Saturday, November 4, 2023

I Don't Know If It's Incompetence Blind To It's Own Corruption Or Corruption Blind To It's Own Incompetence

 All of these cases being brought against President Trump, civil, criminal, state and federal are going to end up before the SCOTUS, and everyone knows it. Love him or hate him they are only going to accomplish two things; keep Trumps name front and center for the duration and demonstrate to the public just how irredeemably corrupt our government has become.

Couple this with the ever increasing evidence of the blatant venality of the Biden family, and by extension the Democrat party that has at best turned a blind eye to it. Historians will either record this as a low point in the course of the republic or the end of the beginning of the for the last great hope for freedom and self determination. 

We are no longer governed by elected representatives but rather ruled by greedy international corporations, faceless bureaucrats and hack politicians who dance to there tune like puppets on a string. Mussolini has won in the end. "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."

I, myself would like to think we can come back from this but at the rate things are going we'll all be lucky to escape nuclear annihilation at worst or a dystopian nightmare of global population and civilizational collapse. Welcome to the land of the "Walking Dead," if you're lucky (??) enough to have survived the inevitable course set by at least two generation of the brain dead fools and hacks.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

NY Times vs. Sullivan

 "against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.”

Friday, March 31, 2023

We Were Warned...Repeatedly.

 The sooner the US is out of the UN and out of Europe as a whole the better. We have monumental problems of our own right here at home. Let the Europeans solve their own problems for once. 

If Europe doesn't have the will and economic wherewithal to fully support Ukraine l's vain war with Russia then perhaps they should force Zelensky to negotiate peace or let his corrupt fascist regime be crushed once and for all.

Europe has never been at peace with itself. One of the reasons we fought to separate from Britain was because we wanted no part in their endless wars of imperial infighting.

Washington earned us in his farewell address (written mostly by Hamilton) to "avoid foreign entanglements."  Eisenhower warned us again in his farewell address to not let the "military industrial complex" come to dominate our politics and government. Well here we are 226 and 63 years respectively later and our nation has never been in worse shape. Our once great metropolises are in shambles, our once world dominating industrial power is all but nonexistent and our financial system is tethering on collapse.

The "black swan" is circling and it's no longer a matter of if bit when and where it lands and the real chaos begins.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Nazis In Ukraine Is Nothing New

Items found on captured Ukrainian soldiers.

Notice the NATO flag, Nazi flag, Azov Battalion flag and Nazi salutes.
Ukrainian siders in Nazi Uniform burying one of their own.
Azov Battalion emblem merging Nazi SS symbols
Ukrainian soldiers with flag adapting Nazi Germany diplomatic flag.

Nazi race hatred is nothing new for Ukraine. They just have the Russians that they openly call subhuman orcs, at the top of their list closely followed by Jews and Poles.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Zelensky's Days Seem Numbered.

 Russia publicly said they were mobilizing 300,000. The real number is probably 500,000.

Neither are the Russians going to sit around and wait for the for to give months before any Leopard II tanks to be delivered or Ukrainian troops to be trained up on them.

Within the next couple of weeks the ground all across Ukraine is going to be frozen and the Russians winter offensive is going to get into full swing.

Zelensky's pathetic attempt to secure a non-aggression pact with Belorussia to free up the 18,000 troops on their common border failed instantly. 

The chances that the corrupt fascist Zelensky government will last more than a few more weeks looks increasingly smaller by the day.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Georgia On My Mind.

If  Walker somehow pulls off a win then a tied Senate could potentially tie up any VP nominee.

So Warnock will be installed even if only for the reason to accelerate Biden's removal process. These DNC PTB all know/want Joe to go. So all eyes on how or if Joe goes after or during the Holidays.

No matter what happens I think the next four months are going to be.spicey, strange and unpredictable 

If the Senate is tied 50 50  Kamala can't vote to break a tie because she would be  president and no longer eligible to vote in the Senate to break a tie or otherwise

Who could that nominee be? 


Michelle Obama?

Someone worse?

The party is going to have to come up with a saviour and nobody but aunt Nancy see Gavin Newsom as it.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Republic Lays Upon Its Deatbed

The Democrats declared after the 2016 election and Trump’s winning the presidency that they would never let such an “aberration” ever occur again. They clearly have perfected and expanded the “margin of fraud” to a point where we can never, ever expect truly honest elections again.

Biden himself said in 2020 that the Democrats had developed a “massive voting fraud operation.” It was quickly dismissed as one of his usual verbal gaffs. In reality it was probably the only time he’s told the truth in years. At least since when he was first elected to the Senate and said to an interviewer that they “shouldn’t assume he’s honest.”

We now face a winter of cold, inflation, deprecation and a fearful prospect of an expanding war. All of which can and will feed upon the dying economy of a once great republic. All while the ChiComs and their allies salivate at the prospect of seeing us prostrate and impotent to stopping any of it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

I'm Not Depressed, Just Deeply Disappointed

The chances of the American experiment surviving another 10 years became highly questionable Tuesday night.

It's not just that the voters of this nation could vote for a severely brain damaged individual like John Fedderman is appalling it is that it's an insult to the institution of the Senate as a (formerly) respected deliberative body. A 12 year old could see that he will be nothing more than a puppet dancing to Chuck Schumer's tune.

But why not, Biden is just as mentally incapacitated and just as if not even more controlled.

The Democrats got us out of a seemingly endless war in Afghanistan in the most disgraceful way possible and are now determined to get us into an even more disasterous and far more dangerous war on Ukraine with a nuclear armed Russia. 

Once again Europeans seem determined to settle their differences and assuage their paranoias with American blood and treasure. Except we don't have any treasure left, just mountains of debt and wishful thinking based on increasing worthless paper.

The saying used to be that "old men start wars that young men die in." The current batch of old men and fools are apparently looking to change that to "olden start wars that EVERYBODY DIES IN."

And for what? To step into the middle of another cultural conflict that been going on since at least 15th century? To prop up the government of a dictatorship rife with outright Nazis? To finance and arm a regime that is just as corrupt, oppressive and murderous as the one we are being told we must stand against?

So I'd say shame on the American voters and Congress if they don't stand up and say NO loudly and decisively. But right at this moment I'm not sure that a lot of them are intelligent enough to even feel any shame. 

