Friday, May 7, 2021

So What Comes Next?

Somewhere out there in the vastness of America's political landscape there has to be a dawning taking place. Not just that the insistence that the supposedly vaccinated must continue to wear masks is not just absurd but defies all logic and common sense and that beyond that the reason for it has nothing to do with science but rather is purely political.

Posit it then that they are waiting for the software and documentation to be created for the Federal imposition of a vaccination passport system in defiance of those states that have already banded the very notion. They feds will of course argue that federal law supercedes all state laws. 

Think it's not possible? Look at all the fool's that already think your rights and freedoms come from government and accept without question what ever the "experts" tell them they can and can't do and where and with whom they can do it.

And where would that lead us to next? Why a vast and growing network producing forged vaccine certificates which has already started of course.

Critically then this will lead to one of two things. Either the revelation that the "vaccine" leaves a distinct genetic mark that can be scanned for with a simple blood test like something out of the 1997 movie Gattaca. Or by the CDC suddenly determining that you need yet another jab to "protect" you from a newly discovered "mutant" strain. A jab that will contain this marker that the passport system can track... Or maybe they will just go full "Mark of the Beast" and demand we all get chipped like a family pet.

The intersection of Orwell and Huxley is truly frightening. But now that the education system has been so systematically dumbed down how many out there have actually read Orwell and Huxley never mind know of Saint Augustine's question; "If justice be removed, what are governments but great bands of robbers?"

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Taxing Black Liquor, The Stupidity Goes On

I have posted on this subject before but its time to elaborate. Few people understand how energy intensive the paper industry is. I was in the business of suppling equipment to paper plants for a good part of my career I can honestly say I have never been to a paper mill that operated on the public power grid. 

Paper production requires three things beyond wood, lots of electrical power, lots of high pressure steam and lots of highly corrosive chemicals. After choping the wood into small pieces and adding whatever other matetials the customer requires, depending on what the end product is, it all goes into what is called a digester along with the first batch of chemicals, lots of chemicals. This produces the slurry which is pressed, dried and has the chemical residue extracted. (Just recently a mill in Jay Maine whose sole product was toilet paper had their digester blow up in a massive explosion. This besides idiot hording was the cause of the recent shortages and price spike, particularly in the Northeast.) 

This chemical residue is considered one of the most toxic and corrosive by-products that come out of any industry. It's so toxic that it can't simply be disposed of. So what is done is that it is reprocessed into first "red liquor" and then into "black liquor." This product is then burned as a fuel in specially designed "recovery" boilers to extract as much of the energy back out of the chemicals for use in making needed steam and electricity. 

Every paper plant in America has at least two COAL fired plants and at least one recovery boiler. I have been to some plants that had as many as five coal plants and three recovery boilers. 

These recovery boilers are considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. No one is even allowed to go up onto the tower until they have been through an extensive orentation class. If for any reason there is an internal steam leak or anything else that may cause the boiler's internal pressure to go positive, the alarms go off there is only one rule in effect. Put on a rebreather mask and get the hell off the tower as fast as you can. You don't ask questions because any hesitation can mean a painful death from poisonous gasses. 

Now back during the Obama administration they  imposed a new tax on the paper industry specifically targeting this combination of energy recovery and toxic waste disposal. Taxes were imposed upon them based on how much fuel they burned. Imagine if you were taxed every time you properly disposed of your waste instead of dumping it at the side of the road. The fact that these taxes are simply added to the prices the manufacturers charge the customers (thus becoming a tax on the consumer, (i.e. your butt!) is completely lost or ignored by the politicians eho create them. They just give temselves another raise to offset the consequences to them and screw the taxpayer yet again. 

This among other things is why you find it so expensive to wipe your butt! Now Biden and the New Green Deal is promising to "do away with fossil fuels" all together. The reality is there is no other way to produce the every day paper products we use. Be it toilet paper or the brown paper bags they insist you bring your groceries home in. So get ready folks. If these stinking communists get their way you will be shitting into a ditch in your back yard and cleaning your ass with your left uand and a bowl of water. Just like the rest of the third world that they are determined to turn our great republic into.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Throwing Myself Into Other Things Part 2

 While ships like the one in the previous post are my usual forte when it comes to model building I have, over the years built a few armored pieces. One I built but sadly have no pictures of was an old WWII US Army halftrack set up as a mortar carrier that I combined with an LCM that I sent to an old friend from Rhode Island. I believe he in turn donated it to his local National Guard armory for display there.

This one however is more recent in both construction and historical context, an M1A2 Abrams.

Having inspired myself I went looking for something a little more of a complicated build. I soon settled on the latest upgrade of the M109 self-propelled gun known as the AT Paladin.

Now as my covid boredom set in even deeper I decided to make display cases for them. That and I hate  dusting!

Stay tuned. More to come!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Basic Arithmetic For Leftist Losers

 From the very beginning of this Sino-Lung-Rot nightmare we have been told we have to listen to the science. This has included St emphatically that we must wear masks. Now this particular piece of propaganda has been increased to wearing two masks.

I can't see be the only one who is reaching their Howard Beale breaking point. So before anyone starts throwing open windows and banging on pots I thought maybe it was time for some basic ammunition for conservatives and simple arithmetic that even idiot leftist might understand. (Don't hold your breath on that.) So here we go.

Numerous published sources have stated that the diameter of the covid virus is 0.125 microns. The diameter of the openings in your standard surgical mask is 75 microns. The linear ratio between these two numbers is 600 to 1. But we're not talking about linear ratios. We need to look at this in terms of cross-sectional areas.

We were all taught at a very young age that the area of a circle is determined by a very simple formula. A=π×r2.

For the virus...



.00390625×π=.0122718463 square microns.

For the mask openings...



1406.25×π=4417.8646691 square microns.

So now when we divide the cross sectional area of the mask openings by the cross sectional area of the virus we get...


A ratio of 360,000 to 1 !!!

To put it in language even a leftist troll might, and I say only might, understand...

This is not the equivalent of expecting to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence, it's expecting to stop a dust mote!

If you think this massive ratio is going to be reduced by wearing two or three or twelve masks I doubt even a remedial class in arithmetic is going to help.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Throwing Myself Into Other Things Or...

 More toys from the model shop.

This first one is a model that Revell first produced in conjunction with release of the movie "Away All Boats" in the mid '50s.    

The model of USS Montrose APA212 was part of Revell's "flat bottom fleet" that raised questions whether they were intended for display or for father's to build and kids to play with until all the small parts broke off and then demand that their father build another one. 

