Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Daily Comments for Tuesday March 28th.

1. A Hollywood California middle school is going to face mandated budget cuts because it has "Too many white students". So does this mean we are going to see highrise public housing being built in the posh Hollywood hills? Don't hold your breath. These people are more interested in posturing about integration than actually doing it. After all this is a public school so the mandate doesn't effect any of the "really important" people who send their kids to private schools so as to avoid having to deal with the poor white trash and coloreds of various shades.

2. Congresswoman(?) Maxine Waters openly questions the patriotism of Trump supporters on the House floor. So what? I suspect at least 75% of her colleagues, both Republicanswant Democrats, have been questioning both her sanity and intelligence since the day she first got elected. If wrinkled old Maxine is now the paragon of virtue in the Democrat party they are in worse shape than anyone can imagine.

3. Los Angeles, Chicago and NY City are going to defy ICE and remain sanctuary cities and even vowing to try and block Immigration officers from doing their jobs. Oh goodie! Does this mean we're going to get some George Wallace moments with Commie DeBlasio in New York or the dancing faggot Emanuel in Chicago trying to block the door when ICE comes to arrest another batch of high school bathroom rapists? To bad given the ways of urban politics it would get them even more votes. Yet theyJust can't figure out why people (read white people who have jobs and pay taxes) are fleeing places like Chicago as fast as they can. "Chicago the new Detroit!" could become their new tourism pitch line. Where is Marion Berry when you need him?

4. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) Huntsville, has filed a one sentence bill to repeal Obamacare. One clear, simple​, articulate sentence. That's all it takes really. No wonder his fellow Congressmen don't understand it and have so far refused to sign a discharge petition to get it out of committee. Any legislation not so complicated that you need a raft of K Street lawyers to under stand it doesn't stand a chance. And they wonder why we hold them all in such utter contempt.

Time For A New Feature Here at The Ghost.

It's not that there aren't plenty of things I could be writing longer comments on but it's springtime and the gardens and baseball games are calling me. So in the mean time I'm just going to try and put up a daily commentary column consisting of one of. Or two lines about some of the headlines I come across on Drudge and other sources. Some will have links to the stories others won't depending on the level of absurdity that has become the norm in these beleaguering times.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Next Wave of Immigration.

I sincerely hope someone in the Trump administration who is working on immigration policy is preparing for what could quickly become the next wave of immigrants fleeing oppression. This time however they won't be coming Latin America or the Middle East and they won't be brown or black. And they won't be coming here looking to become welfare parasites.

Danie Theron, Dutch Boer War Memorial.
These people don't give up easily.
What they will be is industrious, hard working and prosperous (at least for now) South African whites who may soon be faced with the outright theft of their property and lively hoods by the ruling communist party, the ANC.

Ever since the Nelson Mandela's ANC seized power through murder, intimidation and United Nations do gooderism, South Africa has been slowly descending into becoming just another African third world shit hole. This path has quite predictably seen as much or more poverty and repression then ever existed under the Apartheid governments. The one nation in all of Africa that has abundant natural resources and a productive economy seems determined to emulate the disaster of neighboring Zimbabwe on a massive scale.

Mugabe is the face of black African
corruption and murderous violence.
Once the literal breadbasket of Africa as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe is now the poster child for corruption, hyperinflation poverty and violence. Robert Mugabe has ruled with an iron fist from day one, brooks no opposition, and shows no intention of leaving office other than in a horizontal position.

What were once prosperous white owned and operated farms have been seized through open murder, while the world turned its back. Those "redistributed" lands now either lay fallow or are nothing more than subsistence farms.

Harare's slums can match anywhere in Africa
for their pestilence disease and poverty.
The era of surplus production is but a faded memory. While Mugabe and his friends remain fat in Harare by leaching off huge percentages of the foreign aid that comes in, most of the rest of the country barely survives.

And now South Africa, facing accelerating decline brought about by the corruption and incompetence inherent in any communist regime, seeks to follow Mugabe's path of destruction by announcing that they want to change the national Constitution so as to allow the seizure of white owned property "without compensation".

Jacob Zuma, South Africa's would be Mugabe.
His trail of corruption is long and wide.
He's seen here teaching Obama some of his
diplomatic skills in relating to the opposition.
The problem obstructing them is not just the Constitution but that unlike Rhodesia, where whites were only 2% of a much smaller population, whites in South Africa are still over 10% of the population, are well armed and trained.

Many have been preparing for this eventuality since 1994 and have announced that they have no intention of going down without a fight. While no one could possible predict what the final outcome of such a conflict would be, what is predictable is that like all civil wars, especially race wars, it would be horribly violent and bloody.

Faced with such horror many white South Africans will choose to flee. The US, Canada, Holland, Australia and New Zealand will be the most logical destinations. (While many South Africans of English descent left both before and after the Communist takeover the Dutch largely remained.)