If we are lucky this winter will only be one of cold and deprivation, both here and in Europe. If we're not it will be one of blinding irradiation.

But we probably shouldn't be all that surprised. Since when has mankind ever really learned from the lessons of our previous mistakes? Why are we so determined to compound them and make the consequences repeating our mistakes worse than the previous round of death and destruction.

The Great War was a disaster of carnage and death never before seen. But instead of finding solutions that had any hope of mitigating our tribal enmities, a treaty was created that assured that they would reemerge. And re-emerge they did as an even more brutal and blood hungry, gapping maw eager to swallow even more of humanity.

So now here we sit. A nation of fools governed by clowns all to determined to make the next batch of horrors even worse than the last two combined. Given man's history and our current trajectory and seeing as the last one ended with the introduction of relatively small nuclear weapons what chance do we really have to escape from the next disaster of arrogance, stupidity and hubris?

Sunday, October 16, 2022

So Then Racket Is Exposed

All behind closed doors all of this is agreed to before any moves in the game are played.

OPEC+ gets to make a big (and meaningless) PR play by cutting production to jack the price back closer to 100 deflated US dollars a barrel.

Biden then gets to make a big (and meaningless) PR play by yammering about "reconsidering relations" with Saudi Arabia and threatening to move anti-aircraft systems from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine.

The Saudis then get to play the PR card by publicly snubbing Biden and gets to bank "Street cred" standing up to the bullying Americans.

Then while the world looks at the public plays with the left hand the Saudis right hand gives Biden $400 million for his pet "Let's drive the world into depression and war" project.

In the end OPEC+ gets the price of oil back up, Biden get his payoff for the war, and whatever graft Biden Inc. can pull off the top.

And the payoff for Americans? We get to finance the scam through inflation and fraud with the added bonus of getting to watch our cities turn into kill zones, homeless camps and ash heaps.


Saturday, October 8, 2022

Destroying Their Own Narrative.

 The Ukrainian attack on the Russian bridge connecting to the Crimean peninsula should pretty much lay to rest any further bullshit about the Russians being the ones who blew up the Nordstream pipelines.

The attack on the bridge may be a logistical set back for the Russians but it hardly qualifies as the total disaster it's being portrayed as. The Russians still control the entire north shore of the Sea of Azov that constitutes the land bridge to the Crimean peninsula. That's why the fighting for Mariupol was so intense and protracted.

With Putin having already announced a partial mobilization and satellite imagery showing strategic bomber forces being moved to more forward bases, unless sainer heads prevail this war is far from over.

The bombing of the pipelines and now the bridge is also likely to stir Russian patriotism and add to the lines at the recruiting stations.

The last time the Russians surrendered was in 1918 and that only came about because Russia was prostrate from the chaos of revolution and those losses were quickly reversed after the German capitulation in the west. Throughout WWII there were advances and reversals '43, '44 and early '45. I'd say there is about a zero chance of them giving up anytime soon.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Propaganda, Bullshit or Speculation

 If a single word of Blinkin's press conference declaring that the bombing of the Nordstrom pipeline as an opportunity was true he would have proposed at the same time:

1. Diplomatic initiative to move forward on the long proposed natural gas line from the southern Persian Gulf, thru Iraq and Syria to under water to Greece and Italy.

2. Diplomatic initiatives to stabilize Libya to stop the flow of refugees and increase the flow of natural gas and oil thru existing pipelines.

3. Temporary suspension of restriction on non US flagged vessels transporting LNG and refined oil products from US port to US port.

4. Government subsidies for the design and construction of new LNG tankers in US shipyards. To help feed both the US, European and global markets.

None of that will happen however because Davos doesn't want it to happen. Why? Because they want to kill off 90% of global populations. Covid was the first attempt, a test run for control systems. Next one is going to be another manufactured disease combined with massive food and energy shortages.

Tactically blowing up Nordstream was just about taking a major card out of Putin's hand. Strategically it was about Davos signaling that no more pipelines will be built at all.

But these elitist rich fools can't conceive that the chaos they have set in motion can quickly slip out of control and into the madness and blood on a pattern of 1789 in Paris. could have been done by some existing oil and ng producer or producers seeking to maximise their own sales price globally and in Western Europe especially.

Beyond that I have yet to see any announcements as to what ships were in the area, who they belonged to and what if any moon pool deep dive or ROV capabilities they have. Neither has there been any public announcement who has been awarded an inspection contract by either Russia, Germany or any of the consortium members who own the pipeline.


Friday, September 23, 2022

Is Europe About to Pay The Cost Of Ignorance?


Yeah, yeah, yeah Putin is a remorseless murdering thug. Not the first in Russian history and probably not the last either.

But... Where do the western powers get the arrogance to think that they can reimpose on Russia the borders and conditions of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk wherein Ukraine was to be nominally free but in reality an occupied German protectorate.

Russia is not the one prostrate under the conditions of still unsettled revolutionary chaos as it was in early 1918. In fact it is the west not Russia that is on the verge of a self imposed chaos and social unrest. Conditions that will only get worse as the fall temperatures fall into the cold of winter. Somehow I don't think global warming will save them.

At this point ignorance of their own history is the west's failure and weakness. Now come the repercussions. Got any extra f
 firewood? If you do you might become rich.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Incompetence Part 2

 In the previous post I talked about the danger of a rail strike interrupting chlorine deliveries to water processing facilities. Well that appears to be prevented for the time being, at least till after the election.

Today we'll get get really serious.CO2 shortages disrupting ber production! Most of the CO2 used in the carbonization of beer and soft drinks comes from a huge underground reservoir created by an extinct volcano in Mississippi.

Well at present the suppliers are finding contamination in the gas they're pumping out of the reservoir and having difficulty separating it out from the desired CO2

Smaller brewers are finding deliveries either cut of completely or so reduced as to make it impossible to stay in business. Larger brewers are paying 3 to 4 times as much for supplies.

High food prices, high gas prices, soaring mortgage rates and now the possibility of no beer at the supermarket. 

Whatever the cause of the problem nothing is going to piss off "Joe Six Pack" more than not being able to afford or even get his favorite six pack. 