The latter was probably the more lucrative business model initially but over the years it has continued to be produced by Revell, it's sister company Revell Germany and by at least two subsidiary companies under different company names.

In spite of this unrealistic design flaw and others, the model does lend itself to some serious detailing possibilities.

Overview of the aft boat/#3 hold deck,
main super structure and
 gally/#2 hold deck.

Aft deck with a 5" mount,2 twin 20mm Bofers and
2 LCMs nested with an LCVP and a LCP. 

The detailing done her starts with the 5" mount which while the original piece is used, it now sits in a more realistic raised gun tub. 

All of the life rafts here and throughout have had a fine open mesh fabric added to simulate the hemp/canvas straps that were used.

The embarkation nets were made using a slightly larger open mesh fabric with pieces of .015 steel wire painted brown and woven through to simulate the 4x4s used.


Gally/#2 hold deck and forward boat/#1 hold deck from port side.

Close inspection also reveals some of the 20mm Bofers mounts. On the original model these 20mm guns were part of the deck. They appeared as nothing more than a raised feature that had no elevation above the surrounding guntub. These raised features, I wouldn't call them any more than that, were removed with a Dremel tool. Once a nice flat face was attained new center hole were drilled and replaced with guns from other, far more accurate models.

Focasle deck with a quad 40mm Bofers forward and
 2 twin 40mm Bofers mounts.

The careful weaving of lines around bollards and drapped along the hull can be seen here. Most all of the holes through which these lines pass had to be hand drilled as most were depicted as a raised edge that could be painted black. A short section of fine jewelry chain is used to depict the anchor chain on the forward winch. Both the quad and twin 40mm mounts came from other models. The original ones were poorly executed to say the least. The center stack of life rafts likewise came from other models.  The two range finder tubs were completely empty originally so again holes were drilled and units from other models put in place.  

Aft main boat/3 hold deck.

In this starboard side view can be seen the Captain's barge, again scrounged from another model is rigged up and ready to be put over the side. Another of the flaws in the original model design was deck railings that were molded into the parts. These were all carefully removed with an exacto knife and replaced with photo etched brass parts. All of the crane rigging is done with regular sewing thread stiffined with lacquer. This was without a doubt the most painstaking process in the entire build. Looking at the main boiler stack can be seen a searchlight platform supported by more photo etched brass. This feature is a detail not found on the original model. 

Now as to the real USS Montrose. She was one of some 238 ships designated as APAs. Her design was a modification of the liberty ship design that was vital to supplying Britain and Russia. She was one of over 100 ships in her class that were built primarily for the invasion of mainland Japan that never came. Her actions in World War II came at Okinawa and later occupation duty.

She later found service ferrying supplies and troops for the Nationalist Chinese in their fight with Mao's communists. Fighting communism would be her calling for the rest of her career. 

Next came service in the Korean war ferrying troops and supplies to the Pusan Pocket and McArthur's end run  landing at Inchon.

After a long maintenance and refit she again saw service against the communists, this time in Vietnam where she supported both ARVN and American troops in amphibious operations for nearly four years.

I built this as both a gift to an old Highschool friend who went to Vietnam and is now president of the local American Legion lodge. It will be going his way once I finish making tags for the display and figuring out how to best ship it some 3000 miles.

To be continued...


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Yes It Was Stolen.

 Widest possible sharing authorized and encouraged; share via copy and paste. Be sure to include my name, so the left can understand I am not afraid of them and perfectly willing, on my own ticket, to fight:

So why, after all this, do so many of us _still_ believe the election was stolen?

In the first place, there are two things we mean by “the election was stolen.” They’re mutually reinforcing, yes, but they’re not the same. The first of these is via the influence of media and social media. It was not illegal for them to have been Biden’s campaign, but they _were_ Biden’s campaign. What that means, in practice, is that they used their privileges under the first amendment to violate the intent of the first amendment. I say “privileges,” by the way, rather than “rights” because by their conduct they have undermined the first amendment to the point we can calmly consider killing it, as regards the media, as so many lefties want it to be killed for the common citizenry. It no longer serves its purpose.

The second factor is our belief that actual spurious ballots were introduced into the system by both mailing in and other means. And the numbers were not even that large; Trump “lost” by about twelve thousand in Georgia, eighty thousand in Pennsylvania, and under twenty-one thousand in Wisconsin. Let’s not pretend that those were particularly difficult numbers to have illegally come up with.

But there’s not a shred of evidence…the courts…

Look, friends, we live in the age of MiniTru and Comrade Ogilvy. We have precisely zero sources of reliable direct information. Don’t believe me?

Answer these questions:

What was on Hunter Biden’s laptop?
What party and philosophy ruled the states that drove United States’ Covid stats into the stratosphere?
Who took the blame?
How much evidence did there turn out to be of Russian interference with the 2016 election?And, conversely:
How many Arab states has Israel recently signed peace treaties with?
Who got NAFTA replaced with a treaty that more carefully guards US workers’ interests?
Who hasn’t gotten us into any new wars?
Under which presidency did the United States regain energy independence, so we DON’T get into any new wars?
Why are illegal immigrants largely going or staying home?
And how much do we hear about this: USPS worker charged with dumping ballots, as mail carriers perform extra trips before Election Day | Fox News

And, if you don’t know the answers to these, ask yourself why you don’t?

Moreover, why did Facebook and other social media suppress any notion of election fraud? One doesn’t need to suppress a lie; “a lie will not stand.” There’s only benefit in suppressing “inconvenient truths” (to steal another fraudulent Democrat meme).

Of course, when you control the media, a lie most certainly WILL stand…if it’s your lie.

Instead, we are thrown back on secondary increments of data, because the left isn’t clever enough – well, not YET, anyway – to have doctored those. (“Call for Comrade Ogilvy from Democratic Party Headquarters! Comrade Ogilvy please pick up the red phone in the lobby…”)

Among the secondary sources of information are:

The railroading of secession through various Democrat-run southern states by careful selection of those who would be allowed into the secession conventions.

Tammany Hall.

“Vote often and early for James Michael Curley.”

The Battle of Athens and the E. H. Crump (Democratic Party) political machine.

Cook Country, which is to say, Chicago, 1960.

Princess Nudelman, the dead goldfish (yes, I know the fish didn’t cast a vote. What’s important is that someone TRIED).

Look at the election fraud map.

In short, election fraud is so completely a part of the Democratic Party and the left, more generally, and has been for so long, that it would only be remarkable if there were a close election where there wasn’t any. We expect it. If we can’t easily see it, we expect it to be only because it’s a little better hidden than usual.

