Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Most Curious Dichotomy

Over the course of the "me too" movement more and more of the supposed leading lights of the entertainment and media conglomerates have been exposed as people of dubious character and devoid of any morality, sexual or otherwise.

Meanwhile  we are subjected to "moral" judgement from these same people and the institutions that have protected them for years if not decades. Can you hear me Mr. Moonves? Mr. Lauer? CBS, NBC? Yet we are expected to ignore this contradiction and tell ourselves that a predatory personal morality is irrelevant to an individual's political position.

Such is the nature of 21st century theater of the absurd. Don't examine the facts and reach your own conclusions. Just listen and obey. If you don't, you are a homophobe or a racist or what ever is the pejorative du jur.  And they wonder what so many people simply loath them.