Sunday, October 30, 2016

Those Who The Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad....

The only explanation I can find for this election season (bizarre doesn't even come close) is that the late novelists Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy's and Vince Flynn have all been given a free hand to see who can make this week's events even more incredible than last week's events.

Only under some literary suspension of disbelief could this ongoing circus had been believable if it had been predicted a year ago.

Maybe their is something to the claim that we live in a holographic matrix operated by a capricious god with amazing sense of humor and a cruel sense of irony.

Who's Going To Throw Who Under The Skooby Van?

 Sleazy                    Sleazyer                   Sleazyst.
Fridays FBI letter to Congress revealing that a new trove of "pertinent" emails had been found on a laptop computer accessable to both Clinton aid Huma Abedin and her disgraced, sleaze ball, ex-Congressman and soon to be ex-husband Anthony Weiner, has raised speculations and accusations of every sort imaginable.

For the moment let's put the furious accusations about the motives of Director Comey aside. As such they amount to little more than closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. The speculations about what the emails actually contain is almost irrelevant to the unfolding drama.

The immediate speculation is that will Hillary throw her long time chief aid and purported lover under the bus in a desperate attempt to try and distance the campaign and build a wall between the candidate and any immediate repercussions rffecting the vote.

That would be the Clinton standard play when caught dirty. This would assume of course that Huma is willing to or can be convinced to fall on her sword and or what kind of threats can be brought to bare against her.

Unfortunately for Hillary such a sacrifice is not the only option available to Huma and her husband. With Anthony almost certainly facing a prison sentence for his really bad judgement and behavior he will likely sing like a canary. The truthfulness of his tale will of course be subject to speculation all its own.

If Huma is looking at possible perjury and obstruction of justice charges among others she could very well turn the table over on Hillary and stick a big nasty Khanjar in Hillary's back in exchange for a lighter sentence, witness protection or a free pass back to Saudi Arabia.

The conspirators with the
heir apparent in tow.
Huma's absence from the campaign trail and Hillary's side has created a buzz all its own, particularly as the two have been joined at the hip for the last twenty years. Huma has lain down with dogs on both sides of the bed. Now she come down with a really bad case of fleas. How she chooses to scratch the itch will make for some great schadenfreude. Popcorn anyone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Matt Bracken's Prophecy.

A couple of months ago Matt Bracken wrote a piece about how a growing dictatorial power here in America will come under attack. Not by going directly at upper level bureaucrats and political leaders who have some pretty solid defense perimeters around them.  He proposed that the assaults will come against the lower lever bureaucrats and the media flacks who don't investigate and report but rather simply doles out the bureaucratic talking points and propaganda with all the credibility of Russia's Pravda or Isvestia.  Recently some of these same presstitutes and the campaign hacks they openly cooperate and coordinate with found their names listed in various emails released by Wikipedia. One has to wonder if they realize that they may have placed targets on themselves. Just how many Secret Service officers do they really think there are? Do they really think the Clintons care about the peril they may be in if a crisis comes?

Am I Sticking My Neck Out Or Are Those Serious Clouds On The Horizon?

As chaotic as this political season has been, I fear
It is just the calm before the storm.

I think there are some factors that are going to drive voter turnout come Nov. 8th. None of which the Democrats and many so called Republicanswant to talk about.

Firstly I seriously think black turnout is going to lag well behind 2008 and 2012 levels. Obama is not on the ballot. That alone will depress the turnout and it must be combined with a sense of disappointment among many blacks who honestly, if delusionally, thought that his presidency was going to magically provide for their every want simply because of his race. Some will even vote for Trump out of spite and or because then can see what a phony Hillary is.

Secondly, I think her Campaign and the media has underestimated the backlash against Hillary for the royal screwing she and the DNC gave Bernie Sanders. This will manifest in two ways. That percentage of Sanders supporters who will vote Trump out of spite or open loathing for Hillary and another percentage of Sanders supporters who will simple stay home for the same reasons.

Thirdly, I think the enthusiasm factor of Trump voters is beyond anything seen in living memory. I have seen virtually no commentary outside of the so-called "alt right" discussing how much of Trump's support is as anti-establishment as it is pro Trump. Concurrently, the public's loathing and contempt for media bias and naked corruption in government is going to both keep some people away from the voting booth and drive others to it with even more determination to vote against the status quo.

Regardless of whatever the "official" outcome is I doubt we have seen the end of the ugliness in American politics. Should Trump be declared the winner the Soros/left fascists will unleash street violence that will make Charlotte and other recent events look tame by comparison. Should Hillary be declared the winner there will come about a whole new series of civil disobedience and rejection of government authority up to and including nullification and open talk of secession.

The third time is the charm.
Throw in the very real prospect of another global financial crisis that could well make 2001 and the 2008 housing crisis  look like mere corrections. Add in the fact that the morons currently in charge (on both sides of the aisle) are seemingly determined to provoke a conflict with Russia over Syria, where we have absolutely zero strategic interest, and I think many if not most Americans are going to be caught completely unaware as to what lies just over the horizon.

