Monday, September 28, 2015

1600 Or Below.

The DJIA is spinning doward again. Will it close at or below the crutial support level of 1600? Or will the FED come to the rescue againbuying everything in sight just to keep it above 1600. 48 minutes will tell.

P.S. OK so I missed it by 1.11 points.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Message For My Readers.

Some of you know that I often comment on Disqus enabled sites under the name FVS. Under that rubric I have started a discussion group titled "2016 The Paradigm Shift". This will be an open forum to discuss how this election season has quickly developed into something well outside the typical politics as usual, how we got here and where it is going. All are welcome to partisipate and contribute. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

CNN=FNC You Be The Judge.

Both networks, are falling all all over themselves congratulating Job Bush for his "He kept us safe" line during Wednesday's debate. Not a one of the talking heads is even considering, nor would they dare, that maybe the approbation is not true.

In the short term many Americans did indeed feel safer after the invasions and of deposing of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Sadam in Iraq. But there is a old truism that "Hindsight is 20/20". So lets examine the claim from that perspective rather than from the very narrow time frame Jeb Bush and the network bubble heads would rather us view it from.

After the fall of both government the forces of jihadist Islam found themselves deprived of areas of operation from which they had worked with impunity. To that degree and in that all to brief window of time, yes we were safer.  But from a longer perspective it simply is not true. After our brave fighting men and women gave him a victory, Bush quickly set about to snatch defeat from its jaws. He did this by caving to the moral relativists and proclaiming that not only was Islam a "religion of peace", a concept destroyed by even the most cursory examination of its history, he gave the new governments, governments we put in place, carte blanched to include Sharia law in their new constitution. In doing so he gave the worst acters still left, tacit and real permission to carry on and rebuild their machines of death. We gained nothing from such foolishness, but in fact gave justification to the insurgencies that followed.

If anyone in Norfolk Virginia had been listening they probably could have heard General MacArthur turning over in his grave. It was MacArthur who had placed the restriction on the Japanese during the occupation that their new constitution must not and would not include any place for Shinto Buddhism, out of which had grown both the Bushido warrior code and the suicidal Emperor as deity worship that had cost so many lives and prolonged that terrible war.

That such suicidalism has long been present since Islam's founding is undeniable. "I present you with an army that loves death more than you love life" has been a tenant of their militarism since at least when they besieged the Persian empire. Bush gave this horror its renewed life.

Jeb's father gave away the store to the Russian communists at Malta by promising them their would be no prosecutions for either their personal crimes or communism's crimes against humanity. Its bought us a revanchist Russia commanded by so-called former communists and politicians in this country who operate as communists in everything but name. His brother by his incompetence fostered the renewed jihad from which the whole world suffers. Lord spare us please from the incompetence of another Bush in the White House and the sycofantic fools in the media who would help put him there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The "Big" Debate.

If one were to listen to almost any of the beltway talking heads, tonight's debate is going to be "the big one" that will be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. Sorry but I think they spend way too much time listening to each other.

CNN has already admitted that their "moderators" plan to be anything but moderate and have a stated goal of trying to start a fight between someone, anyone and Trump. Well I guess we should expect it. The era of " objective" journalism died long ago. Now they don't even pretend or huff and puff with indignant denials when accused of being the hacks that they are.

Frankly I hope Trump comes straight out of the shoot and tears them a new asshole for their already announced bias, makes them look like the douche bags they are and instantaneously disarms what ever designated attack dogs the RNC. has set up. My guess would be Bobby Jindal and or Carly Fiorinna.

People are fed up with having to make a choice based on who they think. Will lie to them the least and/or steal the least from the public coffers. Well on the latter a count at least Trump isn't taking any special i tersest money and is self funding. People are tired of having professional politicians feed them a line of crap and false hopes about what's best for them and then getting hacks who do only what best for themselves. They don't want elitist telling them we have to "manage America's decline" but rather one who is going to reverse the decline by getting g special interests and corrupt money and bribes in all but name out of the political process.

If Trump comes out of this debate with as strong or stronger numbers than going in, and I see very little reason he wouldnt, the INC's fall back position will be to shove Job Bush down his throat as VP just like they did with he father to Reagan in 1980.  Sorry again but I don't think Trump will take that kind of "handling"  from the RNC power structure any more than he's taken any of the rest of there crap.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Chaos Widens.