The Democratic Party is and always has been a party of corruption, heavy on power, short of or bereft of principle. The only difference between it and any given sub-Saharan African kleptocracy is in the shade of skin.

But what about the courts?

No, wait; you didn’t know that the legal profession is up there – or down there – with college sociology departments for its tendency to lean left? You didn’t know that coming up with direct evidence is often quite difficult? Investigations take years to uncover single instances of discrete bank fraud; we’re expected to find evidence of massive voter fraud quickly? See below.

Then, too, one might well wonder just _which_ John Roberts it was that visited Epstein’s pedophile island. Epstein didn’t waste his efforts on nobodies, you know; oh, no, he turned over the use of his harem of barely post-pubescent teens to the already powerful and the up and – you should pardon the expression – comers.

I don’t know that it was him. I will not insist it was him. I want to see an honest investigation into whether or not it was him.

Of course, to be more fair than he probably deserves, Roberts probably does think he’s heading off a civil war. He’s wrong, of course, as Roger Taney was before him; he is bringing the war closer and ensuring it will be worse.

Difficult to come up with evidence? Enter the mail-in ballot, a positive Godsend for would be election fraudsters. Just think about what’s required to prove effective fraud on that scale. It’s not the mere one hundred and thirteen thousand vote that allegedly swung things in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

We’re not talking here about railroading Jefferson Washington Lincoln III, the small-time dope dealer and occasional fence. Oh, no; this is a much more – an infinitely more – difficult problem.

For one thing, the investigators would have to scrub the voting rolls themselves. Then they’d also have to scrub the obituary columns and social security death register for the last century or so…or three. Add in the birth and naturalization records. They’d have to match not just the one hundred and thirteen thousand votes in question, but every mail in ballot AND every other ballot too. (No, the mere likelihood of most of the fraud coming via mail does not rule out more traditional methods.) And they’d have to do all this in a country that has an automatic revulsion against keeping and consolidating those very kinds of records, and often where the government in charge of the states in question will interpose every possible obstacle. And all of that with MiniTru ensuring that no adverse information ever sees the light of day.

Has anyone put that kind of effort into the investigation? No, they have not. Hence, with the best will in the world, the courts had not enough to work with. Hence, none of the investigations can be said to be valid. No, none of them. Neither can any of the court decisions, even where legally sound – and they were not all legally sound; Roberts, you swine, I’m looking at you – are dispositive, either.

So forget it; the information coming from the media is doctored and dishonest, with anything contrary studiously suppressed. The investigations were trash. The court’s refusal to hear cases prejudiced where not just outright unconstitutional.

Now some ignorant toad is going to scream, “Conspiracy loons! Conspiracy theory!”

Not on your life. People are not competent to conspire at this level, while Biden, cowering in his basement, certainly wasn’t. No, no; this is not a conspiracy but a consensus or, rather, several of them. A consensus exists when similar people, with similar values, backgrounds, and educations, see similar issues and problems, similarly, and come up with similar programs and solutions. A consensus doesn’t rule out conspiracy (“Adam, should we introduce spurious bit of bullshit X as people’s exhibit A, for the impeachment trial?”) but doesn’t depend on it either. It was sufficient in this case for enough middle and lower party workers and sundry activists, plus the media and the vile and filthy denationalized rich to a) believe that the only legitimate directions for the United States to go were further left, more globalist, less nationalist, more feminist, less nativist, etc., b) to recognize the promise of mail-in ballots, c) to deny for themselves that any principle is more important that continuing to move in those directions, and d) a resolve to do it, each in his or her or s/h/its individual capacity. No, Facebook did not conspire with Twitter; there was no need. No, X judge didn’t conspire with the Democratic Party; there was no need. No, Buffet and Bezos and Billzebub Gates didn’t conspire with Soros; there was no need. There was no need because they share a consensus.

And, so, no; we do not have any faith in the election results. Nor will we have, especially since we are quite certain that election fraud is now the way of the future. Soon to be President Harris (does anyone, anyone at all, have any illusions about that? Did anyone, ever? I have no more doubt of it than I have that she gives the best blowjob in the world, if the payoff is right) will never be considered legitimate. And she, and we, can expect everything from civil disobedience to nullification to riot to resistance in arms until the war commences. (Bet you didn’t know that the South was not the only region the states of which engaged in nullification.)

~~Tom Kratman

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Watermarks: Another Venue For Exposing The Fraud.

 Ask any avid stamp collector about watermarked paper and this is what they will tell you: firstly watermarks have nothing to do with what is eventually printed on the paper. They are created by making a physical impression of a specific design while the paper is still wet. These impressions can be vary from the large and obvious, to smaller ones that can be seen by holding the paper up to the light to those requiring special wetting agents to see definitively.

If someone is saying that some appear different because of the machine they were printed with, they are lying or ignorant. My bet is they are lying. I would also bet that under examination these ballots will show that the alleged watermarks are actually printed on the paper.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sidney Powell: Saviour of the Republic?

I have not the slightest doubt that Sidney Powell, not to mention her tacit alliance with L. Linn Wood, scares the bejezus out of these leftists. And I'm also sure that the higher up on the chain of corruption and treason the more sleepless nights she is creating.

The louder and more insistent the Demonrats and their RINO scum satraps become in insisting that Trump concede "for the good of the nation" the more certain I am that she and her intrepid team have found more than even they had imagined. The more personal and vitriolic the attacks against her become the more absolutely convinced I am that the conspirators will have no answers to the evidence she will present except to deny that it even exists.

The Biden steal was a last desperate attempt to stem the tide of American populism and national pride that remain an obstacle to all kinds of collectivists. It was the culmination of long laid plans. The communists have already completed their long march through the universities and the entertainment industry. (Objective journalists simply no longer exist. If one looks at any of them honestly all you find are varrying degrees of truth and lies.) 

They had fully expected this plan to come to fruition with Hillary in 2016.  By the end of her first term the size of the middle class would be driven below 45% and the population so demoralized and dependent on government handouts that by the beginning of her second she could just turn the keys over to the ChiComs and nobody would notice.

But then a force fully emerged. A man who said things they had lauded him for in the past. Just so long as he didn't really act on what he said and kept writing donation checks to their campaigns. But now the time for friendly chats with Oprah were over. The time of firing people for fun and profit on TV was over. Time to put action to words had come and the much put upon and fed up indignant Americans was determined to be right there with him!

