Friday, August 28, 2015

Deliberate Intentions.

If it was the intention of the NEA and the rest of the leftist cadre to destroy the Enlightenment and the unique American culture that grew out of it by producing a generation of squishy liberals who judge everything through a prism of emotion rather than logic and reason, I'd have to say they have nearly succeeded.

It's not there are not a lot of intelligent hard working young people out there that are just as appalled by the society around them as their parents. Its just that there are as many or more of these thoughtless emotion driven twits. If one needs any evidence of it just look at how many young people who feel the need to cover themselves with tattoos and piercings. What was once the pervue of sailors, criminals and primitives is now the norm and I would defy anyone to tell me it represents anything but social devolution.

Combine that with the fact that so many young people can't be bothered to speak proper English and you have a recipe for disaster in any drastic social turn. I recently encountered a young woman in her early twenties for whom it was impossible to construct a sentence without using the word "like" at least twice. I have to wonder just who would hire such inarticulate people and how could they possible survive in a crisis.

I have no doubt that these morally and intellectually stilted individuals are also thoroughly invested in the poison of moral relativism and that that robs them of the capacity for critical social analysis. This makes them incapable of grasping the fact that there is a large swath of black society that doesn't give a rip about their political leanings or alleged social tolerance but quite simply hates them because they are white.

I somehow doubt if any of the victims of the growing tide of black on white hate crimes were first asked by their assailants if they were registered Democrats or sufficiently "tolerant" of the violence about to be inflicted upon them.

Tolerance in political terms has come to mean a lack of capacity to make critical judgements.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Death By Criminal Unintended Consequences.

The events in Roanoke Virginia were made all the more horrorible by the fact that both one of the victims and the perpetrator captured it on camera. But that's not the real story here.

The media talking heads from coast to coast will be lamenting the tragic fate of the victims for days. Right up to the moment their bodies go into the ground and then they will be quickly forgotten. The sooner the better as far as the left is concerned. The story that there are blacks just as capable of such irrational hate filled violence as Dylan Roofe just doesn't fit into their narrative. Somehow I doubt a single one of their teleprompters will carry the real story. Unless circumstances force them they won't tell you what this event is really about.

This was nothing less than a black on white hate crime and the terrible consequence of decades of leftist, racist pandering to and fostering of the lack of emotional self control in the black community.

For decades now blacks have been told that their self-esteem and alleged victimhood out weighs all other factors in any and all situations. They have been told that they entitled to free housing, free food, free education, free phones, free this, free that, preferential treatment for just about anything.

Raised on the poisoned pablum of low expectation and little or no accountability, why then should be surprised that there are those that think that once they are given a job because of the color of their skin they are under no obligation to actually work, compete and apply themselves in order to keep it? The perpetrator of this horrible crime no doubt felt that he lost his job, not because he underperformed or failed to meet expectations or performance requirements, but because he has been taught and believes that racism is inherent in the nature of being white.

A sick mind constructed as such by a sick and inherently racist political philosophy, i.e. paternalistic liberalism. The families and friends of the victims will mourn the loss of their loved ones but I doubt any of them will lay the blame for the event at the feet of the real perpetrators. If they did they would sue the snot out of the leftist politicians and college professors that have foisted the horror of "white guilt" on the public for the last 40+ years. Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Following Up On Volatility As The New Normal.

All during yesterday's market disaster the talking heads and financial pundits were all hoping, speculating, or openly declaring that this was just a "blip", a temporary "correction", that China's economic contraction and currency devaluations would only be peripheral to American markets.

Before going any further please keep in mind that this is the same set of bought and paid for douche bags that have been pushing "globalization" for the last 40+ years.

As the futures markets indicated they would when the markets opened they did indeed go up sharply, reversing much of the previous days losses. This of course engendered all the aforementioned talking heads to enter into a spasam of self congratulation. And then the 3:00 o'clock arrived and DJIA entered into a 500+ point nosedive, wiping out not just the illusory gains of the day, closing down just over 200 points, but leaving more than one pundit ashen looking and grasping to find any words. Quite amusing to watch really.

