Thursday, February 12, 2009

Standing on principle

I am a free and sovereign citizen of a free and sovereign state. I relinquish certain of those rights to my state in exchange for that state’s guarantee to protect those and all of my God given rights, as enumerated in my state’s Constitution. Acting as an agent of its citizens, my state freely entered into a compact with other free and sovereign states to create a Federal government whose sole purpose is to act within a strictly limited authority granted to it by those member states; Said authority being too; 1. Act as the common agent of those member states and their citizens in relations with foreign powers, and to protect them from the infringement of their sovereign rights and the rights of their citizens by any foreign power. 2. To create and defend a common currency to be used within the several states and to set and control its value and its value in relation to foreign currency and, 3. To guarantee the free and unrestricted trade between the several states.

Further it is the responsibility of my state to protect my rights and its rights from usurpation by the Federal government should it seek to enact laws or exercise authority beyond those responsibilities granted to it by the several free and sovereign states.

I would sooner die fighting, with my personal liberty and moral integrity intact, going before my maker with a clear conscience on those accounts, than to surrender them to the usurpation of the Federal government. My personal liberty and moral integrity are not for sale at any price.

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