Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unto US A Child Is Born...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Butthurt Hypocrisy.

Carl Palidino, New York developer and former gubanitorial candidate has made a remark about his anxiousness to see Michelle Obama out of the White House and returning to a group of gorillas in the wilds of Africa. Naturally this produced the predictable reactions from the butthurt, intolerant left. Including the expected calls for his resignation from what ever public boards he sits on (without compensation no doubt) and he's general ostricsization from society in general.

This is of course just another continued demonstration of the very nature of the crybaby intolerant left. How dare anyone, especially a Republican essentially tell the Obsmas not to let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. I seem to recall all kinds of clamoring for the Bush family to move out early so Obama could be sworn in early and "get to work fixing W's mess".

Well apparently there are a great many voters who feel the same way about the disasters left in Obama's wake. We don't however see any calls for accelerating the Constitutional process, no matter how many times the Democrats and their clueless operatives have tried and failed to subvert it.

But seeing as all this wailing and nashing of teeth is just a part of the crybaby snowflake's general nature, maybe they could find a way to make a productive contribution for a change. How about gathering all the salts from those dried tears and contribute them to the NY State Transportation Department to spread on the roads this winter. I'm sure the Govoner would be greatfull for the budget relief it would provide. But then I'm also sure that at least one of you would demand the state perform an Environmental Impact Statement before it used any salts obtained from "non-traditional sources", no doubt quadrupling any cost savings the state might have got from your contribution.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Adventures In Butthurtedness

Now that a Federal judge has reversed their previous ruling he has brought an end to the left's vain, fruitless and hopes of overturning the results of last month's election.

This of course means we should prepare for a new round of wailing, nashing of teeth and general butthurtedness and blatant hypocrisy that they will remain completely oblivious to.

After every election that the Democrats win we get a plethora of stories extolling the virtues and wisdom of the American voters. In 2008 we were all told that Barack Obama was going to transform America into a some sort of "post racial" utopian future. Now eight years later we have more poverty than ever, more racial violence than has been seen since the 1970's, and all those wonderfully wise and virtuous voters are suddenly deplorable, irredeemable, soulless and hateful, racist misogynists.

That indeed is indeed quite the transformation. Don't however expect anyone on the left to do any self analysis or draw any conclusions that those that have been leading the government for the past eight years might be responsible. Even Hillary herself asked "Why aren't I ahead by fifty points...?"

We can all expect the cluelessness to continue and for the left to double down on the "fake news" meme. Although it will most assuredly get irritating and we shouldn't hesitate to call them out for their pernicious lies but we should also be prepared to enjoy their flummoxing and fumbling for the great entertainment value it will no doubt provide. The reaction to Trump's nomination of Oklahoma State Attorney General Dan Override to head the EPA is a great example. He was immediately condemned by one leftist rag as "an existential threat to the planet." I kid you not this stuff is going to get hilarious.