I can't help but think that these sorry sacks of shit are trying to channel Scarlet O'Hara; "After all, tomorrow is another day".  Well....good luck with that.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Time For Another Open Letter To The Charlotte Observer

I'm sure I'm not the only conservative reader of The Observer (what few you have left) who eagerly awaits just how you and the rest of the leftist cadre are going to find a way to blame the collapsing global markets on the Republicans or more specifically George Bush.

Lord knows I'm no fan of the Congressional RINOs or the Bush clan but it was Obama and the Democrats who have passed a health care bill that has failed miserably and very expensively before it has really even gotten  started.  It has been this same bunch of globalization/new world order fanatics that have nearly doubled the national debt in less than 7 years. What was unsustainable at $9 trillion is even more unsustainable at nearly $19 trillion.

Come on now just what did the geniuses on the editorial board of The Observer think was going to happen as a result of foisting off the biggest incompetent fool in American history as "the smartest man in the room"? And you sit there and wonder why Donald Trump becomes more unassailable every day. I guess the public, looking around and seeing their society collapsing before their eyes, knows who to blame. Here's some more news for you, Charlotte's relative insulation as a banking center is going to prove to be a very thin cloke to hide behind.

Falling gas prices will be good for the American commuter right up to the moment they no longer have jobs to commute to. Do you think the public will care about the Washington's and Hollywood's propaganda when there local grocery store looks like one in Venezuela? Just how much food do you think Mexico and central America will ship north as their own population begin to starve? Just how many American dollars will they want as it becomes as worthless as their own?

I'm sure your masters at the New York Times and the Washington Post will come up with some line of propaganda and you will fall right in line and publish every bit of tripe they scribble.  Try as you will the story line that this is a "normal correction" wont fly very far. Just because you don't cover the fact that shipping rates from Asia have fallen by 60% in the last couple of months doesn't mean it didn't happen and wasn't foretelling of this carnage.

To bad for you that nobody is going to believe anything you write. Oh you will have your usual blind, left wing hangers on, and you will publish their letters trying to convince the public, but really mostly yourselves, that this disaster is anybody's fault but the left's.

Your fetid dreams of building a socialist utopia with other peoples money are about to crumble before your very eyes. Margaret Thatcher's words will hauntingly ring in your ears but I doubt you will listen to them even now, as you have never listened to anything but your own council in the past.

I'd bet that you haven't given more than a passing thought to the idea that our nation's enemies are going to use this to our detriment as well. You can't see that Islamic extremism is the 21st century melding of Nazi antisemitic death worship and Japanese Shinto suicidal cultism. But then just add that to the long list of your other glaring failures.

The combination of arrogance and financial collapse leads to degradation and war. Only now our enemies have dirty bombs and suicidal fanaticism.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Adventures With Fascism - 1973 to 2014; or How I Learned to Loath The CMPD In One Easy Lesson.

The recent events in Ferguson Missouri, Statan Island New York and elsewhere have brought a bright light and sharp focus on both the growing predilection of local police forces to use violence as the first last and only option when dealing with a "non cooperative" public and the growing frustration of the public with government in general.  No one is immune, including your humble correspondent.

So let's get this straight right up front, for any of those readers who haven't figured it out already.  I'm a baby boomer.  In fact I'm one of those quintessential baby boomers, my father and his older brother were both decorated naval officers in the Pacific and my mother was a pharmacist's mate in the Coast Guard attached to the Atlantic fleet.  My brother and I we're both brought up on a steady diet of reruns of "Victory at Sea" and Walter Cronkite's "The Twentieth Century," along with the seemingly endless stream of World War Two movies produced both during and after the war.

We have all seen the pictures of the horrors that that war produced, from the Rape of Nanking, to the Blitzkrieg of London, to the stacks of corpses at Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz.

