Monday, January 23, 2012

Fascism With a Human Face

As I have touched on previously the ugly reality is that we are living in a neo-fascist state. Sure we still have the illusions free speech and free elections. But do we really?

Just look at the choices we have for President in the upcoming elections. With the exception of Dr. Paul if one were to do a blind comparison among them all you would be had pressed to say who was who and who belonged to what party.

There is a reason for this of course and that is that as in the classical definition of fascism the corporations and the state have merged into a single amorphous entity. The corporations hire the lobbyists to write the bills that they then send to their bought and paid for politicians who pass them into law and then the corporations just go about their business of pillaging the economy and the citizens and everything is nice and “legal.” Just like in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Don’t ask questions of morality the politicians and the courts and the media will only ask that you consider if it is “legal.”

Anyone who thinks that the MSM functions as anything other than Ministry of Propaganda for the neo-fascist state is either not paying attention, woefully ignorant, sadly deluded or to be quite frank, just plain stupid.

So the point in time is rapidly approaching wherein a lot of people are going to have to ask themselves; can this be changed? Can we stand and fight the machine? Or; Do we just hunker down and try and hide from the eye of Sauron or perhaps even flee the country?

How many of us can become capital “A” Anonymous and fight them and hope for continuing victories as was recently achieved in the take down of the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation? Knowing full well that the state is actively engaged in hunting them down and will have no mercy when and if they find them. How many of us can really become little ”a” anonymous and have the means to effectively hide from the government with enough land and or resources to sustain ourselves and hopefully stay outside their reach or concern? In either case, probably not to many of us. The only remaining alternatives will be to either become a cog in the machine of the corporate government or simply go along with the corruption and fraud and hope that it doesn’t target us specifically.

We are making the transition into what Fabian socialist H.G. Wells called “fascism with a human face.” How long until it devolves into what as George Orwell so succinctly put it “imagine a jack boot stomping on a human face.” No one can tell but have no doubt it will move in that direction.

The reason that this neo-fascist state gets away with this slow one-by-one usurpation of our rights and property is that they have made issues of economics and government so complex that for the vast majority of people when they come up their eyes just glass over and the subject changes to who will win the Super Bowl or the latest season of Survivor or whatever other mindless distraction, put forth deliberately by the same propaganda outlets, so that we don’t become involved with the outcome of our own fates at the hands of the corporatocracy.

The Department of Homeland Security and their increasingly thuggish TSA have grown into some sort Imperial Praetorian Guard, concerned not with protecting the citizens but only with protecting the power of the state. How soon until like those of ancient Rome they start to “remove” even elected officials who question their authority? Just today a sitting US Senator who has been outspoken in his criticism of the TSA was detained for refusing a “pat down” at an airport in his own state of Tennessee. This is not the politically correct theater of the absurd, this is barefaced tyranny.

How long will people continue to wallow in their normalcy bias, thinking that a choice between an Obama or a Romney or a Gingrich is actually a choice? Or simply closing our eyes to the ugly truth and concerning ourselves with nothing but the flickering images on our new HD TVs until one day we wake up and find that all our rights and liberties and property have been stolen from us in the name of “state security” and we wonder out loud “How did this happen?” or ask “Why didn’t the talking heads on TV tell us this was happening?” Or will we wait until the latest and greatest HDTV comes equipped with a web cam and microphone so the Ministry of Truth can watch us as we watch their propaganda. Why not just line up at the courts and all of us change our names to Winston Smith and be done with it?

Of course by the time that the realization of the truth begins to dawn for most it will be too late to “petition the government for redress of grievances” because that right will be gone as well. And all of us who tried to warn the public, who begged and pleaded and cajoled until we were blue in the face will have all either “gone Galt” (members of Congress talking about setting up a “Reasonable Profits Board” draws not even a stiffeled yawn from any of the candidates or the MSM) or disappeared into some FEMA camp, held under indefinite detention, just as the NDAA now says is “legal.”

It’s all to frightening and all too real. It might be 28 years late but 1984 is here.

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