Monday, January 3, 2022

The Calus Lies Of Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts fake Indian Senator Elizabeth Warren recently sent a letter demanding that several large grocery chains should not be raising prices in the face of rising inflation and decreasing availability of supplies but maintain existing prices and give employees higher wages instead. She of course doesn't mention that it's policies she supports that have created the problems. She simply spouts off  accusing the corporations of being more concerned about for the stock holders and executive pay. 

This letter of course hits all the typical leftist pandering talking points one would expect from someone gearing up for a presidential run. Namely that they ignore basic and long established economic realities.

Our phony Indian leaves two important facts out of her posturing rant. 

One. Corporate executives are also stock owners in the companies.

Two. Following prescription would drive down profits and along with them stock prices and return on investment on those stocks. This would further depress the stock price and increase the costs of borrowing for operating and expansion capital as lone rates are often driven by stock price, return rates and how quickly loans can be rolled or repaid. This would inturn further depress profits and stock prices and create a downward spiral that could only be reversed by stabilizing through raising prices and or closing stores. 

She won't ask and certainly doesn't want you to ask, how does putting workers on the street helps them or how forcing customers to drive further to find a store helps them, especially as gas prices continue to climb.

Warren might be a phony but she's not a stupid phony. She know how capitalism and stock pricing works. She just doesn't like it but won't directly say it lest she be labeled as the not so closeted communist she is.

She cares little about workers or economics. She cares about her political relevance, her agenda and power and little else.

The fake Indian loves to rail against the power of big corporations, that provide the actual goods and services a healthy economy and society needs to function, but has no problem with big tech companies controlling and bending the political discourse in her favor.

Ask yourself what you need more, which one could YOU do without and which ones are political hacks the likes of Warren dependent upon:

1. Twatter, Fakebook etc.  OR

2. Food, electricity, gasoline?


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  1. Policies of shitheels like warren that devalue the currency are responsible for the problem of inflation, not companies that heartlessly try to make a profit in order to stay in business & continue to provide jobs for those who actually DO SOMETHING for a living.
    Such a fucking tool.


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