Keep in mind that politicians always think their wars can be contained or are "necessary" to release tension between conflicting powers. History proves them wrong virtually every time and seldom are the politicians the ones that have to pay the ultimate price for their folly. So either way hold onto you hats. This "Fourth Turning" is just getting started. If you don't know what that is, for your own sake you had better look it up and prepare accordingly. I sincerely hope and pray I am wrong. But in the meantime.... GGGG.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Facing America's Decline Into Another Civil War.

America is a nation in decline. Sadly it is a decline that is as much or more one of deliberate manufacture as it is one of historical entropy. The signs are all around us but no one in the political class or the 4th estate possesses the courage to openly face it or call out those responsible for it, well because it is that same political class and the 4th estate that bear the largest responsibility for it. Eight years ago we were fed a massive caravan of horse shit under the rubric of "Hope and Change". It didn't take a genius to see at the time that it was all a lie, but anyone who dared point that out was ignored, silenced or condemned as a slow witted racist at best if not a card carrying member of the KKK at worst. Nevermind that all one had to do was read Obama's own works to see that he was/is just as racist as any real Klan member.

No, no we were told. Judging the man by the words of his own discriptions would be so unfair. We must confine our judgements to the perspectives of the politicians and pundits who supported him and the lofty rhetoric of his latest stump speech. Drawing any inference as to his character by that of those with whom he had long associated or self defined as his roll models and mentors would just be to unfair. His history was irrelevant. All that mattered was what he said subsequent to announcing his candidacy and in the historical significance of his being the first black man to be nominated by a major political party.

Well so much for Obama being the "great uniter", the creater of a "post racial America". All the portrayals of Obama as the new Lincoln or FDR reincarnated were as phony as the man himself. Like everything else about leftist ideology the road to hell has been paved and sold as good intentions. Every single policy or legislative action his administration has undertaken has not just failed but proven to be an unmitigated disaster. From health care to foreign policy to economic policy, everything has failed. I would defy anyone to delineate a single MEASURABLE success.

Here we are nearly eight years later and by virtually every MEASURABLE quantum we are worse off. Less than two years in the so called Affordable Care Act has proven to be anything but affordable. The "Arab Spring" has spread instability, violence and slaughter not seen since the depths of World War Two from across the entire arc of the Muslim world, into Western Europe and even to the heart of our own nation. While at the same time the perpetrators of the disaster can't even bring themselves to admit that the root of the violence lays in the 7th century barbarism if Islam itself.

Meanwhile on the streets of our nation are racked with a visceral hatred and violence that shocks the conscience of peace loving Americans. A violence driven by issues as phony as Obama and the politicians who manufacture and exploit them.

We are being forcibly driven into a new segregation under the oxymoronic notions of diversity and equality. We are told that "Black lives matter" except when it comes to black inner city gangs slaughtering each other and anyone hapless enough to be caught in the crossfire or the tens of millions of unborn black babies murdered in their mother's womb as a matter of convenience. Even suggesting the idea that anybody else's lives matter just as much, be they cops or clowns, is immediately condemned as callus at best or overtly racist at worst. The dreams of Martin Luther King jr. And the accomplishments of the civil right movement are being plowed under like so many weeds in the name of creating chaos and glorifying a self destructive culture of entitlement and nihilism. Not that even 10% of contemporary thirty something's would even know what that is.

So today we are being fed that same caravan of horse shit under the rubric of more historical significance of the first woman nominated by a major political party. again we are told her history, the words that have come out of her mouth in the past are irrelevant. That the only thing that matters is what she said in yet another speech. As the expression goes, same shit, different day.

If our nation's founders were to be looking down upon us they could be forgiven if they thought they were gazing into some alternative universe of a massive insane asylum. After all, which of them could have conceived of a national debt of $20 trillion dollars or a nation where over half of those people of working age not only don't work but demand that those who do support them? Lincoln warned us that if America should ever fall it would not be at the hands of a foreign power but rather would be a death by self inflicted wound.

For better or worse we survived the civil war and it then took another hundred years to address some of the scars left by that conflict. Along the way we managed to free millions of people across the globe from tyrannies far worse than slavery and at the same time become the most prosperous and free nation in all of human history. Whether or not we will survive the next civil war that is being deliberately created by those who would seek to destroy the very concept of a Constitutional Representative Republic is yet to be seen.

Being of that generation born immediately after WorldWar Two and having long been an observer of how history or more precisely how ignoring history, drives and shapes the present and the future, I am probably more cynical than most, but I fear that no matter what the outcome of this election we are headed into a paroxysm of violence and despair that will surpass even that of 150 years ago.

No one could harbor any greater hope than I, that I am proven completely and utterly wrong in this analysis. The reality is that their have been forces arrayed against the very concepts of natural rights and self government since long before the American Revolution. Those forces are on the ascendency again. Like it or not, whether they shall prevail or be beaten back once again is up to each and every one of us. We might want to think we can go about our lives and leave politics alone, but rest assured that politics has no intention of leaving you alone. And if the likes of Hillary Clinton and George Soros and the rapacious greed of the Wall Street oligarchy prevail they will not only not leave you alone, they will consume you and what is left of your freedoms.