Three guesses who he will blame and the first two don't count. Biden has been able to suppress rising gas prices by emptying the National Petroleum Reserve but I've never heard of anything called The National CO2 Reserve.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Incompetence Just Grows Like Fungus On A Rotted Log

 Just wait for all the "boil your water" orders start coming down in every community in the country. The fact is there isn't a single water purification system in this nation that isn't dependent on regular deliveries by rail of chlorine. No chlorine, no clean water. Smaller communities to get their deliveries by truck. But those trucks all get filled at rail hubs. And they're simply are not enough specialized chlorine tank trailers to demands of large municipalities. And don't count on the Biden administration to have the guts to challenge their Union pals by sending the National guard or the Army to operate the trains and make sure such needed commodities are delivered.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

German Idiocy.

The German foreign minister has told Putin to withdraw from Ukraine. What? Does this moron think the 1917 treaty of Brest-Litovsk is still in effect? What is Germany going to do if they don't? Invade Russia for a third time?

Ignoring History's Lessons

 When there is a hostile group of people within a society who have openly declared that another group within that same society is their enemy and that their unilateral declaration gives them the authority to kill you and destroy your way of life and there is no agency of the government created by that society as a whole that they have not corrupted to their purposes that is willing to intervene, what choice do you have but to defend yourself?

There are four important and immutable lessons of history that these leftist would have the world ignore.

1. Public opinion on issues is a pendulum and must be allowed to freely swing back and forth in it's natural arc. It's only restraints being common recognition of equal rights to personal self-direction and reasonable laws created in the course of open and public debate.

But when one side has seized that pendulum in defiance of those restraints and pulls it too far in it's desired direction and ignores it's natural desire to return to center then  those natural forces pulling it back can and will only grow stronger and weightier.

2. This is evidenced by the fact that history has proven that you can't kill an idea and even trying to do so only strengthens it and adds yet more weight and counterforce to the aforementioned pendulum.

3. People have an innate desire to be free. To be left alone to raise their families among other family and like minded people, free of government telling them what to do, how to do it, when to do it and extorting taxes from them that are used to create instruments of state that are used to force them to comply against their will.

If these leftists hate the MAGA movement they had best look in the mirror. For it is a movement born out of their hubris in violating of these immutable historical precedents.

This of course brings us to rule number 4. Such hubris and arrogance in destroying and suppressing the rights of others who simply want to be left alone can and will explode into resistance and then violence that will  go far beyond any of their imaginations of control.

Imperialists and socialists of every stripe have tried over and over across the centuries and each successive attempt becomes shorter and shorter as the will and the technology to subvert them grown larger and more accessible. But then that's another lesson of history isn't it?

Sunday, September 4, 2022

German Greens Sacrifice Their Own To Ukraine

The German Green Party finance minister has openly declared that she will continue to provide whatever support Ukraine needs regardless of what German voters might say or want. Giving historical perspective this is simply one fascist showing loyalty to other fascists.

When Lenin surrendered to Germany during WWI Ukraine was by treaty designated as a German Protectorate. (An occupied colonial territory). After the German surrender in 1918 Ukraine was reverted to Moscow's nominal control and the Ukrainians flocked to the White army fighting the Reds. Not because the wanted the Czar back but because they wanted to be free from Moscow's control. For their "disloyalty" Stalin slaughtered some 8 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor.

When the Germans once again invaded Russia in 1941 over 250,000 Ukrainians joined the German Whermacht directly and additional all Ukrainian units fought on the German side. Tens of thousands more gladly joined the German administrative operations in the occupied territories including becoming concentration camp guards and aiding the Einsatzgruppen that were tasked specifically to hunt down and kill Jews and later Russian partisans.

After the German surrender in 1945 Ukrainian fascist resistance groups continued to conduct active guerilla warfare against the Russians (particularly in western Ukraine) until 1950. 

As a result Stalin slaughtered tens of thousands more and continued the deportation of the populations of entire towns and regions to Siberia where to this day their descendants are prohibited from returning to Ukraine.

In short this conflict and its attendant hatreds and paranoias goes back over 1000 years. And today many Russians see the Ukrainian's indiscriminate shelling of ethnic Russians in the Donbas and western, particularly German and Polish support for Ukraine as an historical extension of German/Western Slavs vs Russian (Eastern Slavs) conflicts going back as far as the Polish-Lithueanian Kingdom and the even earlier wars with the Teutonic Knights.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Examining the facts

 Examining the facts.

For decades now, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union, the global elites have pushed for a global integrated economy centrally controlled are the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. And to a great extent, too great an extent, they have succeeded. Unfortunately for the elites just as with the Roman empire, events on the peripheries are taking a toll on the control mechanisms at the center.

During Roman times word of events, and their implications for the empire itself, could take months to get back to Rome. Today nothing could be farther from the truth. Word  of events in smaller countries that the elites would like to ignore or pretend have no implications are available for all to see on the internet virtually instantaneously.

The pursuit of foolish policies from the ideation of controlling global climate to trying to checkmate growing Russian economic and political power with a hopelessly corrupt Ukraine to raising taxes and spending as the world plunges into recession are combining into a perfect storm. A storm that has global depression and uncontrollable political instability written all over it. I crisis that I fear is going to rival or even be worse the 1930s going into World War II.


1. In spite of media claims to the contrary to us government is in the possession of a weak ineffectual administration that is viewed as corrupt and increasingly authoritarian not only by domestic political opposition but by our allies and enemies across the globe.

2. Forcing smaller countries with inherently weaker economies and lower standards of living to abandon the use of nitrogen based fertilizers has led to highly reduced crop yields and in some cases crop failures. Everyone saw the massive crowds storming the presidential Palace in Sri Lanka and literally driving the national leadership into exile. In Bangladesh politicians are going into hiding because there are crowds of hungry people in the streets who are quite literally hunting for the to seek retribution.

3. Just this week Polish citizen have been lining up for days to purchase coal to stay warm this winter as they recognize that the crisis and Ukraine is going to cut off natural gas supplies.

4. Soaring  natural gas prices in Europe have now shut down some 70% of ammonia which is critical for downstream production of fertilizer. Which means lower crop yields and even higher food prices.