And with them they were in 2016 and they are with him in even greater numbers today! The foolishness, incompetence and emptiness of 8 years of Obama was there for all to see no matter how much the media tried to hide it. Trump became Obama's stark legacy of refutation. With Trump's victory so to came the time to put every conceivable corrupt idea into play. Not just into play but put on steroids and meth.

Like with most all criminal operations, they were over confident. They screwed up and got caught. They know 5hey did it, we know they did it and they know we know they did it. And again I'm pretty sure they aren't particularly confident that Sidney Powell doesn't have the goods on them. They know that not a single person she named as corrupt in the Federal DA's office ever sued her for slander, libel or defamation for her book "License to Lie." Why? Because truth is always an irrefutable defense.

The crashendo is building and it going to break upon and out of the Supreme Court. Which side gets washed away and which side will remain as the waters reced only time will tell, but it won't be long.

Somebody should start a dead pool on who the first Arkanside victim will be. Once the first one drops the rest are trapped. Caught between the rock of merciless Arkanside and the hard place of an FBI that nobody in their right mind trusts.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Alinsky Rules For Thee But Not For Me? Think Again...

 Time perhaps to adopt that Alinsky rule about making the enemy follow his own rules. If they say we can’t gather in groups larger than than “allowed” and both dare and demand they arrest be arrested when the cops show up. Flood the intake facilities and courts. When they try to fall back to issuing citations, rip them up in their faces and demand they arrest you for littering! Have large, loud parties and then report yourselves. Rinse repeat.

Then watch as the crime and murder rates rise and the left tries to blame Trump supporters. The answer of course us to say: Now wait, you leftist have been calling for defunding the police. You want this not just to grab those financial resources but PRINCIPALLY to reduce or eliminate police presence in minority communities. Well we’ve done half your job for you! We’d think you would get grateful. Now we want to see you demand the police stop spending time and resources on suppressing your political enemies and put them back in the business going after real and violent criminals. Have fun! We will be watching with great interest!”

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Transformation Of The Postal Service Into An Instrument Of Cultural Marxism.

There should be little surprise that the Postal Service has become embroiled in the corruption of this year's election. Like so many of our institutions it has become subverted and perverted by cultural Marxism.

There once was a time, not that long ago, when stamp collecting was not only a popular hobby, but the publication of stamps was an important way of memorializing important people, places and events to the American people. This was vitally important in showing Americans that they had more in common and uniting than any differences coming from where they lived or how differently they spelled their last names. This knitting together of Americans would play a crucial role in the Second World War.

FDR recognized this and as an avid collector himself, he personally selected the designs of many of the stamps issued during his tenure in the White House. Most noted of these was the National Parks issues of 1934 and 1935. 

Although the hobby has shrunk over the years these are still considered some of the most collectable. In fact the quality of the engraving work that went into stamps of the era far exceeds anything generally found today. In fact most stamps today are photogravure or lithography which makes for colorful stamps but lack true fine detail.

But back to my main point about the conveyance of cultural Marxism by demonstrating a case in point. 2020 may become the year we will all want to forget but it still will be the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth harbor. One hundred years ago the Post Office issued a three stamp series memorializing the 300th anniversary. At that time the event was considered an iconic part of the American story the stamps were and remain today the only stamps ever issued that bare no identification as US Postage! 

But back then it was still taught in school that The Mayflower Compact was the very first written expression of free men laying out their intent to government themselves in a democratic manner in the new world. They recognized that they were still the king's subjects but that where they had landed was well outside any areas that could be considered part of the Virginia Charter so it fell to them to create a legal system for governance.

Fast forward 50 years to the 350th anniversary issue of 1970. Although just a single stamp issue it still portrayed the event in a positive lite. The sun can be seen rising in the east behind the Mayflower as the Pilgrims come ashore to new beginnings and new dangers in their there new world.

Now let's look at this years issue. Rather than conveying a positive picture it's dark and foreboding. The sun is seen slipping below the horizon in the west as if the ship's arrival portends some terrible ending. It's seems a send sad message to about a great chapter in lAmerican history. 


It's easy to forget why most settlers came to the new world. They were escaping not just religious persecution but the oppression of the cities of Europe were open sewers. The horrors of the Black Death still haunted many if not most. (And we think the Sino-Lung-Rot is bad.) The population explosion that occurred afterwards made both the conditions of crowding and filth in the cities and poverty in the countryside worse. 

Little wonder then that so many including my intrepid ancestors would choose to risk almost certain death to escape. Indeed fewer than half of them survived that first winter that was already upon them as they arrived.

But these are all things that are not taught, certainly not in any meaningful way, and they are certainly not anything the Marxists want you to consider. To listen to them you would think that the settlers all came here with a blood lust and determined to kill every native in sight. I find it beyond disgusting that such lies are taught in our schools and that the sacrifices made by so many to risk their lives to live in freedom and to leave that to there progeny is not. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cheating Around The Edges. Part 2

I can't speak for anywhere but in the 12th Congressional District portion of Mecklenburg County but imagine my lack of surprise when BOTH the electronic ballot and the paper provisional ballot lacked any provision to cast a write in ballot except in the Presidential race and the local Soil & Water Commissioner race. Having already found that my precinct had been moved from the 9th to the 12th CD where the Democrat was running unopposed I had already determined that I was going to cast a write-in for Congress before I arrived.

So your humble correspondent lacked no hesitation to ask the poll working staff, many of whom I know personally and others knew me as I have been voting there for over 30 years, what was going on. They freely admitted that it didn't seem right to them either and that I was not the only one to have expressed dismay if not objection to the Congressional District change.

They didn't hesitate to call the county board of elections who quickly sent someone from the office to investigate. To no one's surprise the lady who showed up had no answer either other than to instruct the precinct staff to allow me to fill out a provisional ballot which as previously noted also lacked any provision for write-ins.

As it now sits I have a receipt for my ballot and a tracking number but I have to wait 10 days before I can call to check on it's status. By way of prediction I would bet that my having nearly written in my choice in what little space was available in the 12th CD box will be classified as an extraneous mark and used to throw it out.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Push Is Coming To Shove Very Quickly.

 What the left doesn't realize is that this nation's conservatives are just as if not more determined to preserve this republic as they are determined to destroy it. It is they who have taken up the weapons of hate and division not the conservatives. So far they have confused our passivity in the face of their escalating violence with weakness and or lack of resolve. That is rapidly changing.