I know it sounds trite and cliche, but it is none the less absolutely true: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Make no mistake that that is what they seek. They will tell you that the world has become to complex to trust individuals with the freedoms that made this nations great and the envy of the world, but they want you to trust them with the power to take your freedoms away. If you let them prevail without a fight I hope you are prepared to tell your grandchildren either why they must live in chains, or they must fight and sacrifice and perhaps die trying to restore those freedoms you let slip away.

The Perfect Allegory For How The Clintons Feel About America.

If one were to go searching for a perfect allegory for how the Clintons regard America and average Americans, well as the saying goes, "you just can't make this shit up!"

America, the Clinton's toilets for 3-1/2 decades.

Mike Robins, the manager of the local O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Lawrenceville Georgia recently observed a Hillary Clinton Campaign RV pull up in front of his store whereupon the driver got out of the vehicle and proceeded to dump the vehicles lavatory waste right there on the side of the road!

The local police were called and a bio hazard was declared. There is no word yet when or if charges will be filed or arrests made. My question would be how many other times they have done it, except that the Clintons have been shitting on the entire country for decades.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An Open Letter To Bernie Goldberg And The Rest Of The So-called Conservative Pundits.

Bernie Goldberg in his latest column continues his underhanded attempts to hand the election to Hillary. Quoting David French? Seriously? The only thing positive to be said about David French is that he wasn't stupid enough to accept Bill Kristol's attempt to get him to run as a third party candidate. National Review? Again I ask, seriously? NR has had their knives out for Trump from the get go.

Come on Bernie let's look at the REAL story here. The neocons have had such a lock on the Republican party since Bush 41 that they have actually convinced themselves and many others, unfortunately, that they really are Republicans and conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. They might have some minor ideological differences with the Democrats that they use as smoke screens to blind the voting public, but the reality is that they run in the same globalist/banking cartel/Wall Street financial parasite circles as the leading Democrats do. This isn't speculation, were not stupid. We can compare the donation lists and you see the same corporate and individual names come up over and over again.

The other great commonality we see that they have is their contempt for Trump or anyone who dares expose the one party state fraud of the last three decades whose sole goal has been the accumulation of more and more power and control into DC and to hell with the states and the citizens.

Well Bernie, like with the Brexit vote, the little people have had enough of being paid lip service and then getting spit on and denigrated once the election is over. Bernie, you and your elitist pals just don't get it that Trump's support is as much or more anti-establishment in nature than it is pro Trump.
The man is a vehicle, albeit an imperfect one, but he's the only one we've got for our years and years of pent up frustration with out of control government, out of control spending and elitist lies and condescension. Or may be you do get it and that's what's got you so darn scared that your stinking little game is about up. Time for you and George Will and the rest of you neocon waterboys to retire and get out of the people's way. Oh and take Bill O'Reilly and Bill Kristol and David French with you.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Medieval America

I came across this perspective on America's decline. It's worth a read.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Picture Gets Clearer Every Day.

In a previous set of leaks of Hillary's speeches to Wall Street interests she talked about the need to have both public and private positions on issues. Today we get another leak of Podesta emails stating that she "hates everyday Americans."

This has led to frantic spinning by her paid troll army about context. We are told it's the phrase "everyday Americans" she hates not the people themselves. What a load of horse shit.

These "everyday Americans" aren't quite as dumb as she would hope. It doesn't take a Harvard trained lawyer to figure out that this statement of contempt and the pathetic attempt to spin its clear meaning meshes together with the public vs. private statement quite seamlessly.

Mr. trump was correct. She does have a hate filled heart. May it rupture in agony come Nov. 8th.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Still Waiting For The October Surprise

The October Surprise has become almost a tradition in American Presidential politics. And this round has been filled of rumors from both sides about the "knockout punch".

But so far all we have gotten is a nothing press conference from WikiLeaks and a feeble release of 20 year old tax forms. Usually these things happen before the middle of the month so as to give the media, complicit partners that they are, time to blow them up and out of proportion as much as possible in furtherance of the Democrat candidate whoever it may be.

Time runs short. Has Hillary spent her bolt? Has Trump reached his peak to soon? Will this race finish with a whimper rather than a bang? Some how I don't think so but at this point both sides have shown some disappointment in performance and tactics.

According to Drudge Report Hillary has already sequestered herself in preparation for this Sunday's debate. We'll just have to wait and see who comes out swinging and how hard they punch. Frankly I think Trump needs to take the gloves off and attack both the media and Clinton. Ignore the snarky questions and interruptions and go for the throat.

Tell the little faggot Anderson Cooper to be respectful or shut the hell up. As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offence. The media has given Trump no quarter, he should return in kind. Neither he nor the fate of the Republic have anything left to lose.

True Trump may be a leap of faith as to what his presidency would be, but Hillary Clinton's would be playing Russian Roulette with a loaded .45 sutomatic. Depression and war is all she can possibly produce.