5. Even in normally placid Switzerland the energy ministry is voicing concerns about possible civil unrest created by food cost and especially rolling brownouts and possible blackouts because of diminished energy supplies.

6. The US is in the midst of droughts across the much of the southwest. In California alone over half a million acres have been left unplanted this year because there is no water.

7. China is also facing a crippling drought across it's northern plain that will effect not just China's but global food supplies and prices.

8. Both Russian and Ukrainian grain production and exports have been severely reduced by the war.

WINTER IS COMING! And it won't be some mythical wraiths sweeping down from the north. It's going to be the twin monsters of bitter cold and hunger. And political upheaval will be following close in their wake.

But don't you worry folks all of this depredation and death will reduce atmospheric CO2 by .001%. Oh great glory the planet will be saved! The elites will party in the Hamptons and St. Moritz will you search for that extra blanket you were sure was in the back of that closet somewhere.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

What Difference Is There Really

So what is the difference between the economic structures of communism and the economic structure of fascism? 

Under communism, international socialism, you have a brutal repressive dictatorship that claims that the means of production belongs to the people. in reality of course the means of production belongs to the state and those who pull the levers of power within the structures of the state. 

The state then dictates what any said industry produces, how much of that product it is required to produce, determines the labor requirements to produce that product, what wages those workers are paid and how much capital said industry is required to return to the state from the production of those goods by their sale into either internal or external markets. 

Regardless of what a system of government and economics calls itself those businesses still have to have boards that operate them. With a senior the manager in overall charge and sub managers in charge of production, purchasing, personnel, maintenance etc. 

Under communism all of those persons of course are appointed to those positions by the state and those in charge of the state or the relevant ministry or department. 

Such appointments of course are also dependent on party membership. Failure by those individuals to meet the goals established by the state results in them being at best publicly humiliated, loss of party membership and being fired, if not sentenced to long prison terms or straight up being executed. 

Under a fascist or national socialist economic system, you have a brutal repressive dictatorship that claims the means of production remains in private hands. in reality however maintaining that ownership was dependent on party membership and submitting to the same kinds of dictates coming from the state as exists under a communist system. What's to be produced, how much is to be produced how much labor they're allowed and how much that labor is paid etc. etc. etc. Failure to meet those state dictated goals resulted in the owner's business being sold to some other "loyal" party member for next to nothing to who promised to meet those goals and they would then meet the same fate as those who failed under communism. 

It becomes obvious then that the differences between the economic systems of communism and fascism are only rhetorical. In form, function and methodology they are identical. Anyone who tells you any different is either ignorant, stupid or lying.

The conflicts between the two systems are no more different than Blood and Crips fighting for control over drug territory just taken to an international scale.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Visions of Things to Come

After watching the video of the mass looting of a 7-11 store in LA and the violent and deliberate attempted murder of a total stranger by a paroled rapist in NYC at first I asked myself "Are there any solutions?' My first reaction was to think that stores are simply going to have to put in sally ports and only let in a few customers at a time. They will have to be buzzed in AND out. They will have to replace glass store fronts with thick plexiglass or lexan. We've all seen the video of not just smash and grab in stores buy smashing their way into stores. 

The honest and hard working members of the neighborhoods will actually appreciate the store owners both protecting themselves but creating a safe environment for their customers to shop in. 

The mobs however will not. And the Demo-commies and their media flacks will call it racist etc. etc. etc. Their only purpose will be to inflame in he mobs. Never mind that the only alternative to the hardening of stores will be to close them all together. To that the media and social media platforms will all say in unison that unprofitability because of looting, theft and violent assaults on their employees has nothing to do with it. Rather they will claim that the “evil white corporations” closed the stores because of systemic racism, once again deliberately pumping up more black hatred and anti white racism.

Trying to think of how this will progress from such a point and considering the general low level of emotional maturity, education and dare I say intelligence of the participants of this kind of frenzied mob action the immediate future doesn't look good.

Let's be honest, a lot of suburbanites and people living in safe(read white) neighborhoods don’t care or only care marginally because they see it as the black country feeding on itself. And sadly there is nothing new about either their lack of concern or black social self destruction.

But then the corporation are actually going to start closing stores early and opening late if not simply closing them completely. So just where do they think the feral mobs of jackals will be invited to go and do next?

Then you will see these flash mobs targeting stores in white areas. Showing up in pacts of stolen cars, with stolen weapons and not just looting and stealing but killing innocent people just because they are white.
The communists and their media mouthpieces want a race war in the US because they know we can’t fight a civil war and stop China and their communist allies particularly in South America and Africa for seizing whatever countries and natural resources they want.

If anybody bothered to read Mein Kampf and Das Capital, Rules for Radicals etc. you would know it's been the long term game plan from the begining. 


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Practical Solutions

There are literally tens of thousands of unemployed/underemployed military vets who are currently and or have been fully qualified with small arms and basic security and surveillance techniques. After all much of our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan was MP work, Manning check points and doing observational assessment of people they encountered.

Many of these man and women would be more than happy to take on the task of guarding our schools and other designated soft targets/gun free zones. Either on a part time or full time basis. There is absolutely no reason not to use them other than that the Demonrats aren't interested in practical solutions because they don't create exploitable headlines and body counts.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Riddle Me This...

Riddle me this. How is it that after years and years of the leftist calling everyone who dares oppose them Nazis, why then are they joining in lockstep with the neocons demanding we support a Ukrainian army that has show no shame in flying this flag?

Ask yourself if anything you have heard is worth risking the possibility of a thermonuclear exchange from which there is no recovery?

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Make The School Board Members Personally Liable For Their Crimes

 By law all government officials whether elected or appointed have to be covered by a surety bond.

The parents and students in places like Loudoun county and others need to take civil action against the school board members with suits against their surety bonds making them personally financially liable for their violations of law. These actions can include such things as demands for resignations and demands to cease and decist for listed violations of the law such as:

1. Practicing medicine without a license.

2. False imprisonment.

3. Illegal segregation and racial discrimination. (CRT)

4. Assault inflicting physical harm.

5. Assault inflicting mental distress

6. Distribution of sexually explicit materials to minors.

Parents in various districts can expand on this list as they see fit.