But there is an aspect of that period that could not be captured on film. An aspect that our societies have failure to recognize and remember, that threatens the existence of our fair republic and what has made it so great.

I have to admit that I didn't recognize it myself until I was in my early 20's. It was at this time that I had the opportunity to travel to Europe with friends. We traveled around much of western and northern Europe and most everyone we encountered were open, friendly and socially engaging. In short they were very much like us.  Yes everyone knew the Soviets and their reluctant allies had a hundred plus divisions, millions of troops and thousands of  tanks just the other side of the Iron Curtain. but it didn't rule their daily lives and they went about them just like we did, in an open and free society.

That understanding and perspective changed however once we crossed the Pyrenees mountains into Spain. Yes there were the same type of border controls as we had encountered traveling between other European nations, the difference was in what we encountered inside Spain and in the people we met. Quite literally just outside virtually every town we came to there was a wide white stripe painted across the road and on each side of the road was a guard shack. You had to stop. A member of the La Guardia Civil would step out, look at you and decide whether to waive you through, ask for your papers, or search your person and vehicle.  There was no question as to whether or not you had to comply. This was 1973 and Generalissimo Franco, his Falangist party and the La Guardia were still very much in charge.

Once we entered a town or city the people we met were not so much as unfriendly, if anything they were extremely polite.  Polite and wary to a point of being suspicious, and very much distant. This was not because we were foreigners or even because we were Americans.  We were quite simply strangers and over 35 years of military dictatorship and police state occupation had conditioned them, had corroded their spirits and so poisoned their hearts as to better consider any stranger to possibly be an agent of the police, sent among then to seek out any who might speak ill of Franco, the Falangists or the government.

During our 5 day trip between the French border and Rota we encountered nearly a hundred such road blocks and as many or more wary and weary Spaniards.  It didn't matter if you were stopping at a hotel for the night or at a roadside cantina for lunch. The atmosphere was almost universal whether you were in Barcelona, Madrid or Seville or any of a dozen places in between.

It wasn't until we settled into a little seaside village called Chipiona a few kilometers outside Rota and we became known to the locals as both Americans and people who had friends stationed at the US Navy base in Rota that they became more relaxed, open and genuinely warm with us. Whenever we would ask them about what is was like living under Franco and almost constant surveillance they would tell us horrifying stories of the brutality of the La Guardia, but not before carefully looking around the room to make sure there were no strangers about or anyone paying undo attention to our conversation.  "You can never be to careful." was an off repeated sentence.  They would point to the change on the bar with Franco's picture on it and then point to their eye and say "He watches everything."

I can only imagine the great relief the Spanish people felt whem Franco finally died.

So what then does all this have to do with any threat to our republic and my newly acquired loathing for the CMPD?  Quite simply I was driving through my own neighborhood, a mere 2 blocks from my home of 28 years in a quiet, peaceful, long established, upper middle class neighborhood when I found myself inextricably trapped in a police roadblock.

It was six o'clock on a Thursday afternoon.  They were not doing a DUI check or even asking if people if they had any information about a crime that had occurred in the area (there hadn't been any). They were conducting what they euphemistically call a "public safety" driver's license check.  What I call a exercise in public intimidation and conditioning.  This little bit of intimidation centered around trying to discourage the public from using this particular street as a cut through or short cut to a large regional mall in South East Charlotte.  This had been the second such road block set up on this street in a month.

All who find themselves reading this beware.  If there is anything a local donut digester does not like it is a citizen who knows the law better than they do.

The local donut digester at this stop (one of twelve!) asked me to show him my license.  I responded by politely asking him if I had committed a crime.  He answered me "No."  I then followed up by asking if he had a reasonable suspicion that I had committed a crime.  Again he answered "No" and was clearly becoming irritated by my temerity in asking reasonable and lawful questions.  I then asked if I was being detained or was I free to go.  He replied that I was being detained until I showed him my license. 

