Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How We Got A Generation Of Communist Morons Infecting Society

Mussolini himself described fascism as corporatism, harnessing corporate power to the servicing the needs of the state. Given that he was a longtime socialist, raised by radical socialists his fascism was but a modification/evolution of what up to then was pretty much standard European socialist thought.

Rather than having complete state ownership of the means of production, it's owners were brought to comply by two means. The first being direct party/state pressure, i.e. a gun to the head l. The second was social pressure created through propaganda extolling the virtue of cultural and racial unity as an instrument of building the socialist state. This was envisioned as then becoming a collective of "national socialist" states. 

This became the divergence from Marxist Leninism that of course wanted direct state ownership of everything and saw any long existing cultural and national Identity as an obstacle to creating the "international socialist" collective.

That this perspective is not taught in schools is why we have a generation of communist fools and antifa shock troops coming out of our universities.


  1. I agree with you, but even if the edumacators were not all a bunch of hopeless reckless libtard commie scum, how would you go about teaching this perspective in schools, without first returning the entire system to a classical civics curriculum?

    1. Quite simply you play by the left's own rules, only going one step further. The want to declare any and all opinion contrary to theirs "racist" or whatever is their pejorative du jur is. So then we don't declare and if necessary legislate that communism and fascism are politically juxtaposed and defacto crimes against humanity as defined at Nuremberg. And that espousing or teaching them are therefore criminal acts.

    2. Um, your reply tells me how you'd handle it on a legal and social level, but not how to handle it in the classroom. I see what you're saying but I don't see how to go about teaching the perspective on a pedagogical level or on a curriculum level.

      Part of how we got into this mess in the first place was that most conservative folks wanted to do productive work and build real physical things, so we ceded most of the nonproductive work (government, education, media, arts, and other cultural production) to the liberals.

      Ever since then, we've largely limited ourselves to reactively putting out brushfires, telling them what to stop doing, but not telling them what to do instead. In that manner, we've partly facilitated the leftist tendency towards creeping incrementalism.

      That's why I really want to know HOW this perspective should be taught in schools. Quite frankly, I don't think it will be easy to implement, at least not in the public school systems, which no longer teach civics, or rhetoric, or Constitutionalism.

  2. Sure it does. By defining fascism/communism as crimes against humanity and banning the teaching of their rhetoric any philosophy. They should only be allowed mentioning as crimes in MANDATORY civics classes in all levels of schools, primary, middle and highschools.
    By the time there in high school they should be fully prepared to see all the pictures of the piles of corpses from the Nazi extermination and slave labor camps. The piles of dead children starved to death by the Soviets in the Holodomor. The piles of corpses and skulls, blindfolded and shot in the head in Pol Pot's killing fields. By the time they graduate they should all full understand that collectivism, whatever name it goes by is evil incarnate and that the beauty of the American Constitution and Hamilton's and Carey's American System of economics thrives on INDIVIDUALISM and hard work.
    Passing of a civics exam should be made a requirement for admission to any government funded school.


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