Thursday, April 28, 2016

So Who Will Or Should Trump Pick For VP?

Outside of the expected neocon and RNC front operations, Ted Cruz's selection of Carly Fiorina as his would be VP pick is seen by most observers as either desperate pandering, naked desperation or an open abandonment of numerous of his previously stated positions and alleged principles. In reality it's probably all three along with a pay back for his having dumped half a million dollars into her campaign earlier. I strongly doubt it will much impress the voters of Indiana and likely cheeses off both Kasich and Rubio.

All that said it has also opened the floodgates of speculation on who Trump might select. Some of it so absurd as to be laughable. Most notably FOX News correspondent Carl Cameron's statement last night that Trump has to pick a woman because his ego is two big, he's to much of an alpha male to share the political spotlight with with another male. These so called experts have been out flanked and made to look like fools by Trump since the day he announced. I don't see that pattern changing any time soon.

Trump has proven himself the consummate non-politician, politician. He doesn't tip his hand on anything until he is damn well ready to. He speech on foreign policy was a big thumb in the eye for the NWO, perpetual war, neocon elites. That includes the RNC, the DNC, the Clintons, the Council on Foreign Relations and the parasites of Wall Street and the United Nations. Behind closed doors a great many of them must be in apoplectic rage. Good, I think that was his intent, as angry people make bad/stupid decisions.

So what does this have to do with who he actually picks for VP? I'm not here to try and out guess Donald Trump. That's a fool's errand as has already been noted but I certainly don't think he is going to pick anyone who would be representative of positions strongly counter to his own.

In 2008 there was some talk that Obama would pick a "liberal" Republican as some sort of "national unity" ticket. I don't think that was ever seriously considered and the DNC probably dictated the orthodox and safe pick of Joe "the gaff machine" Biden.

As unpredictable as Trump is, he may play variation on that theme and pick a "conservative" Democrat. Jim Webb comes to mind. It would certainly out flank the establishment once again. What ever Trump decides to do you can bet it will leave the pundit class wiping egg off their collective faces yet again.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lord Please Can We Be Rid Us Of This Meddlesome Man?

Obama began his adminstration with a global apology tour, telling the whole world how profoundly corrupt and destructive America is. Now he is ending it with a global lecture tour telling everyone everywhere he goes how he knows what is best for them and their nations because he is Obama and he presumes that he singlehandly saved us all from a global depression.

Where is my Joseph errr Josephine?

There is no matter national or personal sovereignty that Obama and his parasitical wife are not above sticking their noses into, be it Britain leaving the EU or who we must share the privacy of the bathroom with. Well at least when they aren't to busy stuffing their faces with lobster tails and caviar while on another multi-million dollar vacation making an inconvenience of themselves for anyone who innocently finds themselves in their path.

Never mind that he has nearly doubled the National debt and every initiative he has created or persued, from Obamacare to the Arab Spring has been an unmitigated disaster.

The media puppets might refer to his last few months in office as "The long boodbye" but for the rest of the world it is "The long good riddance!" Please George Soros, buy these clowns an island somewhere where he can be Napoleon and Josephine for life and get him the hell away from the rest of civilization.

One can only wonder how long it will take and how much it will cost to rid the White House of their stench.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obduate Ignorance On Arrogant Display.

If there is anything that Obama and his minions fear it is his fading into  a justly deserved political irrelevance. The effects of his moral incompetence will be with us for some time, fortunately he will not. Not satisfied to alienate or only real allegiance in the Middle East, he now undertakes to offend our oldest alliance in Europe.

Just as the leftist neocon joint policy of open borders for the US has had documentable deleterious economic effects here, the same open borders policy in Europe has brought the structures of the EU and European identity to a crisis point even more profound than our own. Little wonder that he would seek to have any vestiges of nationalism and cultural identity destroyed and have Europe layed prostrate to both a resurgent Russian Empire externally and an Islamic fifth column internally.

Once the global economic contraction that Obama peddles as a recovery is added into spreading political instability you get the ages old recipe for war that has proven to be a massive engine of death and destruction. The conflict will consume entire generations before the destruction of lives and nations can be brought to a halt. The only relevant question to emerge will be, willthe aftermath of the destruction see a new emergence of political freedom and national selfdirection or human subservience to a collectivist nightmare built on an inheriently unstable alliance between the corrupt political tyranny of a revanchist Russian Empire and an equally corrupt religious tyranny of a similarly revanchist Ottoman Empire. One need look no further than the carnage of the Crimean War and the horror of the genocide of the Armenians at the hands of the Turks for all the historical patterns being played out again.