Under the law once such actions are filed with the court and notice served on the individual members of the board they will have a specific time frame within which to comply with the demands. Such time period to be spelled out in the notice.

If the members served with such notice do not comply with the demands within the specified time frame than two things happen.

1. The bonding company is required to conduct its own investigations into the alleged violations of law.

And more importantly


And it only takes actions of one citizen filing notice against their bonds, it's a pretty sure bet that they will fold like a cheap suit. Many of these jerks may be rich but none of them are going to shell out a million dollars to cover the revocation of their bonds. In addition the bonding company will bill the bondee for all costs of their investigation regardless of whether they find wrong doing or not.

As the old saying goes there's more than one way to skin a cat. Filing for criminal action interest into a long slow grind that they can ignore and continue their illegal activity. Filing civil actions against them threatens their pocketbooks and that's what they're really interested in protecting, not your kids. Their money and their power are all that matters to them.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Following Up On my Dreams Of A Trucker's Strike. SOLIDARITY!

 I've been thinking that there has been something missing in all the various protests taking place both here and across what used to be referred to as "the free world."

Something is needed, some singularity, to demonstrate that they all have a common goal in pushing back against the inhumanity of the Covid-1984 tyranny that is destroying families and lives and all semblance of social cohesion right down to the level of our neighborhoods and our children's schools and educations.

I had this nagging question in my mind that there had to be some one thing or idea that all the disparate movements could consolidate around.

And then I saw this morning a short video clip of the Polish expat Pastor Artur Pawlowski who has been at the forefront of standing against the Covid-1984 tyranny in Canada. He was marching with the Canadian truckers in Ottawa. Being Canadians they were being polite but on edge, adopting a theme for this march of "We're Not Angry Yet." I thought well that was a good turn of phrase but, in my mind at least, it still wasn't quite there.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. There it was as plain as the nose on my face.

A single word united a nation and destroyed an empire.

There it was that single word that united a nation, swept away over 45 years of oppression, tyranny and occupation. A concept that spread like a wild fire across all of central Europe and eventually brought about the shattering of the Russian empire itself.

That single word came to strike terror in the black hearts of communists from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Virtually overnight that one word spelled in Polish and with various national flags brought down the Iron Curtain and brought the fresh air of freedom to millions.

Imagine now seeing that banner unfurled once again. With the same style of graphics. The only variation being swapping out the flags as appropriate. Imagine it showing up at the same time all across the world whereever the protesters go into the streets. Now imagine the fear in the hearts and minds of the tyrants as that that banner would envisage. A fear that would invariably lead to that other image: That of Ceausescu and his wife being summarily executed by a firing squad just minutes after their convictions for murderous crimes against the Romanian people.

The flags and banners are available and for sale from various companies and on eBay.


As Ben Franklin said long ago. "We can hang together or we will hang separately."

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Dreaming of a Truckers Strike?

The left hates the fact, and certainly would never acknowledge it even exists, but cops to a great extent are just working stiffs like the rest of us.

What with all the disparagement being heaped upon the Canadian truckers, who could blame some of them being sympathetic. For the last two years they've had more than their share of scorn heaped upon, from being told to stand down as cities burned and were looted, to loosing members to budget cuts to now getting shot at and killed on a regular basis.

Now this is pure speculation of course but what would happen if American truckers organized a convoy proportional in size to the one that is occuring in Canada?

It was widely reported that the Canadian convoy was over 40 miles long. Now the US population is 8.6 times that of Canada it would mean a convoy nearly 350 miles long. While the feds wanted in DC busily erecting barriers and fences around Congress, the Whitehouse etc.

With that many trucks they wouldn't even need to enter DC. They could surround it, blocking both the inner and outer loops. And now imagine thousands of cheesed off cops from cities all across the country, cops that are facing the same get jabbed or get fired mandates, joining the convoy and acting as security. Security weeding put the both the overt racist nut jobs and the inevitable Alphabet Agency's planted spies and provocateurs.

Not only would DC be cut off but the main North South traffic artery on the east coast would be severed.

Now let's further speculate that other groups of truckers began blocking other key Interstates critical crossings and intersections. Or maybe just go on strike and deadlocking ports off entry le Los Angeles and Long Beach that by design already have limited and restricted access points.

I know it's all speculation but...
The planning and organizing for an American convoy is already underway and organizers have an announced start date of March 1st and have said they hope to start sooner.

Hey a guy can dream can't he?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Others

 The non-compliant are quickly becoming what socialist/tyrannical autocracies most need for survival, the “other.” They will eventually seek to do the same sorts of things the Nazis and Communists did to those that opposed them or were identifiable groups that could be and were labeled “enemies of the state.”

How soon before the Nazi’s yellow star becomes and internal passport designating “others” that limits where when and what and how much you can buy with your own money.
How soon before the unvaccinated farm owner is stripped of his property and prohibited from even grow food for himself and his family?
How long before non-compliance becomes an automatic sentence to a quarantine camp?
How long before 10 days becomes 90 or becomes an indefinite sentence for continuing to refuse their useless at best, poisonous at worst, vaccination?
It is not coincidental that the more draconian, the more totalitarian the Biden administration become, the lower his ratings become.
Admit it or not, western civilization is at the darkest crossroads we have faced since the 1930s when the combined monstrosities of fascism and communism butchered millions and enslaved millions more.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Nuke Them From Orbit?

I watched an amusing video clip that showed a British (piss be upon them) news hack doing her propaganda bit about the great horror of Jan. 6th from in front of the capital. It had recently snowed and as she got about 6 seconds into her scripted piece and new front of snow combined with a brisk and sustained wind and quite literally buried her in whiteout. It was hilarious!

In the comment section one individual suggested that it might be better if DC was nuked from orbit. I replied to his comment that I would much rather see SanFranshithitshow take the hit. Something along the lines of a 9.9 on the Richter scale earthquake that levels the entire peninsula north and south of the Golden Gate. And most preferably on a day when Nazi Pelosi is in residence in her little Palace with its high walls and fences and armed guards.

What would the open civilizational destroying perversity that has been deliberately inflicted on that beautiful city over the course of decades, how can any of us residents any longer claim innocence? To paraphrase Friedrich Bonhoeffer, "to not speak in the face of evil is itself evil." Or could it be considered that they have spoken, and endorse the evil at The ballot box?

