Saturday, November 4, 2023

I Don't Know If It's Incompetence Blind To It's Own Corruption Or Corruption Blind To It's Own Incompetence

 All of these cases being brought against President Trump, civil, criminal, state and federal are going to end up before the SCOTUS, and everyone knows it. Love him or hate him they are only going to accomplish two things; keep Trumps name front and center for the duration and demonstrate to the public just how irredeemably corrupt our government has become.

Couple this with the ever increasing evidence of the blatant venality of the Biden family, and by extension the Democrat party that has at best turned a blind eye to it. Historians will either record this as a low point in the course of the republic or the end of the beginning of the for the last great hope for freedom and self determination. 

We are no longer governed by elected representatives but rather ruled by greedy international corporations, faceless bureaucrats and hack politicians who dance to there tune like puppets on a string. Mussolini has won in the end. "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."

I, myself would like to think we can come back from this but at the rate things are going we'll all be lucky to escape nuclear annihilation at worst or a dystopian nightmare of global population and civilizational collapse. Welcome to the land of the "Walking Dead," if you're lucky (??) enough to have survived the inevitable course set by at least two generation of the brain dead fools and hacks.

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