Monday, February 21, 2011

On Wisconsin!

It’s fitting if not ironic that Wisconsin, the birthplace of the public employee union may well become its burial ground as well. Maybe we should call what is unfolding there the “Nightshade Revolution,” as they seem to be poisoning themselves by the consumption of the fruits of their own corruption.

So then I have a few questions for our liberal and union friends that are in need of answers.

1. How is it not corrupt, if not morally incestuous, for public employee unions to use the state to forcefully expropriate dues from its compulsory members and then use those dues to elect the very politicians with whom they negotiate their contracts?

2. Is it simply beyond the intellectual capabilities of the left to see the hypocrisy of chanting for freedom and democracy while attempting to block a vote by duly elected representatives? Or that Democrat State Senators have fled from the democratic process because they know they will lose that vote?

3. Are these same Democrats that so loudly protested Republican efforts to use the established rules of the US Senate to block President Obama’s Agenda now celebrating an abrogation of the rules of the Wisconsin Senate?

4. When President Obama said “Elections have consequences,” and “We won,” did he mean that they only have consequences for his opponents, and his friends in organized labor should be exempt from the consequences of elections or their own corruption?

I for one welcome the public employee unions taking the hard line in Wisconsin. The sooner they self expose their attitude that the State’s purpose is to serve their employees and line the coffers of the unions, over and above the needs and concerns of the public they are supposed to be serving, the sooner this monster can be slain and shoved into the grave of history it so justly deserves. That the union bosses would sooner risk the jobs of their members rather than their corrupt power structure should be telling to anyone who takes the time to do any critical thinking about what is going on here, as to just who they are really looking out for.


  1. hi... Great article... too bad nobody seems willing to comment... and sorry I didn't find this sooner...

    p.s. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  2. Thanks, check back regularly I post on a lost of stuff.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Timely truth, well said. The strength of moral fiber in people like this author give me confidence that the game is not yet up for America.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the kind words.

  5. A link to this was posted on Hotair, which is how I found it, good to see this from my former state.

    Former because I moved out of state in March.

    ...after living there for 15 years.

    ...after paying outrageous property taxes for those 15 years.

    ...after homeschooling my two children for those 15 years...and not getting a return on the taxes I paid.

    ...homeschooling because I did not want my kids in a school that was overrun with illegal aliens and drug dogs being brought through the school.

    ...after my wife, who has taught from first grade through high school and to college, and has a PhD in Botany, decided not to teach because of the union mafia there and the gauntlet you have to go through to get hired.

    We needed Walker, now, but also needed him years ago rather than Diamond Jim Doyle.

    We needed Walker when Republicans in Madison were making deals with the Democrats to ignore the minimum gas pricing law. When they ignored those who voted for them, or went wobbly like some are now.

    It was disgusting to me to receive a call from Madison, two days before I moved, asking for a donation to the Republican party to help Walker fight the unions.

    Yes I was upset, because I am moving my family across country. Yes I told them why. Yes I hung up when they ignored what I said.

    The Republicans in Madison had better follow Walkers lead and grow a spine, or they will find themselves in the minority again very soon.

  6. It's discouraging at times; we hear of spineless Republicans but not spineless Democrats; they will do anything for power and money. Corrupted as they are by a tenacious adherence to a right to kill infants, this is no surprise. But many Republicans lack a tenacity driven by any fundamental moral or immoral force; they are too nice and easy going. I just wish they would raise hell and blast those union thugs and play rough; not be afraid of calling "liar" without apologizing; it's the truth stupid.

  7. Phillip, You're right of course for most Democrat political activists power is the ends and the means. They with to rule not based on some sense of desiring some just governance but out of a desire for power to be used over others.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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