Americans for most of our history have sought nothing but to live in peace, to pursue our own happiness, free from the impositions of other people and nations. We built a government whose sole purpose was to protect us from the impositions from others, internally, i.e. criminals and extetnally from foreign powers that would seek to control our actions or take territory from us. All other government actions beyond those that supported the protections of INDIVIDUAL rights and securing the borders was and should be regarded with suspicion.

Well now, as the corrupt leftist politicians who have long acustomed themselves to abusing our election process with their games and cheating, they are being confronted by the righteous indignation of inspired and angry conservatives who are saying, " enough is enough, this ends now!" This leaves the left in a state of irrational confusion. Their attitude seems to be that this is how we have conducted ourselves (illegally) before so we're not going to change no mater who challenges us or shows up with a court order directing us to open the process as proscribed in the law. After screaming at us for 4 years that "No one is above the law," they now expose their hypocracy by openly refusing to comply with the law.

As far as I am concerned the best case scenario would be for the Republicans to go to the SCOTUS asking for relief in PA but also questioning the legality of the vote in all these game playing states that have abrogated the Constitution stating that the process has become so contaminated as to make an honest count all but impossible and requesting that their results be set aside and excluded from the electoral count. These states have so allowed corruption into their systems that their failure to address and correct them over decades has abrogated their responsibilities as states and they should be excluded from this election. My druthers would be that they be returned to territorial status untill their governments, constitutions and systems are reformed so as to forever guarantee the electoral rights of their citizens. I.e. they must return to "republican" forms of government as the Constitution requires they maintain. These leftist a holes had best realize that the 14th Amendment and the Insurrection Act are still on the books and win, lose or draw, Donald Trump is still the President and has every authority to use them in order "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cheating Around The Edges Of The 9th Congressional District.

The Demonrats aren't just going to cheat in the Presidential race but are targeting local Congresdional districts for cheating as well.

After having a conversation with my neighbor about her voting experience and doing my own explorations my fears have been realized. Somebody either at the board of elections or more likely a corrupt Demonrat judge is messing with the boundary between the 12th and the 9th to help the Demonrats in the 9th.

Ever since the ballot harvesting fiasco in 2018 and the subsequent special election had only a 5000 vote margin, the Demonrats have had a target on the 9th district.

By way of background over 40 years ago the 9th district was comprised of Mecklenburg county and areas from the surrounding counties. As the state grew and new districts were added we got blessed with the 12th district. This district was the textbook definition of gerrymandering, not because of any corruption in the state legislature but because some corrupt federal judge ruled that majority black districts must be created. It was one of the most criticized districts in the entire nation. 

Since then and over the years through redistricting, more court rulings, and demographic changes the 9th is now comprised of the counties to the southeast of Mecklenburg and the southeastern and not coincidentally wealthy and traditionally Republican part of the county.

After my conversation with my neighbor I put my address into the county elections board's web site and it came back saying I was in the 12th district. Yet when I went to the official federal website for district maps and zoomed in on my location it showed me in the 9th! Now when I asked when the line had been moved I was told it was two years ago. At this point I told the young lady who was just a 20 something clerk at best, that "I'm sorry but that's a lie. I'm not accusing you, but that is a lie. I voted in both the special election in the 9th last year and the regular election in 2018." Rather than blowing up at such blatant fraud and manipulation. I simply thanked her and left as I was not in the mood to go to jail.

Attempts to reach both phone numbers for Congressman Bishop official office and campaign office produced vapid recordings and the board of elections didn't answer. Being determined to find out something I drove down the the board of elections myself, donned my stupid mask and went in side and asked to see the "official" map. After some hesitency and asking to put my address into their computer I refused and again ask to see the official map. They then took me to a large map of the county and it indeed showed the boundary had been shifted about three blocks moving several thousand mostly Republican voters from the 9th into the 12th.

It should be noted that the 12th is now as it was intended so majority Demonrat that Republicans don't even bother to put up a candidate. So the addition 9f Republican voters to the 12th has absolutely zero chance of having any effect on the results there but it can and will effect the results 8in the Republican controlled 9th.

There are certainly areas of the 9th to the north of me that not simply close to the border as defined but are actually surrounded on three sides and are only a few blocks wide. But wait this is the heart of Myers Park where the multi-million dollar mansions are lined of cheek to jowl and they are almost all occupied by wealthy bankers and industrialists (what few are left in Charlotte). You know the very scumbags that like open borders and low worker wages. So us peons in Barkley Down who are mearly well to do because we worked hard all our lives get screwed and the super-rich get to keep their power, voice and influence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Joe Biden, the New Green Deal and the Destruction of the Paper Industry.

I have posted on this subject before but its time to elaborate. 

 Few people understand how energy intensive the paper industry is. I was in the busjness of suppling equipment to paper plants for most of my career and I can honestly say i have never been to a paper mill that operated on the public power grid. Paper production requires three things beyond wood pulp, lots of electrical power, lots of high pressure steam and lots of highly corrosive chemicals. 

After choping the wood into small pieces and adding whatever other matetials the customer requires, depending on what the end product is, it all goes into what is called a digester along with the first batch of chemicals, lots of chemicals. This produces the slurry which is pressed, dried and has the chemical residue extracted. (Just recently a mill in Jay Maine whose sole product was toilet paper had their digester blow up in a massive explosion. This besides idiot hording was the cause of the recent shortages and price spike, particularly in the Northeast.) 

 This chemical residue is considered one of the most toxic and corrosive by-products that come out of any industry. It's so toxic that it can't simply be disposed of. So what is done is that it is reprocessed into first "red liquor" and then into "black liquor." This product is then burned as a fuel in specially designed "recovery" boilers to extract as much of the energy back out of the chemicals for use in making needed steam and electricity. Every paper plant in America has at least two COAL fired plants and at least one recovery boiler. I have been to some plants that had as many as five coal plants and three recovery boilers. 

These recovery boilers are considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. No one is even allowed to go up onto the tower until they have been through an extensive orentation class. If for any reason there is an external steam leak or anything else that may cause the boiler's internal pressure to go positive and the alarms go off there is only one rule in effect. Put on a rebreather mask and get the hell off the tower as fast as you can. You don't ask questions because any hesitation can mean a painful death from poisonous gasses. 

Now back during the Obama administration they imposed a hew tax on the paper industry specifically targeting this combination of energy recovery and toxic waste disposal. Taxes were imposed upon them based on how much fuel they generated. Imagine if you were taxed every time you properly disposed of your waste insted of dumping it at the side of the road. 