Now this is where things got interesting and ugly.  You see, the North Carolina state Constitution is very specific about personal and individual rights.  Article I is in fact titled "Declaration of Rights", Section 21 of Article I is titled "Inquiry into restraints on liberty."  It reads as follows; "Every person restrained of his liberty is entitled to a remedy to inquire into the lawfulness thereof, and to remove the restraint if unlawful, and that remedy shall not be denied or delayed.  The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended."

It was at this point I asked this cop "Under the authority of what statute are you detaining me?"  This simple inquiry, the right to which is clearly delineated as shown above, was more than this ignorant buffoon was going to take.  How dare some mundane citizen challenge his authority, (read make him look ignorant of the law).  He stepped back, placed his hand on his weapon and told me to step out of my vehicle.  I repeated my question as to what statute he was claiming authority to detain me.  His partner then assaulted me with his right hand pushing me away from the door as he reached in to open it with the inside handle.  Confronted with this sudden violence I quite naturally pulled back.  This second cop, I won't call then officers, that would confer a dignity they don't deserve, then told me I could step out of my vehicle or he would "rip you out."

I was then placed in hand cuffs, told I was going to jail and frog marched to a near by cruiser, a donut digester on each arm.  During this little march I asked if this was a police state now where I didn't have a right of inquiry.  He simply said, and I quote; " You know what? It just might be!"

Do we really need any further demonstration that the police have lost all regard for the citizen, the Constitution and the job they're supposed to do?  The concept of "To Protect and Serve" has officially morphed into one of "Patrol and Control".

The sargent on scene then tried to compound his junior officer's failings by telling me that they were "under no obligation to cite any statute when making an arrest." I replied that that was a lie and he damn well knew it. He asked me if I was an attorney. I told him I was not but that did not mean I did not know the law and cited the above section of the State Constitution.

This seemed to set him aback and he decided to release me with a summons rather than an arrest. This apparently angered the officer who initially confronted me and I watched with a certain amusement as he argued briefly with the Sargent.

I was further amused when he then had to ask another of the officers present what statute I should be charged under; proving my point that this twirp didn't even know the law he was ostensibly operating under.

Still angry at being denied his arrest statistic, he wrote the summons and then slapped me in the chest with it while I was still in restrsints saying "Here you go mister smart ass! I certainly hope that you don't make the court date so I vsn have the pleasure of coming to arrest you again!"

Long story short I have a very good attorney and this nevy came to court.  My point being is that this and so many other incidents, are what happens when you bring soldiers back from long tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where they genuinely have to worry if the next person they meet is going to try and kill them.

Thinking that such experiences in a hostile warzone qualify an individual to perform the duties of a police officer in a largely pacific environment is, has and will continue to prove to be a tragic mistake. If such placement in our local police forces continue, just how long does anyone think it will take before the population in general adopts the attitude of the long abused Spaniards I met in 1973? Does anyone really want for this to be what America becomes?

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Question To Ponder. Rev.1

I came across an interesting quote from George Washington today.

In the period leading up to the Philadelphia convention Washington, although personally convinced of the need to replace the Articles Of Confederation he was not yet sure if such a convention would succeed or if his presence would help the process or damage him if it failed. John Jay was convinced otherwise and in a letter to the General tried to convince him he was the indispensable man.

Washington wrote back to Jay saying that he was still not convinced that the public yet felt that it "had been so misled as to yet desire such a radical change."  Washington of course ment misled as to mean poorly led rather than deceived.

This of course brings us to the current political season and the phenomena of one Donald Trump. Don't mistake me. I don't think Trump could hold a candle to any of the founders. I would however posit the question; has the American public finally "been so misled," in both the senses of the word, as to "desire such a radical change"?

Just a thought, as the old saying goes "all things old are new again!"

Both the Republican and the Dempcret parties still seems to be blind to the fact that Donald Trump is a political phenomenon/monster of their own making. 