We should keep in mind that corrupt truth about the methodology of the perverted left: "Never let a crisis go to waste." And they have used the Sino-Lung-Rot to put that principle on a cocktail of meth and steroids. Over the course of two years they have created a proto fascist nightmare that has turned the world and particularly the US upside down. 

They unflinchingly talk of "Strike Teams" to round up the "dangerous unvaccinated" and put them into interment camps as is already being done in Australia. They might want to call their vaccine passports protective measures but what they really are is internal passports even more restrictive than in the old Soviet Union.

We are being bombarded with a propagandistic wave of hate and fear of the "other" that in it's methods and linguistic and even more frighteningly, legalistic structures are no different than those of the kissing cousins of fascism and communism.

All the lessons of horrors of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia are being swept under the rug. Moreover the most fundamental of lessons and laws of nature are being ignored. In the contest between human  hubris and nature, nature always wins.

This virus, just like the Spanish Flu of a century ago, is going to mutate and attenuate over time. It's already being said that this omicron variant is only marginally more deadly than a seasonal flu. In time it will most likely become just another oh the existing pantheon of covid strains that cause what we no call the "common cold."

None of this of course will incline the globalists to loosen their grip on society's throat. Just like their tyrannical predecessors they will seek to continue to rule on the basis of emergency measures and fear of "the other." The nature of which only they are allowed to define and change at a whim.

We live in a world of perverse euphemisms. What was temporary (two weeks to flatten the curve) has become permanent. What was quarantine has become internment where ten days becomes 90 becomes years becomes slavery. What were the Nuremberg Codes and our HIPPA laws have become mandatory vaccinations via Mussolini's corporatist back door without Biden's unconstitutional OSHA mandates passing judicial muster. All of these crimes have been intended to hide the worst euphemism and greatest of crimes against humanity: Calling biological warfare experiments, gain of function research. 

The Demonrats have taken Orwell's warnings of 1984 and turned them in an instruction manual. Mark Twain warned us that "History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme." Maybe we should be asking if we really want to tolerate the repetition of the events that brought about Lot's ordeal? Or is that what it's going to take to truly going to take to open people's eyes and see that we are being led down path of horror and death? A path that humanity has oh so tragically trodden so many times before before.

We all need to stop and pray for understanding and acceptance of G-d's wisdom no matter how He and only He can decide how it shall come to pass as maybe His tolerance for the corruption of places named for his holy Saints and Angels has reached its limits.

Beyond that might be my sin but in spite of having old friends who live there I wouldn't lose a when lot of sleep should all of coastal Cacafornia from Hell-A to SanFranshitshow slide into the Pacific. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Monday, January 3, 2022

The Calus Lies Of Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts fake Indian Senator Elizabeth Warren recently sent a letter demanding that several large grocery chains should not be raising prices in the face of rising inflation and decreasing availability of supplies but maintain existing prices and give employees higher wages instead. She of course doesn't mention that it's policies she supports that have created the problems. She simply spouts off  accusing the corporations of being more concerned about for the stock holders and executive pay. 

This letter of course hits all the typical leftist pandering talking points one would expect from someone gearing up for a presidential run. Namely that they ignore basic and long established economic realities.

Our phony Indian leaves two important facts out of her posturing rant. 

One. Corporate executives are also stock owners in the companies.

Two. Following prescription would drive down profits and along with them stock prices and return on investment on those stocks. This would further depress the stock price and increase the costs of borrowing for operating and expansion capital as lone rates are often driven by stock price, return rates and how quickly loans can be rolled or repaid. This would inturn further depress profits and stock prices and create a downward spiral that could only be reversed by stabilizing through raising prices and or closing stores. 

She won't ask and certainly doesn't want you to ask, how does putting workers on the street helps them or how forcing customers to drive further to find a store helps them, especially as gas prices continue to climb.

Warren might be a phony but she's not a stupid phony. She know how capitalism and stock pricing works. She just doesn't like it but won't directly say it lest she be labeled as the not so closeted communist she is.

She cares little about workers or economics. She cares about her political relevance, her agenda and power and little else.

The fake Indian loves to rail against the power of big corporations, that provide the actual goods and services a healthy economy and society needs to function, but has no problem with big tech companies controlling and bending the political discourse in her favor.

Ask yourself what you need more, which one could YOU do without and which ones are political hacks the likes of Warren dependent upon:

1. Twatter, Fakebook etc.  OR

2. Food, electricity, gasoline?


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I Submit For Your Consideration

We now come to the close of the second year of what I like to call "The Great Pandemonium." (TGP) A year marked particularly by irrational behavior brought about by irrational and, more often than not, contradictory public policy as a reaction to, again what I like to call the "Sino-Lung-Rot." (SLR)

But there's this question that is increasing nagging me. As the "Social-Fascists" (Stalin's term not mine) ramp up their hate campaign against the unvaccinated it's rational becomes less tenable by the day. (Seriously legislation was proposed in New York to confine the unvaccinated to camps.) 

Consider the following.

1. After two years the unvaccinated are just that unvaccinated and to this point for all intents and purposes healthy. They can be broken down as follows.

(a) The infected and recovered with natural immunity. (b) The "New Hermit Class"(NHC) that cowers in their basement and have everything delivered. (c) Those who were never susceptible to the SLR in the first place.

2. Even the CDC and the "poisonous dwarf" (Hitler's staff's unspoken nickname for Dr. Goebbels) Fauci admit that the vaccines don't prevent either infection or retransmission of the virus. In spite of this painful exercise in cognitive dissonance we are told "but they are milder infections". Excuse me but isn't the survival rate for those under 80 something like 99.93% And the younger you are the higher the survival rate.

3. Increasing the numbers of active cases of the newest attenuation of the virus in many areas contain more vaccinated than unvaccinated.

I can only conclude then with questions. Why then should the unvaccinated be considered as some lurking, "Typhoid Mary" like repository of pestilence and death? Isn't the vaccinated that are the victims here? Especially given that they remain just as suspectable to infection and unwitting vectors of spreading the infection to others? Isn't that the definition of what the infamous Typhoid Mary was?