As far as Obama and the left is concerned neither Britain nor any other nation should have the right to determine what is in their own best interest. They must subsume them to the left's vision of diversity which is nothing more than an instrument of collectivist tyranny.

Sadly few in this country or Europe will lay the blame for yet another massive slaughter at the feet of the man would bring it about: Barack Hussain Obama. All in the name of course of creating his "legacy".

Thursday, April 14, 2016

$15.00 An Hour Or Else!

$15.00 an hour or else! Such is the latest theme or should I say threat coming from the perpetually ignorant left. If one were to examine photographs from the protests you will see a crowd of predomanantly black faces with a few poorly educated alleged white college students mixed in.  It is almost guaranteed that they never took, nor could pass a basic class in economics.

As always, observation and consideration of unintended consequences is the furthest thing from their minds.  That's not to say that their aren't raftloads of spinless politicians who will either cater to their demands or buckle under the pressure. After all the city of Seattle and the state of California have already done so.

Numerous companies have already announced that they have computerized robotic systems ready to go that can cook and prepare fast food items quicker and more efficiently than any high school drop out. They have the added benefit of $0.00 per hour pay, zero benifits, they won't take the day off for Cinco de Mayo or Martin Luther King Jr. day and they won't spit in your food! If any of these dimwits think that some of these same companies aren't working on robotic janitors and hotel maids, well they're dimwits. I'd say maybe they could also work on robotic Street protesters but I think the NEA has about got that covered.

The concept of simple cost vs. benifits analysis is beyond these people. For many of them having their teachers tell them that they were doing to need to have math and science skills was just inconvenient background noise interfering with the latest batch of rap garbage frying their brains through their $50.00 earbuds plugged into their "free" Obama phone.

I'd say they should prepare for a life of poverty and starvation but the leftists won't let that happen either. So the rest of us should be prepared for even more drug warfare and gangs of feral animals roaming the street preying upon the innocent and productive. And they wonder why firearm sales just keep growing year after year.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Little Something For The Progressive Crowd.

It seems all the progressive world has their knickers in a twist over North Carolina's state legislature reaffirming it's authority over the limits of power as relates to local city councils. Never mind that Mayor Roberts was told before the fact that it was beyond the legal authority of the city council to require private businesses to convert their bathrooms and locker rooms to a gender neutral format, and that if she persued passage of the ordinance it would be overturned by the Legislature, even if it required the calling of a special session.

In spite of this she and the Democrats controlling the city council decided to stick their collective finger into the eye of the Republican controlled legislature. That this is a clear demonstration that their real intent was to create a political issue where none had existed and not for any altruistic or "civil rights" concern for what might generously be considered .03% of the population. Neither of course did they have even the least bit of concern for the huge undue financial and architectural space burdens that the ordinance would place upon hundreds if not thousands of small business.

As I and others have pointed out before the law of unintended consequences, not to mention some of the immutable aspects of human nature, are completely lost upon the limited reasoning capacity of the leftist mind. In that light I bring you the following piece from the Ace of Spades blog. Keep in mind before reading it that the left frequently tells us how much more "enlightened and forward thinking" our neighbors to the North are. Enjoy.

How Deep The Desperation Chapter 3

I am not a regular listener to Rush Limbaugh. Today however I was working in my greenhouse and I turned on the radio just in time to hear this so-called independent conservative launch into a disingenuous defense of the Colorado Republican Party. After less than ten minutes of his bull crap I had had enough and had to turn it off. That does not mean I will let it slide without some deconstruction of his propaganda piece.

His basic contention seems to be that the Republican party is a private entity and that party insiders are perfectly justified in removing voters from the delegate selection process and that these insiders own the party structure and they are not going to let anyone, least of all rank and file registered Republican voters take it away from them.

Pure hypocrisy at its highest form. For decades we have heard nothing but from the RNC and it various mouthpieces that they wanted to make the party "more inclusive, broader based" that they were going to create "outreach programs" to accomplish that. But then what happens?

