Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Dawn of the Dead!

Hamas recently put on a display of "victims of Israeli aggression" releasing video "proof" of lined up corpses under burial shrouds.

Watch as the dead twitch in their discomfort at being laid out an a hard floor.  If Hamas's claims about the numbers of dead were even 1/10 of what they say there would be absolutely no need for such blatant fabrications.  What psychopathic murderers lie?  Who'd of thunk?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ukraine: Obama Doing The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons

Look I know I am in a small majority on this issue but……  trying to judge this conflict or any conflict or assign motives from within the vacuum of contemporary events is folly.  We would not judge the events in Gaza solely on the basis on what has transpired since Israel withdrew from Gaza and Hamas took control.  So why then judge the events in Ukraine on the sole basis of Obama or John Kerry’s meddling? 

The Ukrainian struggle for freedom from Russian oppression is centuries old and only finally found its fulfillment in the collapse of the Soviet Union. They now see that long sought freedom threatened but 25 years later. They are no more inclined to roll over and play dead for Putin's aggression than were the newly independent Americans in 1812.

To possibly condemn the Ukrainian peoples to the return of Russian oppression simply because the Obama administration is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons would be a disservice to reason, history, the Ukrainian people and human dignity. Think carefully and learn the history before jumping to conclusions based upon distaste for the current occupant of the White House.

As I have said before peoples that have suffered generations of murder and oppression, caught in the middle of their more powerful neighbors geo-political power games and wars don’t often develop or even have the opportunity to develop sophisticated political institutions capable of getting beyond a centuries old cultural hatred.

That does not mean they should be denied the opportunity to develop over time the political sophistication we expect of our own institutions just because our political leadership has abandoned those very qualities and we deeply resent them for it.

I very much doubt Obama and his minions either know or care that supporting Ukrainian independence and territorial integrity is the right thing to do, largely because they are doing it for the wrong reason of trying to promote, extend and maintain the FED’s and the City of London’s financial hegemony over both Ukraine and Russia.



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Humanitarian Crisis or Cossack's Revenge?

So how is it that as soon as  the politically incorrect side approaches success in a military confrontation, be it in Gaza or Ukraine, the losing side and their external supporters start squealing about a humanitarian crisis?

The latest headline is that Ukrainian military forces have effectively surrounded Donetsk, the "capital" of the so-called Donetsk Peoples Republic and are responding to requests for a ceasefire by essentially telling the rebels "Sure, surrender and we'll stop shelling."

After 200 some years of brutal cultural supression and having been driven from their homelands by mass starvation and mass deportations only to see ethnic Russians moved into their homes to fill the void apparently the Cossacks are in no mood to have the very lands themselves stolen as well.

The Russians and the world in general has forgotten that the Cossacks (Ukrainians) have a long history as some of the most fierce and fearsome warriors.  Or maybe Putin and company do remember and don't want to commit to a full scale military confrontation for fear of getting a very bloody nose and perhaps having troops say "no thanks" to deeper involvement as happened with the Russian's debacle in Afghanistan that ultimately brought down the Soviet Union.

Could it be that there remains a disiplinary weakness in the Russian military that Putin does not want exposed to the rest of the world?  Historically the most feared "Russian" units going back to the time of the Czars were actually Ukrainian Cossacks.  A claim that they may no longer be able to make.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Imagine......

....... if Hamas and the other various hate filled factions in Gaza channeled all that money, energy and logistical effort that they put into building rockets and digging tunnels, buying arms and teaching their children to hate Jews for the sake of hating Jews into say, imitating the Israelis by making the desert bloom with farms to feed their people and manufacturing something that the rest of the world would want to buy from them. Giving them jobs and hope for the future and the futures of their children.

But instead they consider their children as military assets to be used and sacrificed in endless wars and squandering the billions of dollars that the world has given them on corruption and arms and fostering hatred.  They then complain to that same world "Look we have nothing, and the Jews have everything, but only because they stole it from us!"  Meanwhile hundreds if not thousands of Palestinian sick and injured are treated in Israeli hospitals, tons of food, medical supplies and household goods flow from Israel into Gaza every week.  Thousands of Palestinians seek and are given jobs in Israeli industry, farms and construction.

As long as the so-called leaders of the Palestinians and the Arab world at large remain committed to enriching themselves and keeping the rest of their people focused on a centuries old blood feud, nothing will change and the suffering, war and death will continue.  As long as they, and I'm speaking of the Palestinian leaders here, as long as they continue to teach their children that loving death more than their enemies love life is more important than loving their children and building a prosperous future for them, they will remain little more than crude barbarians in the truest sense of the word.

T.E. Lawrence was right nearly a hundred years ago when he concluded that true progress for the Arab was all but impossible as long as they remained tribal in nature and their leaders continued to perpetuate and manipulate that social structure for their own exclusive benefit.