be taken with a large grain of salt until more independent confirming or refuting reports come in.

Should they prove true, even in part, it raises serious questions as to why the Pentagons operations in Syria and northern Iraq have been, for all intents and purposes, completely inept. Has the Obama administration's Stalinesque purges of top military officers left nothing but a cadre of incompetent "yes men"? Has the DoD directed the Central Command to do nothing but window dressing, meaningless and/or counter productive operations? Are either or both of these possibilities part of or linked to Hillary's infamous "reset" of US/Russian relations?

Some of the Republican candidates have already gone after the President in regards his all to apparent weakness in dealing with Putin.  Maybe they need to ask some of these very questions.

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  1. As least Putin isn't a traitor to his country as is the current occupant of our White House.:)


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