Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Into the Vortex

Over the course of the last almost one hundred years, since the inception of the Federal Reserve Bank, our financial systems and its bankers and our political system and it politicians have become increasingly and indeed incestuously intermingled. This relationship has created what can only be defined as a vortex of corruption. Into this vortex have been drawn a wide variety of other American institutions including unions, insurance companies, mega corporations like GE and variety of so-called non-profit organizations that claim to be independent and unaffiliated but in reality function as shock troops, employed to work around the social edges of the vortex, stirring up the periphery with outrageous behavior just enough to keep the public and the media distracted from the more insidious looting of the nation’s, if not the worlds wealth through the pernicious practices of institutionalized inflation, progressive taxation, and the creation of a vast body of citizens dependent on the same institutions of government. This army of dependents then in turn enslave themselves further by paying for the chains they are shackled with by voting for the same politicians who forged them.

So while on the one hand, the actions on the periphery stir the opposition to useless emotional rage targeting the surface corruption of the likes of ACORN and Planned Parenthood or Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton blatantly playing the race car, all the while on the other hand the powers behind the curtains, the FED, the TBTF banks and their wholly owned and fully subsidized politicians have looted 90% of the value of the dollar, taken us off the gold standard and demonetized real money, silver.

This has created an imbalance in the distribution of the nations wealth that has not been seen since the late ‘20s in the lead up to the collapse of “Black Monday” that plunged the nation and the whole world into the “Great Depression.” But rather than honestly informing the public of this great imbalance and its inherent dangers, the game continues unabated through the POMO process wherein the banks, acting as Primary Dealers, borrow money from the FED, essentially themselves, as they are the owners of the FED, at near zero interest rates, and buy Bonds issued by the Treasury Department. As Primary Dealers they receive a “fee” from the Treasury for making theses purchases. Then after holding these T-Bills for as little as three weeks, they turn around and sell them to the FED for a 3-4% premium over what they paid the Treasury for them. They then take these profits and deposit them back into the FED and receive another 4.5% interest on the deposit of these now “excess reserves.” This little bit of paper shuffling yields about $6 Billion each month on which they earn $270 Million each year for each monthly deposit or close to $3.5 Billion each year. All this is paid for by the largess of the American taxpayer. In addition to this the taxpayer also get the privilege of paying the interest and principle due on the T-Bills originally issued by the Treasury Dept.

I fail to see how anyone could come up with could come up with a more fraudulent and legal scheme to fleece the working taxpayers while paying out a pittance to an ever expanding dependent class to buy their votes to elect the politicians who keep the whole thing in place by accepting the bribes know as campaign contributions from the very malefactors that built the corruption in the first place. And who says America isn’t a great place!?!

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