Anything the Israelis can do we can do better.
If the US were to welcome those fleeing South Africa with the same sort of "feet dry" policy extended to those fleeing Castro's Cuba it could only add to our prosperity.

Better yet welcome in two or three South African whites for every illegal Mexican expelled. With lots of farmers and engineers among their numbers, I'd bet they would gladly accept jobs helping to build the wall along our southern border.

Ever since the "decolonization" of Africa in the post World War Two era the sub-Saharan world has proven itself to be all but incapable of self-government. Corruption, dictatorships and civil and tribal wars are the dominant socio-economic constructs. In short Africa has returned to what it was before the Europeans arrived.

It would no doubt be a tragic circumstance should this also happen to South Africa but it may be an inevitability. We might be foolish not to take advantage of it in terms of immigration policy.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blood In The Water?

Time to shitcan the Alexa and that Smart TV.

The recent headline on Drudge report stated that "Democrats Smell Blood In The Water". At the rate the story seems to be developing however it would that a Las Vegas juggler to keep up with all the accusations and denials flying back and forth. Adding in the various Democrats inability to keep up with their own activities and lies and you get a near full blown vaudeville act.

It's begining to would all to much like an old Ella Fitzgerald son, "First you say you will and then you won't, then you say you do and then you don't!" I've already lost count of the number of leaving Democrats that said they never met with the Russian Ambassador only to be shown up as liars the very next day by release of video or still photos. First there was a FISA court application then there wasn't, then there was then there wasn't. Then the valid Nancy Pelosi said "We don't do that." But then apparently they do if you happen to work for FOX News or the AP and you publish a story that displeases the great Master Unicorn.

It wasn't enough that the whole lot of them and their allied RINO pals were doing a bad remake of "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming"' just this morning WikiLeaks reveals that the CIA has created its own NSA like cyber spying operation based on purloined RUSSIAN software that can be used to make any discovered hack look like it came from a nowhere other than its actual source. It was further revealed that the CIA had hacked into Apple and Android systems to be able turn turn on the microphones and cameras without the owners knowledge. The same tech can also hack your smart TV and listen in on your home. All while making it look like it was the Russians or Chinese or whoever they want did it.

"Warrants, we don't need no stinking warrants! We're the CIA! We don't even have to tell Congress what we want all those billions of dollars for." Nevermind of course that existing Federal law allegedly prohibits the CIA from conducting operations on US soil.

If the President were to as me he shouldn't be closing down Gitmo but expanding it and filling its cells with soon to be ex-CIA and ex-NSA employees. If someone were asked to define what "domestic terrorism" is, this type of activity sure seems to fit the bill.

At this rate there is indeed going to be blood in the water, and it's not going to be President Trump's.

Monday, March 6, 2017

An Ugly Parallel.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." I won't be the first or the last to make a comparison between the decline of America and the decline and fall of Rome.
That said we are entering into new and extremely dangerous phase of politics.

Never before in American history has an outgoing administration sought to use the institutions of government to harass discredit and disrupt the incoming one. Seeking to make of themselves a Praetorian Guard that creates and implimentation policy as it sees fit, the will of the voters and the long established constitutional procedures be damned.

This is indeed potentially the most dangerous crisis we have faced since the Civil War. We as a people have to ask ourselves do we want to remain a nation of the rule of law, governed by our elected representatives, or will we succumb to the rule of men, governed by faceless bureaucrats who suppose to supplant their own selfish and self serving decisions for the electoral decisions of the people. Will we actively support this coup d'etat or simple acquiesce because we didn't like the outcome of an election? How many of us have actually thought about or realize that going down such a dark and foreboding path may be a one way street with no exits. A street, that if history teaches us anything, leads only to tyranny, repression and death on an industrial scale.

Octavian did not finally secure the destruction of the Roman Republic by his victory over Anthony and Cleopatra but rather by his assassination of Cicero, the last remaining voice of the citizens and Senate of Rome.

President Eisenhower tried to warn us that if not controlled the "military industrial complex" and its tentacles in the intelligence community would eventually swallow us and the nation as we knew it would be no more. Well here we are 57 years hence and his dark predictions don't just stand at our very doorstep, they are bang and kicking demanding to be let in!

Do we stand fast, raise our voices and if necessary our fists and block the door? Or do we, either by some contrived hatred or simple complacency unlock the door and invite them in? We have to understand that as was warned not just a couple of generations ago that "to not choose is to choose" and that  "God will not hold us unaccountable for or choices."

Men who operate in secret do so for no one's benefit but their own. Just as Octavian became Augustus and turned the Roman Senate into a toothless lap dog, our right to choose our leaders will be gone. We well be presented with the choice between nothing more than designated lapdogs, bought and paid for and as spineless as the worms they will be. Then our grandchildren will ask us what it was like to live in a country where men were free, and why we let their freedoms be stolen?