Sunday, January 9, 2022

Nuke Them From Orbit?

I watched an amusing video clip that showed a British (piss be upon them) news hack doing her propaganda bit about the great horror if Jan. 6th from in front of the capital. It had recently snowed and as she got about 6 seconds into her scripted piece and new front of snow combined with a brisk and sustained wind and quite literally buried her in whiteout. It was hilarious!

In the comment section one individual suggested that it might be better if DC was nuked from orbit. I replied to his comment that I would much rather see SanFranshithitshow take the hit. Something along the lines of a 9.9 on the Richter scale earthquake that levels the entire peninsula north and south of the Golden Gate. And most preferably on a day when Nazi Pelosi is in residence in her little Palace with its high walls and fences and armed guards.

What would the open civilizational destroying perversity that has been deliberately inflicted on that beautiful city over the course of decades, how can any of us residents any longer claim innocence? To paraphrase Friedrich Bonhoeffer, "to not speak in the face of evil is itself evil." Or could it be considered that they have spoken, and endorse the evil at The ballot box?

We should keep in mind that corrupt truth about the methodology of the perverted left: "Never let a crisis go to waste." And they have used the Sino-Lung-Rot to put that principle on a cocktail of meth and steroids. Over the course of two years they have created a proto fascist nightmare that has turned the world and particularly the US upside down. 

They unflinchingly talk of "Strike Teams" to round up the "dangerous unvaccinated" and put them into interment camps as is already being done in Australia. They might want to call their vaccine passports protective measures but what they really are is internal passports even more restrictive than in the old Soviet Union.

We are being bombarded with a propagandistic eave of hate and fear of the "other" that in it's methods and linguistic and even more frighteningly, legalistic structures are no different than those of the kissing cousins of fascism and communism.

All the lessons of horrors of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia are being swept under the rug. Moreover the most fundamental of lessons and laws of nature are being ignored. In the contest between human  hubris and nature, nature always wins.

This virus, just like the Spanish Flu of a century ago, is going to mutate and attenuate over time. It's already being said that this omicron varient is only marginally more deadly than a seasonal flu. In time it will most likely become just another oh the existing pantheon of covid strains that cause what we no call the "common cold."

None of this of course will incline the globalists to loosen their grip on society's throat. Just like their tyrannical predecessors they will seek to continue to rule on the basis of "emergency measures" and fear of the other. The nature of which only they are allowed to define and change at a whim.

We live in a world of perverse euphemisms. What was temporary (two weeks to flatten the curve) has become permanent. What was quarantine has become internment where ten days becomes 90 becomes years becomes slavery. What were the Nuremberg Codes and our HIPPA laws have become mandatory vaccinations via Mussolini's corporatist back door without Biden's unconstitutional OSHA mandates passing judicial muster. All of these crimes have been intended to hide the worst euphemism and greatest of crimes against humanity: Calling biological warfare experiments, gain of function research. 

The Demonrats have taken Orwell's warnings of 1984 and turned them in an instruction manual. Mark Twain warned us that "History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme." Maybe we should be asking if we really want to tolerate the repitition of the events that brought about Lot's ordeal? Or is that what it's going to take to truly going to take to open people's eyes and see that we are being led down path of horror and death? A path that humanity has oh so tragically trodden so many times before before.

We all need to stop and pray for understanding and acceptance of G-d's wisdom no matter how He and only He can decide how it shall come to pass as maybe His tolerance for the corruption of places named for his holy Saints and Angels has reached its limits.

Beyond that might be my sin but in spite of having old friends who live there I wouldn't lose a when lot of sleep should all of coastal Cacafornia from Hell-A to SanFranshitshow slide into the Pacific. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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