There has been much said of late concerning the immigration flood going on in here. What I find most disturbing is the attacks on nations like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic that are doing their best to stem the tide.

Even as the Germans say "No more!" and drop the gates of renewed border controls the eastern European nations continue to be attacked, particularly the Poles for not being sufficiently accommodating to the flood or "accepting" their "designated quota". Just because they are now part of the EU does not mean they will or should forget how their history diverges from that of western Europe.

The Poles endured over a hundred years of being carved up by Russians, Prussians and Austrians. After WW I they enjoyed and all to brief 20 years of self determination before being carved up by the Germans and Russians again. Then after WW II the became the only allied power to lose the war and suffered under another 45 years of Russian puppet government and military occupation.

The Russian's tactic of cultural dilution by forced immigration is an historical fact.  Having final regaining their freedom and cast of the Russians they are not going to sit back and have outside forces tell them they must endure another wave of occupation by immigration. Good for them. The historical pattern is more or less the same  for the rest of the Eastern Europen nations.

The growing debt problems and now the flood of Muslims could very well break the EU. Seems some of the bureaucrats in Brussels are determined to renew the ancient East West divide in Europe. Well let the Germans drown in Turks and Syrians. They don't get along in the ME. There is little chance they will in Germany and Austria.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hillary's Dilemma Or That Cheshire Cats Smile.

Hillary Clinton's campaign continues its slow, painful and oh so deliciously public decline. While there are indeed serious legal questions about her private email server and the DOJ and Congress may be conducting investigations, I have serious doubts that they have much real purpose beyond torpedoing her campaign. There are just to many bureaucrats in the DOJ and judges on the bench that were appointed by her husband who would place every conceivable obstacle in the way of her maleficence ever coming before a jury.

Beyond the above there are plenty of establishment Democrats who are fed up with the Clinton's and their holier than thou, take no prisoners style. I would compare it to the Democrats themselves leading the charge to pass term limits on the Presidency after FDR's death and the end of the war. Quite simply, it's a matter of "enough is enough".

Those private moments at Chapaqua must be excruciating. Hillary's seeing her self-entitled Presidency slip through her fingers yet again must be painful, both physically and emotionally. The thought of slipping into political irrelevance must be horrifying for her.

Not that she will blame herself or her blatent criminal incompetence for her demise, leftists never do. Introspection and or self doubt just are not part of the linier thought process of an American leftist. Like any leftist she will lash out at her enemies, both real and imagined, starting with her husband for having talked her into undertaking the fool's errand of another campaign. Next in line will be her staff for failing to sufficiently protect her from her own failings. Then will come an assault on the MSM for betraying her by not being sufficiently suplicant to her highness's entitlement to the crown.

With this last element having already been started with one of her staffers going so far as attacking the New York Times as have going over to the dark side and becoming a "(M)outhpiece for Republican propaganda" I can only imagine the vitriol and invictive being hurled about behind closed doors.

I can only speculate that there is one hell of a lot of schadenfreude going around, beginning with her Secret Service detachment whom she has always treated like something she had to scrape off the bottom of her shoe. Seeing that gleeful smirk on their faces as they overhear one of her tirades would be a picture that paints a thousand words. Next would be lower level members of her staff and the DNC that she has no doubt treated little better than her Secret Service body guards. The list only gets longer from there. I don't think there a lot of people around her the actually think "I feel your pain". Well except maybe Bill or some staffer who didn't duck quickly enough to dodge the closest in reach object she threw at them.

As for the rest of us, her political demise can't come soon enough. It will be something akin to the moment after Hitler pulled the trigger in his bunker in Berlin. For many of the staff the first thing they did was take out a cigarette and light it up. A physical act of saying "Thank god that's finally over, can we get the hell out of here now? "

Exile to Chapaqa may be like being locked in gilded cage. But I can't help but think that the combined isolation and hearing Bill's bimbos squeal in the guest cottage (there would no longer be any impediments to his full on debautchery) would be its own special kind oh so richly deserved hell.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lefticus Americanicus

Lefticus Americanicus. A sub species of homo sapiens marked by a particular intellectual devolution brought about by a failure to be taught or to learn the history of logic, reason and rational thinking.   Most of this subset are incapable of grasping complex conceptual structures or of even considering that they might be in error. This tragic circumstance has been brought about because they have only been told what to think not taught how to think. They have been told that history is irrelevant, that logic and reason are tricks of the enemy. Experience and comparative analysis have no place in their world because it can result in discourse and various possible causes and effects. They have been fed lie after lie to the point that truth not only has no meaning it is unrecognizable to them.    Their thought processes are so liner that questioning what they have been told is truth is beyond their capabilities.