Firstly these same insiders give us a fundamentally flawed candidate in John McCain and then Mr. Wishy Washy Mitt Romney. On a national basis the choices made by the party elites do not appeal to anyone but themselves and those voters willing to hold their noses when they step into the voting booth. As numerous studies have shown there were sizable portions of otherwise Republican voters who either literally stayed home or simply skipped the Presidential vote on their ballots.

Yet when it comes to Congressional districts where candidates are closer to and more responsive to the voters. Republican control of the House has been solid and growing since the 2010 midterm election.

Enter stage center Donald Trump who declares his candidacy for President. A man who these same insiders have been hectoring for money and support for decades. A man who up to this point has demonstrated that he can and does pull in votes from the none traditionally Republican segments of the electoate. These same elites then do their best to slam the door in his face for doing exactly what they said they wanted to do.

The problem of course is he is not willing to do it the way they want it done, which is to say, leave the party insiders holding all the levers of power. These are the same type of insiders who loathed and dispised Ronald Reagan, maneuvered to deny him the nomination in 1976 and did their best to do it again in 1980. These same people today speak with nothing but effusive praise of and for Ronald Reagan.

From the very beginning of the campaign Trump has told anyone who would listen, that a great deal was going to depend on how fairly he is treated by the party establishment. As long as they thought that Trump was just playing at being a candidate and or that he would sabotage himself or the voters wouldn't take him seriously they seemed all well and prepared to "play fair" with Donald Trump. Some even praised him for bringing attention to the crowded Republican field even before the first vote was cast, including the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh.

But then, as the old saying goes, "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum", Trump wasn't just drawing huge crowds to his appearances, he started winning elections and rather handily. Almost before anyone could blink, Jeb, the anointed one, was out of the race. He was followed quickly by virtually all the rest. So now any semblance of "fair play" or "outreach" has gone under the proverbial bus. The early whispering about a brokered convention has reached a high decible shout. These same insiders now openly declare "We choose the candidate, not the voters."

The voters of both parties have pretty clearly demonstrated that they have had it up to their necks with top town party and governmental control. But beyond empty lip service the insiders are going to have nothing of it. They own the party, they own the government and they own the country, and if the great unwashed don't want to do as they are told, well then to hell with them, to hell with they party and to hell with the republic. Better they all decend into chaos than they loose their grip on power.

That Rush Limbaugh spouts on about Constitutional limited democracy as some weak ass excuse for insider manipulation that couldn't pass the smell test in a Chicago stockyard, just goes to show that he has become the quintessential Republican insider himself. He is no more an "independent conservative" than Hillary Clinton is a "candidate of the people".

As for the average American who just hopes he can retire someday or pay for their kids education or even more fundamentally, survive to their next pay check, I have a message for them: You may want to leave politics alone, but rest assured politics will not leave you alone.  I am not saying Donald Trump can or will save the republic, but you can bet that any candidate selected by the insiders will only pay you lip service at best and that their first job will be to make sure that the scams and corruption that feeds the 1/10 of 1% at the top first, last and only, continues unabated. The entire world can collapse into depression and war but their only concern is that the high walls around their gated compounds will make sure that they will be spared from seeing the degradation that their greed and corruption have visited upon you.

Monday, April 11, 2016

How Deep The Desperation. Chapter 2

Yesterday we looked at the venality, desperation and corruption displayed by the Boston Globe in their deliberately phony Anti-Trump propaganda edition. Today we got both news of further desperation and corruption in the Republican party along with some highly probable speculation of deeply troubling and pernicious corruption within the Obama administration and the DNC.

The revelation that the Colorado Republican party has decided that enraging the registered voters of the state and revealing their shamelessness, by depriving them of their opportunity to voice their preferences in this year's primary process, was worth the opportunity to prevent Donald Trump from accumulating any pledged delegates from the state.

Apparently there is no sewer to deep which these vermin of  will not crawl into. You can rest assured that this display of depravity by the Colorado State Republican Committee came at the behest of the Republican National Committee. The registered voters of Colorado be damned.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side of the political sewer of dirty tricks, there was some highly plausible media speculation that because of Attorney General Lynch's long history of association with the Clintons and their attornies, should it appear that FBI director is going to recommend that Mrs. Clinton be indicted on charges related to the handling of classified material on her unsecured email server, Lynch would both dodge the bullet of conflict of interest and pass the buck by reccomending that the President appoint a Special Prosecutor to take over the case. Obama will then announce that such a reccomemdation will require carefull (and time consuming) consideration and consultation before any action can be taken.