Science has never been advanced by a one size fits all, not decent or contrary opinion allowed approach, never. Scientific progress only comes through open, honest debate and most importantly experimentation that explores alternative possible explanation and solutions to problems. The likes of Fauci and the leftist medical and political mafia are no different than the Papacy that "cancelled" and imprisoned the likes of Galileo and Tycho because their theories (based on actual observation and rigorous calculation) exposed the fallacy of the Aristotelian universe.

Unless and until we reject the idea that the scientific and medical universe revolves around the so-called experts like Fauci et al there are dark days ahead.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Assessing The Blame

Decades of putting repeat offenders back on the street with little or no punishment or consequence for their crimes is rapidly reaching its inevitable and all to predictable crescendo of violent disregard for life and property that threatens the cohesion of society itself.

Such a threat must, MUST be confronted and corrected with aggressive political and legal action lest counter violence become just as inevitable and predictable.

It doesn't take a lot of deep thought or analysis to see at whose feet the blame should be laid. I don't speak so much of the feral animals, not that they don't deserve punishment for their crimes, but rather I speak of the self-righteous, self-important, we know better than you, contemptible, bleeding heart liberals who think that a corrupted soul can be reformed with mere forgiveness of and worse acquiescence to the manifestations of their corruption.

That these liberals arrogance and indeed their own corruption  has laid waste to thousands if not millions of souls and entire swaths  of society is of no consequence or concern to them. They regard themselves as protected by the establishment, safe in their ivory towers of academia and secure behind the walls of their gated communities with their private security armed with the very weapons they would deny the rest of us. 

Having created the chaos they think they are exempt from it. If history carries any precedent and truth it will prove them wrong. We all just need to pray that it comes to fruition with a minimum of pain and bloodshed but I fear George Santayana warnings is falling upon far to many hardened hearts and deaf ears.

"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Sunday, November 14, 2021

John Kerry Is, Was And Always Be An Ass Hole

Yeah I've gone into rants about the paper a coal industries before but Kerry dating all coal fired plants will be shut down in less than ten years is not just stupid but arrogantly ignorant of how our economy works.

These morons ars so stupid that they think power companies are the only consumers of coal. Not one of them can tell you why paper products are so expensive. Neither do they have the slightest idea what kind of energy and resources it takes to make them.

Paper mills are huge complexes that employ
thousands mostly in rural areas.

The simple fact is paper production is the largest industrial consumer of coal. Why? Because is the only energy source capable of producing the vast quantities of electricity and steam needed to make paper. So much so that drawing the power needed from the grid would shut it down in many areas. And even if they could it still wouldn’t provide the massive quantities of steam and chemicals needed to process wood pulp into paper.

Toilet paper prices spiked across the NE last year because a single paper mill in Jay Maine had their pulp digester blow up. Estimates at the time we’re it would be close to a year before a new one could be built, installed, tested and brought on line.

The digester at Androscoggin
Mill in Jay Main explodes.

And then there is the issue of disposing of the highly toxic waste of corrosive acids and bleach that come out of the process. But rather than dump it they put it through an expensive reprocessing to turn it into a fuel that can be burned in specially designed boiler that both destroy the waste but also produce more electricity and steam they need to make paper. There reward for properly disposing of this dangerous waste is to have the federal government tax them on the basis of how much they burn.

So the next time Amazon drops off that pile of cardboard boxes at your door filled with packages made with more paper and cardboard and that nice soft virgin wood toilet paper you love. Try to remember it all depends on COAL.

Questions. What's Killing Who?



While contemplating the above information from JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY (I've seen reports of similar data coming out of India where Ivernectin is widely being used both in treatment and as a prophylactic, and gawd only knows what the ChiComs are really doing) some questions come to mind that need to be asked. Asked even if it takes at certain measure of courage to contemplate nevermind try to answer them. Questions that have some pretty sinister implications. 

I will leave it to the reader to decide who should be asked what questions and held accountable for any answers. 

Is it possible that someone (individual's/groups/organizations) want to see the African and Asian populations to over time to develope an immunity to covid variants through the long-term use of Ivermectin? Meanwhile are European and Western Hemisphere populations to be decimated by covid and whatever gastly consequences of endless jabs that these so-called vaccines create? And might this be being done to facilitate those African and Asian populations rushing into the void of not just falling Western birth rates but a created growing death rate? Nature abhors a vacuum and all that.

Do you think that such sinister ideas are beyond the communist scum hell bent on destroy this country? Is not “globalism” just another word for “internationalism”? Did not Stalin justify his mass deportations and exterminations of non Russian populations as necessary to build the “New Soviet Man”/”Socialism in a single state” by destroying old cultural identities”?


We are now seeing instances of open instances of discrimination against unvaccinated individuals with life threatening consequences. Decisions are being made that mean a conscience albeit twisted, sick conclusion hasbeen reached that some lives are no longer worth living. Gee, just where and when have we heard that before? And what did that opening salvo of dehumanizing horror Cascade into?

Do you have the courage to ask yourself if Mark Twain’s reminder applies here? “History may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.” Was not the immediate aftermath of the Bolshevik overthrow of the Kerensky government a long and bloody civil war?

Red Pill?
Blue Pill?

Friday, November 5, 2021

Yes Alice this year there may not be a Santa Claus

Don't Trust Your Dr. No Matter How Much You May Like Them.

 I am at the point of seeking a new Dr. After being very satisfied with the one I have had for over a decade.

During my recent semi-annual visit I asked him to give me a guarantee that should I contract the Sino-Lung-Rot that he would treat me with Ivermectin and he flatly refused saying simply "It doesn't work." I asked if he had treated anyone with it and he said "no." I then asked how he then knew it didn't work and rather than answering he said he would not prescribe it because of the "side effects." Well prepared, I then asked "If it's so dangerous why has it remained in use for so many years and why did the inventors awarded the Nobel Prize for it?" Again he could not and would not answer. I then reminded him that it is impossible to turn on the television without being bombarded with ads for drugs of all kinds, all of which list at the end and as quickly as possible all the possible side effects up to and including death! Again I got no response.