The fact that these taxes are simply added to the pricees they charge the customers (thus becoming a tax on the consumr, i.e. your butt!) is completely lost or ignored by the politicians who create them. They just give temselves another raise to offset the consequences to them and screwing the taxpayer yet again. This among other things is why you find it so expensive to wipe your butt! 

Now Biden and the New Green Deal is promising to "do away with fossil fuels" all together. The reality is there is no other way to produce the every day paper products we use. Be it toilet paper or the brown paper bags they insist you bring your groceries home in. 

So get ready folks. If these stinking communists get their way you will be shitting into a ditch in your back yard and cleaning your ass with your left uand and a bowl of water, just like the rest of yhe third world that they are determined to turn our great republic into. 3

Monday, September 7, 2020

Trump Steps Up

The President's latest orders to cut off all federal funding to the use of "critical race theory" in government agencies as well as cutting off federal funding to schools using the fraudulent "1619 Project" on their curriculums is bound to set leftist brains into apoplectic meltdowns.

This move, along with the DOJ openly admitting it is compiling charges against the leaders and organizers of Antifa and BLM, would seem to indicate that the administration is taking a broad front approach to surpressing what is and open communist insurrection. That the administration is going to tie the insurrectionists directly to the Biden/Harris campaign is a forgone conclusion and Harris is actually facilitating this almost every time she opens her mouth. Even openly stating that the violence "will continue, it must continue."

More to come I'm sure.......

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Come November 4th.

Come dawn Nov. 4th, win or lose Trump needs to smash the communists including their facilitators on college campuses. It's time we recognise and act on the basis that fascism and communism are evil twins. Given power they BOTH rapidly become machines of mass human slaughter. That is an undeniable fact. That fact and that fact alone is all that is needed to render any and all rhetorical differences between them as irrelevant. Dead is dead. When you see these mad, hate filled, spoiled children screaming in the faces of innocent people can you really doubt that they are but half a step from public lynchings? Given that we are already seeing both planned and random assassinations, why would you doubt that Madame LaFarge but lurks in all of these mobs? They are already using moc guillotines. How long until someone hauls out a real one?

Friday, August 14, 2020

Why I Have Come To Loath Professional Athletes,

Organized sports, from professional to the local American Legion leagues is an integral part of supporting and participating in our local communities. Our anamosities were directed at the teams of other cities as friendly rivalries. Nobody cared cared what race or color or where they came from. They very last thing we cared about, wanted to know or even gave a passing thought to was what their politics were. Neither did we care or think about what the politics of our fellow fans was. They were fellow supporters of our guys, playing for our team against those hated rivals from across the town or across the country. That's all that mattered. It a freaking game, and we loved it as such because we played them as kids or we simply loved to watch the competition. A good play was a good play because it was a good play not because it was made by a black guy or a white guy or a brown or yellow guy. We had no problem with meritocracy in sports. We went to the ballpark, arena or stadium because we wanted to see our guys play and win. They were as the should be, neutral ground for everything except beating the other team.

But now all that of has ruined. Destroyed beyond repair by bunch of selfish assholes who think they have the right to not just shove their politics in everybody's face but also demand that everyone, fellow players and fans alike agree with them or risk being called a racist and or being cancelled in social media. Some people have even been fired from their jobs because they dare speak their minds in disagreement even over the smallest of points. They have destroyed our affection for "our" guys, but our affection for the games themselves. The fans are staying away in droves not just from the venues where they are played but also from the TV broadcasts of them. If they think the owners will continue to pay their outrageous salaries in the face of declining ticket sales and shrinking ad revenue they might want to think again, but they won't. So they will get the layoff notices like millions of other Americans, except they will blame it on a racism that doesn't exist.

The "black lives matter" movement has become like a religious cult. A cult possessed of an all seeing eye that is in endless search for things to be offended by and people to condemn and destroy. If you have lived a life or even had an ancestor that fails to meet their definition of what is politically proper you are subject to condemnation. Even for things you have no control over. Worse yet, like in the worst of religious cults, for the "transgressor" there is and can never be any forgiveness or absolution no matter what. The question is, will the rest of us have the courage and gumption to fight back. It is the left that has declared us their enemy and that we and anything we hold dear must be destroyed simply because they say so.

But then that is what this is about. It's not about the right to protest or express an opinion. It's about destroying yet another aspect of life that is and sould be a model for and an expression of what's good and what has been accomplished in and by the great American melting pot. It's about giving voice and power to those who would be an American Pol Pot if given the chance.

Open your eyes people. The "Fourth Turning" is upon us. America's 80 year cycle of crisis has come again. We have successfully overcome them before, albeit only after paying a terrible price. What the cost will be this time is yet to be determined. These forces of destruction are determined that this struggle will be fought whether we want it or not. The question is, will the rest of us muster the courage to not just fight back but destroy them and the vile collectivist oppression they stand for?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Is The Black Vote Going To Crush Biden?

In 2016 Trump garnered a larger percentage of the black vote than either of the Bush clan Presidents and this was a significant element in Trump's victory of the Hildabeast. It wasn't just that HRC was such an awful candidate who was arrogant in her assumption of victory and a monolithic black vote.

Trump's appeal to blacks of "What have you got to lose?" clearly stuck a cord with many blacks who saw not just 8 years of Obama doing little to nothing to improve their lot, but 30 years of black Democrats enriching themselves while spreading little but crumbs in the communities they claimed to represent.

Is 2020 going to be different? You bet it is! In 2016 there wàs black support for Trump but it was not especially vocal or out front about it for fear of ridicule by the black establishment. In 2020 there are a great many more blacks who have come out of the closet so to speak. And for everyone that is now openly supporting Trump there will be even more who will simply make their feelings known only in the voting booth.

The unspoken fact is that even a 3% to 5% shift on the black vote will doom the Demonrats. We know it, the Demonrats know it and the world is going to know it come Nov.

The other factor that the Demonrats are going to have to dig out from under is that they took the house in 2018 on the basis of a lie. They and the news media had pounded the Russia collision drum from the moment he took office. Subsequent events have show it to have been not just a lie but also a corrupt conspiracy that used the machines of government to attack political opponents. I have little doubt that there is a good percentage of those who voted on that basis who don't like being lied to, specially by politicians, and will vote this year on the basis of their anger at being lied to.

It's not going to be a Reganesque landslide for Trump but it will be, I think, a significant loss for the Demonrats. Otherwise we may as well begin carving the tombstone for the American experiment, because the left is determined to destroy it once and for all.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Who Died And Made The Mayor Of DC President?