The Democrats got themselves swept out of power in Congress because the shoved unwanted tyrannical legislation down the throats of the American people. The Republicans got swept in by promising to do something about it. The Democrats responded by doubling down on their arrogance and basicly relinquished authority to the president to rule by executive fiat. The Republicans responded like a vision of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, all bluster and noise but no a bit of fortitude to either challenge the president's unconstitutional actions or repeal the hated legislation.

So now we have both parties and their media lapdogs desperately trying to build sandcastles against the rising tide of frustration, anger and resentment of the common man. They just can't grasp that no body is listening to their propaganda anymore. That FOX News and other so-called conservative media has exposed themselves as just as much a tool of the establishment as the alphabet hacks on the left has only served to raise the level of anger and resentment.

Perhaps it best that the establishment remains opposed to Trump's candidacy. Once they start to support him the would try to flood his team with their own hacks not try and further his platform or base of support but to try and subvert and control it. Such corrupt courtiers and sycophants have been around since the dawn of social organization. So far he has proven himself to be his own man. How long that lasts we will have to wait and see.

I Really Don't Think The Clinton's Care.

Well that's a pretty broad statement seeing as neither one of them have any shame or sense of morality.  It's not like that even if she is forced to slink back to Chappaqua like spurned dog, she or Bill will ever shut the fuck up. Besides, under current law she will be allowed to keep all those campaign contributions. She'll keep soliciting money right up to the very last possible minute and then cackle all the way to whatever slush fund she can hide the deposits in. Then you can bet that they'll cook the campaigns books to make it look like she spent every dime so the poor church mice from Arkansas can go out and beg for more to pay her alleged debts. Lord forgive me but I do so hate these people.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Speech Tsipras Should Have Made.

There is a certain shame in the current situation of Greece and it rests squarely on the shoulders of Prime Minister Tsiapras.

The people of Greece had spoken, twice. First in electing the Syriza party to government and then in a snap referendum rejecting further Troika austerity.

He had the moment in history, he had the precedent, he had the votes. But rather than stand up to the bullies in Brussels and make them face the facts, he folded like a house of straw in a stiff breeze.

He could have, he should have, addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations:

"Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished delegates, honorable ambassadors. I come before you as the Prime Minister of Greece to present to you an appeal from the Greek people.

"As you all know my small country faces a crisis that threatens our livelihoods, our neighborhoods and our very lives. We have to make a choice between just which set of difficult and uncomfortable circumstances we wish to face.

"Do we betray the voters and plaster over a poisonous, unpayabe debt with even more unpayable debt and suffering?  Do we tolerate once again outside forces telling us once again that debt makes democracy irrelevant and we must live our lives in accordance with their demands? Or do we stand up, admit our mistakes, and there are many, take our lumps and govern ourselves in our own best interest? Isn't that what government is supposed to be about?

"Yes the previous governments in my country, given the opportunity to spend other peoples money, took advantage and dug a deep hole. A hole so deep that any light from the top is barely discernable.

"If I were standing here and telling you that Greece bears no responsibility for the mess it is in and should suffer no consequences for its actions you could and indeed should boo me off this stage.

"But the time has come for not just Greece, not just the European Union, but the entire world to face some difficult realities.  Firstly we have to recognise that there are powerful, vested interests that are strongly opposed to even articulating the problem, never mind presenting any broad based solutions, precisely because any solutions will entail greatly diminishing their power, wealth and unaccountable authority.

"The ugly little secret is that it is not just Greece that has made economic commitments well beyond its ability to generate the revenue to pay them. And it's not just the rest of the 'Southern Tier' of Europe that is so horribly over burdened with these unpayable debts; IT IS VIRTUALLY EVERY NATION ON THE PLANET!

"Greece takes great pride in being the historical birthplace of democracy. But we must aslo remember that the ancients of Greece had another tradition and lesson for the modern world.  Their world too underwent the turmoil and social instability brought about by the exploitation of the accumulation of unpayable debt.