This of course is simply a cynical delaying tactic to push any point of reckoning out beyond November's general election, at which point Obama will issue a full pardon, dismissing any charges, regardless of the election's outcome. Hillary is right about one thing, she will not be going to jail. Congruently the Special Prosecutor, if one is even appointed, will be dismissed before they could possibly become familiar with all the evidence, and his job will be declared finished and unnecessary.

So then, as the Republicans openly conspire to deny the citizens of their rights of free expression in the voting booths of Colorado and beyond, the Democrats will openly conspire to deny them any semblance of justice.

The message to the citizenry is clear. It is not simply that there is no depth of corruption that the political elites will not sink to preserve their power. It is not just that they regard the political parties, the election process and indeed the nation itself as they personal playground and property and the likes of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the Americam voters are not invited to play. It is that our long respected Constitutional systems of representation and jurisprudence are corrupted and seriously broken and have become so by the deliberate actions of those who call themselves our leaders. There is no way that any of our Founding Fathers would confuse any of these creatures with what they would define as a statesman. Arron Burr on steroids perhaps but certainly not any form of statesman.

What we are witnessing in this most remarkable of elections, is not the same sort of intra-party, or inter-party name calling, infighting or competition we expect and have indeed become accustomed to. What we are watching is a struggle within both parties for the maintenance of power and the naked disregard for our system, our wants and our rights.

The question becomes one of if the RNC gets their manipulated convention and manufactured candidate (rest assured it won't be Ted Cruz and whoever it is will all but ignore or at best ineffectively use the stench of corruption eminating from Hillary and the Obama Department of Justice), and the Democrats manipulte the justice system and with their stacks of Super Delegates assure Hillary Clinton's nomination, when or indeed will, the American people stand up on their hind legs and declare that enough is enough?

Right now I shudder to think what kind of machinations are at play by both parties in New York State in order to get the results they want. Namely a Clinton victory over Sanders and a narrow at best win for Trump. Make no mistake, Kasich has remained in this race precisely to make that possibility seem plausible.

What kind of further chaos will ensue going into the conventions or coming out of them I dare not say, but you can rest assured the the RNC and the DNC both think they have this year's rebellion of the rank and file under control. If they are proven wrong and Mr.Trump does secure the nomination and Mr. Sanders prevails against the most corrupt political machine in recent history, their might just be some slim hope for the Republic, otherwise should they not and we are saddled with a second Clinton Presidency, it is not just the party system that will be destroyed but I fear we will might sink into either a long and dark defacto dictatorship or an increasingly open rebellion against the usurpors.

Voltaire's admonition the "I may disagree with what you say sir, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it." Is being trampled into the dust right before our eyes, making his lesser known admonition all the more prescient; "It is dangerous to be right when government is wrong."

Pray America, pray. His guidrnce might be all we have left for our nation as our fathers gave it to us and we have thought we had known it.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

How Deep The Desperation.

The Boston Globe, allegedly a "newspaper", has informed their readers that Sundays edition will be filled with false, made up stories that they purport will reflect what will be the American reality in the first weeks and months of a Donald Trump Presidency. The stories as publish are combination of what typical leftist mouthpieces would consider horrific, the stupidly fanciful and outright wishful thinking.

It could certainly be expected or even anticipated that a parody publication like "The Onion" would produce such a work. That a supposedly "respectable", long established newspaper would stoop to such a level clearly reflects not just blatant bias on the part of the Globe (and its owners, the New York Times) but the palpable desperation of the political establishment, and their media mouthpieces, both left and right.

Up to this point, much to their frustration, little or nothing of what they have thrown at Donald Trump has effectively stuck or slowed his campaign's momentum. I would venture to guess, that having looked at their own internal polling, they fear that their much vaunted dreams of a brokered convention will be wrenched from their grasp by an overwhelming Trump victory in New York's April 19th primary, followed by strong showings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut.

On this account, I for one hope that for once they are correct. Clearly Mr. Trump has not just gotten under the establishment's skin but is winning the game of three dimensional chess that this political season has become. I further suspect that this will backfire in short order and become fodder for Mr. Trump's stump speech. I kind of look forward to his reaction and his ridiculing it for the childishness it is.