Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Dead Letter And A Ticking Time Bomb

The Hildabeast has just received a notice in her "personal" e-mail inbox.  You know the kind, the ones that says there is a registered letter waiting that requires her signature. Sent from a no longer enthralled media and post marked from Hypocrisy in the state of Arrogance and Corruption.

I have no doubt that Hillary feels the media's having turned a blind eye to Obama's incompetence and naked corruption for nearly 8 years, was simply going to be one of those gifts she was entitled to inherit among with the Oval Office.  Too bad for her the world's events have taken on such an accelerated pace that the not even the formerly fawning sycofants at the New York Times can keep up as things slip from their grasp of control.  Like trying to hold on to a fist full of sand, the harder they squeeze the more slips through their fingers.  That a lifetime of incompetence and corruption may now be catching up and turning Hillary into a political dead letter is a blessing the measure of which I doubt many can fully appreciate.  That Tommy Carcetti err Martin O'Malley from deep in the political sewers of Baltimore, is being considered as a viable alternative just indicates how politically bankrupt we have become.  But that's another story.

As bad as the prospect of another Clinton in the White House may be, I find the prospect of another Bush as bad if not worse.  Both families are unrepentant globalists. While the Clintons are just old fashioned bought and paid for avaricious liars, the Bush family are establishment elitists with a track record snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and thereby laying the foundations for the resurgence of the enemies of Western Civilization stronger or more dangerous than they were to begin with.

George H. W. Bush gave away Reagan's victory over the Soviet Union by assuring that the communists and communism would not be punished for their horrific crimes against humanity.

His elder son ignored the historical precedent established in the victory over Japan.  Namely that of forbidding the inclusion of the religious precepts that had been the basis of their aggression from the new government.  Shinto and Emperor worship were banned, not as a religion but as an institution of government.  George W. Bush gave the new governments of Afghanistan and Iraq carte blanche to make Shria a basis of their new constitutions.

The world's reward for their incompetence are a resurgent and revanchist Russian imperialism and an ongoing political, military and religious conflict in the Middle East and North Africa that grows more out of control every day.

Granted that nearly eight years of having a naked Islamophile and communist in the White House have more than contributed to and exacerbated the chaos.  I shudder to think what kind of surrenders to tyranny Jeb Bush would dream up beyond his already clear signal that our southern border will remain wide open to any and all who wish to enter.

Every election season the talking heads declare that the next election is the most crucial ever and that "our side" must win.  If it's a choice between Bush or Clinton the election will already be lost ...... for all of us.

The succession of either another Clinton or Bush to the Presidency would seal the fate of the American Republic and our beloved Constitution just as surely as Augustus's reign sealed the fate of the Roman Republic and Senate.  The institutions will remain but only as toothless and impotent facades lending a rubber stamp to an Imperial Presidency that already sees no need to either consult with or submit its proposals to a Congress that sees itself as a servant of government rather than the people.

Unlike in Rome here there remain a great many here who still believe that the citizens remain sovereign.  There is much uncertainty and chaos in our future. Whether or not that principle remains intact in whatever emerges from the other side remains to be seen.

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