"Today it is not just families and villages but entire nations that have been reduced to the penury of unpayable debt.  Just as in the time of Solon we need the wisdom to declare unpayable debt not just uncollectable but unjust and their contracts as void.

"If we as a people, sharing a common humanity and a common planet don't come to some means of correcting this great imbalance as civilized men, it will seek to rebalance itself in a spasm of violence that will draw the entire world into economic chaos and eventually war.

"Are those vested interests of whom I spoke really beyond such reasoning? Must they continue to accumulate more wealth and more power for the mere sake of accumulating more wealth and power beyond any measure ever seen in history?

"Sadly much of the political structure of the world has been usurped, purchaced by these very powers. It will take a united world of United Nations to convince them of the folly of continuing down the path that we are on. We ask not for their destruction but for their cooperation in building a world where hard work builds dignity and prosperity for all nations and peoples."

He could have made such a speech but he's either chicken shit or the victim of threats, blackmail and/or intimidation. His cowardice my have condemned us all.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Rot. Part Two

Jefferson spoke of the thee of liberty needing to be watered on occasion with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. Sorry but I'm afraid the tree has rotted and the rot has gone on for too long. Oh the bark is still there and that layer of living tissue just beneath it is hanging on. But the heartwood is worm eaten and has all but lost its ability to support the rest. The 2008 crisis nearly felled it. TPTB shored it up with flimsy supports but the next one will bring it down. In spite of people's hopes,Trump is no tree surgeon, you can't repair a rotted tree. You let if fall of its own weight and destroy everything in its path or you bring it down with some semblance of order, and even that will by its very nature be an act of violence.

The rot has a name and it has spread into every corner of the globe. Its name is debt based money and the hubris that the cure for the disease is more of the disease. The disease festered to the surface in Greece and once again TPTB saw fit to crush political expression and plastered over the sore with another layer of poison. Unfortunately human history has shown that TPTB will sooner drag us into war than dismantle the rot and plant and nourish a new tree.

The American Revolution succeeded because the people already had a long tradition, made necessary by separations of distance and time, of governing their own affairs, both individually and in limited political entities. Every other revolution, from the French to the Russian, has failed. Simply because those basic underpinnings of liberty never existed. Their protagonists may have mouthed the words of liberty and freedom, but they wanted government to give it to them instead of building it for themselves.

Again unfortunately today many Americans have forgotten that the fruits of liberty come from self reliance and a lot of hard work. Sadly Jefferson's "Tree of Liberty" is long since past saving with the blood of tyrants and patriots. New trees must be planted to grow in the hearts of individuals. The question is; can this be done before TPTB drag us into a global conflagration.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Tempest In A Teapot???

Once again the MSM and Republican establishment are reporting the demise of the Trump campaign. This time over his dust up with Megan Kelly and her questions at the debate.

Trump might be crass and certainly has a track record of shooting off his mouth before considering the consequences. None of that changes the fact that FOX news and its stable of talking heads are just as deep in the pockets of the Republican establishment as the NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN cabal is in the pocket of the Democrat party establishment.

Both parties spend a thousand fold more time listening to the Wall Street interests and begging them for cash than they do to any rank and file party member or god forbid public opinion. This has been the standard modis operandi of politics since the turn of the 20th century if not longer.

Well guess what people are sick and tired of it. Their sick and tired of politicians who have for decades told them "I hear you, elect me and we will make some changes," and then as soon as they get to Congress or the Senate they fall right in line with the party establishment and break every promise they made.

So then they begat for themselves the Trump phenomenon. As I said he's crass, he's brash and most certainly impolitic but   that in itself is what has struck a chord - many people don't even like him, but he says what people are thinking.

Trump may be showing himself to be a sexist and the Megan Kelly thing may be over the top. It might even slow him down a bit but I doubt it will derail his campaign. He already took it on head on when he said that neither he nor the country have time for "political correctness". Another instance of striking a note that people want to hear.