I'm seeing that the Demonrat mayor of Washington DC is ordering that all National Guard troops be evicted for Hotels in the District. Just where does it say she has any such authority? It's not in the Constitution and certainly not in the DC city charter. The Constitution prohibits quartering of troops in PRIVATE homes without due compensation. It says nothing about quartering them in public accommodations, compensated or otherwise. The bitch had best read Title 10 Section 253 of the US Code. Her eviction order could certainly be interpreted as inability or  refusal to protect the citizens and property of  Washington DC and refusing to enforce and or hindering the enforcement Federal law. Beyond that the entire city government in DC exists only at the forbearance of Congress and its entire existence and authority can be reverted to Congress by the stroke of a pen.

No one in their right mind would think that the current civil unrest situation is not far worse that that that occurred in Chicago in 1968 or during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. In both cases the unrest was localized and yet federal troops were brought in and there was no such push back from local authorities as we are currently seeing in both DC and NYC.

Both of these mayor's and more than a few others and well as state governors are acting like petty lords not wanting their fifedoms overseen or even criticized by higher constitutional authority. They are not "co equal branches of govetnment"and the supremecy clause is still the supercedes them, whatever their objections.

This of course has nothing to do with preserving local authority and it sure as hell has nothing to do with protecting the citizenry or their property. This has everything to do with trying to weaken the President going into the 2020 elections and is motivated solely by the left's white hot rage and hatred of Trump.

Their hypocrisy is both naked and contemptable.

A tale of two Bibles.

Friday, May 29, 2020

This Violence Has Nothing To Do With One Death in Minnesota. Rev. 1.

This rapidly spreading violence has nothing to do with one tragic death in Minneapolis. That tragedy was just the catalyst, the excuse. The radicals of BLM and ANTIFA  are hard core communists and don't give a damn about George Floyd or "social justice". They care about sewing chaos and destruction, anything to weaken or damage the American system of government and human freedom of self-determination.

With the economy reeling and human dispare spreading from a manufactured, deliberate or otherwise, over reaction to the Sino-Lung-Rot they have grabbed onto this tragedy to spread violence as far and as wide as possible to try to trigger a further over reaction to bring them under control which would then have the  Democrats and the Media screaming "Trump is a Fascist!" 24-7 right up until the election or to push the country into such a deep depression that we will have little means left to resist further Chinese subversion and economic aggression.

Only a fool would think the large Chinese presence in our universities is just to steal our secrets. Our homegrown communist college professors aren't the only ones responsible for filling generations of American student's heads with anti-American crap.

The other factor that should not be ignored is the rapid unraveling of the Spygate scandal that threatens to not just expose criminal conduct in the Obama White House, which it is increasingly appearing that Biden was involved with, but more importantly threatens the structures and actions of an entrenched intelligence community and FBI bureaucracy that has long put itself and it's judgements above the law, the people and republic. To think that people like Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the rest are above creating dangerous and deadly distractions in order to try and save their asses from prosecution and criminal conviction is naive and simple ignores the arrogance of power.

This is not about bringing down Trump in 2020. The naive may think this is just a destroy Trump at any cost game and once he is out of office things can go back to their "normal" self-indulgent foolishness. This is about bring down America. If you don't believe that then you haven't been listening to what the communists have been saying since the end of WWII.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Barr Says No Charges For Obama Or Biden??

Well screw that Billy Boy. Obama and Biden are both guilty as sin and you know it. Your statement seems both presumptuous and premature.

I can only ask , no not ask, demand, "What did they know and when did they know it?" If they knew what their underlings and agents were doing and those actions were criminal, why did they tolerate it and not stop it  and immediately fire them, if not refer them for prosecution? Are we supposed to believe that both Obama and Biden were oblivious to what was going on around them?

I understand that any attempt to prosecute either of them will be seen as political by many, regardless of what ever evidence is presented. But should they be really be exempt from investigation and prosecution simply because of their status as former office holders? If they have guilt to bear then let the evidence be examined and presented to the public. Then and only then let the President decide to pardon them as Ford did Nixon to prevent an even deeper crisis. But he did so only after Nixon's guilt was clear for ALL to see. So let it be with Obama and Biden.

Indeed there are just as many who would see it as political to not investigate and preclude charges, particularly if there is strong evidence that they attempted to disrupt that longest of American political traditions, the peaceful transition of power between administrations, no matter how bitter the political disagreements. In fact John Adams was so disturbed and angry after the tumultuous election of 1800 that he refused to attend Jefferson's inauguration and simply packed his bags and started on the road back to Massachusetts.

This tradition has been a sacred trust 9f the American system and something free governments around the world have long aspired to emulate. It's violation should be regarded as among the highest orders of treason against the republic.

So then I can understand if not grudgingly agree to pardons but only after their actions have been examined by the Dept. of Justice AND the public. If they are indeed guilty of crimes let them be stripped of all pensions and protections and let them live out their lives in shame, ignominity and obscurity.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Greatest Danger Of The Obama Plot.

As much as we would all like to see it and as guilty as Obama may be for either instigating or approving this treason against the Republic he will never be arrested. One of the reasons Barr and Durham are taking as long as they have up to this point is that they know they must construct an absolutely air tight case against him. One that leaves him absolutely no wiggle room to make any deflections to his underlings or to claim he knew noting of their plots Against Trump and the incoming administration. When they have that case constructed someone will go to Obama and present him with it and give him the option to "escape" into exile and obscurity.

The danger being that if the DOJ does place him under arrest, per walks him and presents even irrefutable evidence for all the world to see, the communist left will use it as an excuse to quite literally burn American cities to the ground and create so much havoc and destruction that it will both ignite a civil war at home and give the Chinese Communists an all but free hand to take Taiwan, ignite a new war in Korea and do god only knows what else in the western Pacific.

Do not ever underestimate the evil that burns within these people and their desire to destroy not just the United States but human freedom itself. Both sides know the left holds this card and it would be a great mistake to think they are not willing to play it.

FOR THE LEFT ORWELL'S 1984 IS NOT A WARNING BUT RATHER AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL! "What is the future Winston? Imagine a boot stomping on a human face, FOREVER."