I then reminded him that there are now thousand of examples of "vaccinated" individuals who have subsequently gotten the bug. He then gave out the standard bullshit answer that that was true but they "only had mild symptoms". Reaching my limits I told him that I knew a specious answer when I heard one as I also knew that the vast majority of people who had contracted it even before the "vaccines" had only had mild symptoms, otherwise it wouldn't have a 99.95% survival rate! 

He then said "Well it sounds like you have your mind made up" and accused me of getting my information from "Facebook". Keeping my temper in check I reminded him that I was a degreed engineer and had an MS in History from Univ of Chicago and I certainly knew how to do research and comparative analysis, none of which included anything found on social media. I then ripped my mask off I and told him how I knew they were useless because any fool who learned how to calculate the area of a circle could figure out that the ratio between the size of the virus and the holes in this mask is some 360,000 to 1 and that you had a better chance of shooting a BB at the open end of a 75" pipe and expecting it to be stopped. His feeble response was that "We've all been wearing then around here and no one has contracted the virus." I laughed and reminded him that there was a big sign downstairs that said "If you are sick do not enter. Return home and call in," and that there were no studies that I had been able to find that documented any asymptomatic transmission. I didn't wait for any more CDC or AMA propaganda and simply left.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Are We Being Deliberately And Systematically Purged?

Please read this Zero Hedge article carefully. It may we'll save your life and that of your families and loved ones. My comments to follow.

The ubiquitous experts keep telling us that we have to " follow the science." Well here it is and it PROVES without a shadow of a doubt that we have been lied to by these self proclaimed experts from the very beginning.

How are we to conclude otherwise that this has been nothing more than a monstrous plot to destroy the sovereignty, moral and populations of White, western, Judeo-Christian civilization?

Fauci has proven himself to be an evil poisonous troll whose crimes against humanity rival this of Goebbels and Mengle combined. He needs to be but the first to be hanged and left to rot. And the big tech, big pharma leaders, politicians and media mouthpieces that have deliberately facilitated his lies and murder need to hang and rot right beside him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How We Got A Generation Of Communist Morons Infecting Society

Mussolini himself described fascism as corporatism, harnessing corporate power to the servicing the needs of the state. Given that he was a longtime socialist, raised by radical socialists his fascism was but a modification/evolution of what up to then was pretty much standard European socialist thought.

Rather than having complete state ownership of the means of production, it's owners were brought to comply by two means. The first being direct party/state pressure, i.e. a gun to the head l. The second was social pressure created through propaganda extolling the virtue of cultural and racial unity as an instrument of building the socialist state. This was envisioned as then becoming a collective of "national socialist" states. 

This became the divergence from Marxist Leninism that of course wanted direct state ownership of everything and saw any long existing cultural and national Identity as an obstacle to creating the "international socialist" collective.

That this perspective is not taught in schools is why we have a generation of communist fools and antifa shock troops coming out of our universities.

An Evil that Never Dies.

 I have been speculating for quite some time now that the so-called Delta varient is either delayed physiological damage resulting from vaccination or, given that the purpose of these mRNA vaccines is to modify the human genome, the result of the vaccines themselves modifying the genetic structure of the virus. Seems a logical explanation of why there are so many "breakthrough" infections among the vaccinated. If not at least a question that needs exploration.

The last 19 months have left me convinced that mankind is facing an evil far worse, far more pernicious than anything carried out in human experimentations of the Nazi Dr. Mengle or by the Japanese Dr. ShirĊ Ishii and Unit 731.

For years the left had lectured us about the alleged dangers genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our food supply. Look how many foods are boldly labeled that they contain no GMOs. Now this same left is demanding that we allow ourselves to be injected with a drug that has the design intent of turning us into genetically modified organisms!

In the face of millions of people across the globe refusing this the response has not only been open calls that the unvaccinated be denied medical care of any kind regardless of being infected or not but even open calls that we be confined to " quarantine camps" as if being unvaccinated defacto makes you some reservoir of the virus. This in spite of the fact that there is growing evidence that it is the opposite that is true and that it is the vaccinated that have become the incubators of the Delta varient. 

There is no way for us layman to know if it's not just those "breakthrough cases" that are spreading the disease. Is it not also possible that many of the vaccinated could be asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the Delta varient like some vast pool of " Typhoid Marys"? Again a question that needs exploration.

Far worse than the likes of Governor Inslee of Washington State openly advertising to hire "strike groups" to "manage" quarantine camps we now have the federal government giving grants to schools like Univ. Of California Riverside to explore genetically modifying food plants to turn them into mRNA factories!

Given the seemingly unending string of lies we have been told since the the first one of "two weeks to flatten the curve" I see little reason to not beleive that should they succeed, that even more poison will be showing up in our grocery stores and the consumers will be the last to find out and when we do it will be to damn late! Attached is a screenshot from U of C Riverside's web site.

In my mind this kind of nightmare scenario makes Orwell's 1984 a dystopia of half measures! I fear we are approaching the point of only two possibilities to save mankind from this 4th turning of proportions that not even Strauss and Howe could have imagined. Either mass insurrection and we haul the monsters to the gibbets ourselves or Christ's return with the invincible army of God. 

I sometimes ask myself if Tolkien's "Army of the dead" in the closing battle of The Lord of the Rings wasn't precient in a way. I know that Bertolt Brecht's warning definitely was: "Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again."

Monday, July 26, 2021

Back Into Other Things

My latest model. This is a Tamiya 1/48 scale F4U1D Corsair. I did some research to make sure I had both the ship designation markings and fuselage numbers were correct for the plane my uncle flew on July 26th 1945. On this date he led his squadron on a raid on Kure harbor in Japan where he dropped a 1000 pound bomb down the stack of the hybrid Battleship/Aircraft Carrier Ise. It exploded in her boilers breaking her keel. He was awarded the Navy Cross for this action.

The carrier deck section was made from stained balsa wood strips interspaced with plastic channel painted to simulate the tie down strips used for securing aircraft to the deck during heavy weather. Thin strips of plastic were then used to create the deck markings.

The case was made from a pine base and basswood angle moulding and .020 clear PET sheet plastic.

I always found it a historical curiosity that the Arizona and the Ise were both launched in the same year. The Arizona being our first battleship lost and the Ise being Japan's last.

While the Arizona remains an honored memorial the Ise was raised, scrapped and turned into Toyotas.