If nothing else he is forcing the issue on illegal immigration. People are sick of turning on the TV or the internet and seeing yet another story of a senseless murder and/or rape committed by an some illegal that had been deported time and time again. There sick and tired of Homeland security and ICE dealing with criminal aliens like it was a "catch and release" fishing tournament.

If for all his impolitic behaviour Trump drags the rest of the candidates to the right on immigration and crime, well that can't be a bad thing. If his stance brings the likes of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson closer to the head of the pack and slaps down Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as the contemptible pandering hypocrites they are then that's a good thing too.

If the campaign ends with a Clinton - Bush choice, then that's no choice at all. If it's Rubio, the Clinton machine will eat him alive.  The best possibility for the nation would be for Trump to take one of the three mentioned above and say "You're my choice, here is a shit pile of money, go win this one for the Gipper." I don't think that's going to happen but why not raise the idea?

Either Cruz or Fiorina could go head to head with Clinton and eat he lunch. Carson would be unassailable to the lefts usual racist and belittling tactics.

There's a long time between now and the first caucuses and primary elections.  It's going to be an entertaining election season if nothing else.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ah To Be That Proverbial Fly On The Wall

One of the latest headlines in the New York Times has Jeb Bush warning Donald Trump about appealing to people's fear and angst.  I'd ask if he was serious in that question but I'm having trouble getting past the vision of the collective board of The Council on Foreign Relations with their hand deep in his backsides manipulating his vocal chords to say such utter foolishness.  Thursday's debate will no doubt be filled with a series of such focus group reaserched meaningless platitudes. All coaxed from similarly manipulated and bought and paid for throats.

That said I'm sure the evening will have some entertaining if no surprising moments.  And not just from the Donald. But I can't help but wonder which of the other nine has been designated as the event's Pit Bull. Armed no doubt with a script of what is to be perceived as their own bombast and whatever distorted and or made up tales of Trump's past as can be made to appear credible or at least conceivable.

Flinging poo like a monkey in a zoo with the hope that at least some of it sticks could prove to be the task at hand for one or more of the nine. The others of course will do their best to be seen as holding Trump at arms length and appearing serious and contemplative, if not empty headed.

Will there be a barely perceptible undercurrent of fear of reprisal at the hands of  Mr. Trump and his, it would appear, well versed, opposition research team? Or will that fear be overcome in a manufactured spasm of phony outrage by one or more hungry barracudas trying to make a name for themselves by feeding on Trump's flesh?

Or.... will Trump himself charge into the ring as the designated bull, but shaking off the spears of the picadors and then unload another broadside at the political class.
Out of deep on right field may well come new and unheard of or even uncontemplated (by the othet candidates or their puppet masters) proposals that will force them aback and into the position of having to come up with something, anything not filtered through the CFR or the boards of JP Morgan or Goldman Sacks or any of the other myriad puppet masters who will no doubt be feeding the microphpnes. Watching pathological liars who don't know what lie to tell might be entertaining if not dangerous. Everyone of them will have that little speaker in their ear with staff feeding them notes.

If Trump plays this right he could come out with both another boost in the polls and another round of vitriol from the MSM talking heads.

Bush is right. Trump has appealed to fear and angst.  The fear and angst that the political class has and will sell them out once again. Any flies on the walls Manhattan board rooms come Friday will be getting an ear full. None of it will have anything to do with actually addressing those fears.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Rot Spreads Exponentially

I have an old ash tree in my back yard. When I first bought this house some thirty years ago it was a bifurcated tree, half of which was leaning over the house and presented a "clear and present danger". As such it had to go. Now all these years later the stump is all decayed and gone and the rot has spread to the remaining tree.  Mind you I have not done anything to accelerate the process but neither have I done anything to retard it. So now I  am faced with a difficult and expensive task in removing it.