This then creates a cognitive dissonance that causes them to lash out. But they don't lash out against those who have deliberately burdened them with such stilted and limited intellectual capabilities, but against anyone who dares not to conform to their deficiencies. They exhibit Pavlovian reactions against anything or anyone who questions what they "know" to be the truth. For them any such contrary thought must be crushed immediately not so much because it is contrary but because it might lead others to question what they have been told.

In short Lefticus Americanicus is an intellectual throwback akin to a virus that can only exist while the host that it feeds on remains alive and resisting the disease. It lives to destroy, not just the American republican model but the enlightenment, Locke, Rosseau and all the great thinkers that brought it about. It feeds on its hatred and excretes ignorance it glorifies as truth. Once the host dies the virus must as well. Such has been the demonstrated result of all forms of socialism be it fascism, communism or this particularly odious American form that calls itself political correctness.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chaos In Europe.

The uncontrolled immigration crisis in Europe grows worse with each passing day and at first glance one can't help but have sympathy for people fleeing the horror and depredations of war.  But a closer examination reveals something more.

For thirty some years now it has been the clear but infrequently spoken policy, and even then only in whispers, of radical Islam to colonize Europe with ever growing numbers of immigrants. Yes the Middle East has been thrown into turmoil, war and a medieval barbarism carried out with modern implements and broadcast for all to see with 21st century technology that staggers the imagination. But these horrors are either a deliberate construction and or a self inflicted wound. Granted the West and particularly the US has a certain responsibility to bear. It has failed to confront an implacable enemy with a full certainty of will and finality of purpose.

The West has chosen to forget its previous history with Islam and chosen instead the foolish path of political correctness and placation with an enemy whose tactics have not changed in fourteen hundred years. After the devastating attacks of 9/11 the US moved quickly to remove the Taliban from the seat of government in Afghanistan and attack the al Qaida terrorists they had given free range to operate. But then like fools we quickly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by assuring the interim goverenment, a government we put in place, that we considered Islam "a religion of peace" and they were free to incorporate their barbaric 7th century Shria law into their new constitution. We then compounded this foolishness by repeating it in Iraq. The lessons of the final victory over Japan and the obvious parallels between Islamic and Japanese suicidal fanaticism were forgotten and ignored.

The American military and US Middle East policy were quickly transformed from dominant victors to Br'er Rabbit, elbow and ankle deep into the Tar Baby.
The implacable and relentless enemy that is Islam then exploited our foolishness to not simply kill our brave soldiers but to draw us deeper into the trap of trying to deal with 7th century barbarism with foolishly misguided 21st century "proportional response." We applied the failed lessons of Viet Nam and got the same result. We did not withdraw with honor but with shamelessness.

The difference being that after the withdrawal from Viet Nam they went about repairing and rebuilding their country, in Iraq "Vieitnamisation" policy has failed once again and left the worst of the worst manifestations of fundamental Islam to reign supreme and to grow and spread. And just as conquering armies have done since time immemorial they sow fear among civilian populations and drive them before them to create chaos and clog the logistical capabilities of their enemies, namely Europe.

All this flood of refugees is just taking that longstanding policy of colonization to a new and extreme level.  It should also be noted that those European countries that remained free after the defeat of the Nazis in World War II continue to try to accomidate the hoards while those that have only recently escaped from half a century of Russian/communist colonization are putting up resistance and trying to stem the flow.

Once again the Islamic hoards are stacking up at the "Gates of Vienna". The question is will the Europeans be able to recognize that this is another attempt at conquest just by a different means? Will they be able to fight them off or will the massive numbers of Muslims already entrenched create such civil disruption as to make it all but impossible?

These are not the Goths and the Visigoths who sought to become Romans and carry on with the systems of Rome. These are the hoards of Ghengis Khan who will do nothing but consume and destroy. Europe better wake up and so had the US because we're next.