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Leftist Hate and Bad Brain Chemistry

I have been contending for a while now that when an individual becomes singularly focused  on hatred for an extended period of time that it creates a change in brain chemistry that can in extreme cases cause defineable and diagnosable insanity.
It has long been established that many defined mental disorders are the result of chemical changes and imbalances in the brain and that they can be treated with drugs (chemicals) that effect and or restore those imbalances.
Why then should it be some stretch of the imagination that obsessive and compulsive hatred, as we are seeing focused on Trump and anyone who even dares express support for him or his policies, would created these same sort of imbalances that lead to virtually identical irrational and delusional behaviors and expressions?
Why then should there be an exception to a diagnosis of irrational delusions and or obsessive compulsive behavior because they are out growth of the person's politics?
After all we don't have any problem saying that the Hitlerites or the Stalinists or Maoists or Keymer Rouge were insane. Other than the extremes of what they actually did with power, how are their expressions that different from what we heard from Howard Stern or Jennifer Rubin? Why then shouldn't we be deathly afraid if people who make such statements are just as insane and would give their hatreds murderous manifestation given the opportunity?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bill Gates, America's Would Be Director Of Everything.

Bill Gates has gone on record demanding that President Trump shut down the nation for an entire year. This is of course utter insanity but it is easy for him to say from behind the walls of his billion dollar estate with electrified fences and hundreds of security cameras monitored by armed guards possessing an arsenal that would make any prepper green with envy. He no doubt has stockpiles of food and supplies to sustain his family and staff for well over a year. I'm sure he also has Doctors and nurses on staff and a well stocked private hospital on site. Add in huge diesel generators and the fuel supplies to operate them, along with private wells and water filtration systems. Short of falling down and breaking his damn neck he has nothing to worry about.  Meanwhile 10 million Americans are now unemployed, many of whom were already living paycheck to paycheck.

Just don't be surprised as this virus runs it's course if another bio-hazard suddenly appears as an excuse to keep us locked away, afraid and dependent on government. I'm sure Gates and people like him have dreams of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" and would burn every copy of George Orwell's "1984" and "Animal Farm" and especially Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". They dream of a world where all information and communication is filtered through controlled media and platforms like Google, Yahoo and Facebook and only available on "smart" TVs and software and hardware systems they own and through which they can control and limit what you see and monitor what you say and whom you communicate with.

They really do see themselves as the "masters of the universe" and that they and only they are wise enough and capable enough of making the decisions on how society should operate and who should operate it. They see themselves as Huxley's Alphas and those that work for them, building and running their control platforms as their society's Betas. The rest of us, those who can't be replaced with robots (that they and only they can be allowed to build and supply), will be the Gammas and confined to the basements of society. The virtual slaves, worthy of little more than the dirty jobs, stoop labor and domestic servants catering to their petty, capricious whims and demands. If you are not among those they need as slaves as ND whose jobs have been replaced with robots and AI, you will just be cut off and allowed to die off in obscurity like you never existed.

If I could tell Gates and his kind anything it would be to tell them to go crawl into your million dollar panic rooms with your safes full of cash, bullion, guns and food and please never come out. Either that or take out one of your pistols and blow your fracking brains out. We don't need or want your vision of the future and we don't need or want you.

Monday, March 23, 2020

The Chinese Virus And What It Means

I have hesitated to write anything about the Chinese flu epidemic up until now because, well everybody is writing about the Chinese flu epidemic. Frankly I'm still all but certain that whatever your humble correspondent writes here will become lost in all the surface noise, because thats what 99% of what is out there is, surface noise. So I'm going to be blunt about it. The reader can either take it at face value and consider it or get all offended by it. I don't really care. So here goes
GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AMERICA!  This might be an epic struggle with a pandemic disease on the surface but beneath its immediate danger is an economic and ideological conflict the outcome of which will shape the remainder of this century and beyond.
Chinese government controlled companies have produced and sold to Americans:
1. Poisoned toothpaste.
2. Poisoned dogfood.
3. Poisonous dry wall.
4. Children's toys covered with lead paint.
5. Children's clothing that leached dangerous chemicals.
These were not simply accidents or quality control failures. They were tests to see what they could get away with and to see how we would react to such hidious crimes. We failed the test in that we have done nothing but wag a finger with one hand while signing off on more business dealings the other.
But all Twitter, FaceBook, the news media and global corporations are worried about are their ad revenues and profits from China so they not only won't block Chinese propaganda, they openly propagate it. It's as if the entire world has forgotten the terrible lessons of the 20th century. In hindsight we condemn those people and families and regimes that profited from dealing with Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Tojo's Japan yet today we say virtually nothing about those profiting hand over fist by dealing with an equally venal Communist China.
 THE WORLD AS A WHOLE NEEDS TO DISENGAGE FROM CHINA COMPLETELY!  There is nothing they produce that we can't either make ourselves or obtain from other suppliers. There is no reason in the world we can't build clothing  and small appliance etc. factories in Central and South America. This would not only help to disengage from China, limiting their economic and political reavh but would also help stem the flood of illegal immigrants who primary motivation is the lack of economic opportunity in their own countries.
The Chinese lie cheat and steal at every turn. And they get away with it because we don't punish them even when they get caught because some global corporation profiting in the billions, shoves millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians of both parties to block any initiatives to punish China.   
They enslave their own people in huge labor camps to produce the cheap goods we buy, most of which aren't worth the boxes they come in or they wear out or break down in six months and we don't care because they're cheap. So we just throw it away and buy another one because we no longer have either the skill much less the desire to fix anything. 
They imprison religious minorities in concentration camps including Muslims and Christians and virtually all of the Tibetan nation. They harvest human organs from prisoners against their will to sell them into the global black market. Again we turn a blind eye because well we're gluttons and drunks or we certainly have a relative or two that are and we or they just might need a new kidney or liver some day. All that's missing is the "Arbiet Macht Frei" sign over the gates.
This is of course only a partial list of China's economic crimes and crimes against humanity, but we  are supposed to trust them to make such critical goods as our medicines and medical devices, our machine tools and equipment?  We have left ourselves vulnerable to coercion and blackmail by the most racist, corrupt, inhuman,fascist nation of the 21st century. A brutal regime that openly states their determination to become the most dominant economic and military power on Earth. Have not heard and seen this before?
If nothing else comes out of this epidemiological disaster it should open our eyes to the folly of globalism that has been promoted by both parties and shoved down our throats by every President since Bush the elder. It should also be revealing to the politically naive why all of them  so viciously opposed Trump and his America first agenda and still do so to this day.

We can either disengage and confront this 21st century fascist monstrosity or fall into the trap of fear, appeasement and the inevitability of a 21st century war, the survivability would be in serious doubt. At the risk of repeating myself, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AMERICA!

Well that's my 2¢ worth on the Chinese virus crisis. Please feel free to agree, disagree, praise or condemn in the comments. But at least have an open enough mind to turn off the TV for awhile and think!