Such is what we are faced with in our government. We have failed ourselves and our posterity.  We have failed to protect or rights and trusted government a politicians to do it for us. WE HAVE DONE THE VERY THING OUR FOUNDERS WARNED US NEVER TO DO.  So now we are faced with an arduous and expensive task.

The rot in government has gone past that point in the curve where its growth has gone exponential.  Congress passes laws that no one but their campaign contributors want. The President decides which laws will be enforced and which one won't. He uses government agencies for political purposes. Now the Supreme Court has ruled and openly said that words don't mean what they say and their clear intent is meaningless if a mere five people say so. That is not how a republic works and it is certainly so far removed from any concept of a republic or a democracy as to be unrecognisable.

Our politicians and our government are as rotted as that old ash tree.  With that tree I have a choice. I could let it continue to rot until it falls of its own weight, destroying property, taking down power lines and greatly inconviencing all my neighbors or I could do the responsible thing and try to reach some agreement with my neighbors, the power company and my insurance company to share the cost and get it removed properly.

But the rotted tree of government is different because no matter how decayed it becomes the self serving politicians will use its equally corrupted bureaucracies and institutions to prop it up so that they can continue to feed off the remaining heartwood of the productive citizens.

Make no mistakes here, they will not hesitate to use any means of violence they deem necessary to shove their feeding tube down our throats. Small resistance to the center's power to tax and straight up expropriate private property will be met with massive force.

Doubt me? Just look at what happed to the enterprising individual in New York City who commited the horrendous offense of selling individual cigarettes. It being impossible to tax commerce at that level of sale it was of course criminalized. Never mind that that same cigarette already had federal excise taxes, state excise taxes as well as state and local sales taxes attached to it. Those were not only not enough taxes, the act of commerce beyond their reach is deemed a public nuisance so grievous as to warrent a violent arrest and an this cas resistance warrented an instantaneous death penalty!

That the police feel they have nothing better to do and that the District Attorney finds no wrong doing in such murderous, irresponsible actions shows how far the rotted institutions will go to perpetuate themselves. Small children are already being harassed for daring to sell lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. How long before some parent tells the black shirted, skinhead revenuers (and that's what they are) to shove their $500.00 vending permits where the sun doesn't shine and some child gets to witness the police turning them into an orphan right before their eyes?

Clearly such a monster cannot be confronted head on without deadly repercussions.  That does not mean however that it is unassailable.  That feeding tube they are so dependent upon does not go straight to the gaping maw at the top. It must pass by numerous ravenous smaller gullets first along the way. The powers at the top are as dependent upon those intermediate bureaucracies to perform their function of passing on the loot as they are on the loot itself.

The main stream media operates as an integral part of this system. Its status as an independent watchdog of government action had long since disappeared and it now functions more as an Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" than as an honest arbiter of information. As such it is equally vulnerable and deserving of intervention.

Matt Bracken wrote a piece several years ago outlining the glaring vulnerabilities of this tyranny. These vulnerabilities are multiple and integrated. First is the center's dependency on a functional bureaucracy and a compliant Ministry of Truth. Second these systems are of course operated by humans. Thirdly the size and flexibility of the government's security apparatus, while not finite moves and adapts very slowly.

Taken together these vulnerabilities point to how the beast of this government tyranny can be brought to account. In Matt Bracken's fictionalized tale patriotic groups started "terminating with extreme prejudice" members of the news media who were actively perpetuating government propaganda and members of the lower echelons of the bureauctacy.  The bodies, left hanging from bridges on the freeways leading into Washington DC had a chilling effect.  In the story members of the media and various bureaus began demanding protection from the Secret Service and the FBI. The truth in the story and on reality was/is that there simply not enough Secret Service and FBI agents to protect every self servind and self important government employee. Not receiving what they wanted and fearing assassination they simply stayed home and the government ground to a halt and the finger pointing began.

Of course Bracken's story is just that, a story. But that it is out there to be read and contemplated must in itself send chills down the crooked spines of government. Whether or not such conspiracies are in place I do not know.  Perhaps they should be.