Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Others

 The non-compliant are quickly becoming what socialist/tyrannical autocracies most need for survival, the “other.” They will eventually seek to do the same sorts of things the Nazis and Communists did to those that opposed them or were identifiable groups that could be and were labeled “enemies of the state.”

How soon before the Nazi’s yellow star becomes and internal passport designating “others” that limits where when and what and how much you can buy with your own money.
How soon before the unvaccinated farm owner is stripped of his property and prohibited from even grow food for himself and his family?
How long before non-compliance becomes an automatic sentence to a quarantine camp?
How long before 10 days becomes 90 or becomes an indefinite sentence for continuing to refuse their useless at best, poisonous at worst, vaccination?
It is not coincidental that the more draconian, the more totalitarian the Biden administration become, the lower his ratings become.
Admit it or not, western civilization is at the darkest crossroads we have faced since the 1930s when the combined monstrosities of fascism and communism butchered millions and enslaved millions more.

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