Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Typical Lefist Exposes Their Inner Fascist.

I recently had the following exchange on the McClatchy news site with a California leftist anti-gun zealot.  She became upset apparently when I said that if she lived next door to me I'd put up a sign declaring that my home was protected by a legal, trained and proficient fire arms owner but that my neighbor's was not and that I further promised not to use my legally owned weapons to protect them no matter how loud they screamed.  She responded by saying that if she were my neighbor she would seek to unleash any and all possible means of legal harassment upon me.  I then asked if she would then get as obnoxious with the police (name calling and other such verbal abuse) as she does with anyone with whom she disagrees on the board, when they told her to stop filing false reports.  I further asked her to let me know, if she could, as I would like to set up bleachers and sell refreshments to watch the show that would be created by her confrontation with a bunch of cops who were as emotionally stunted as she is. 

She goes by the handle gmartini on Disqus, I go by FVS

gmartini:  "Hamilton:  (she calls me that because of my self declaration as a Hamiltonian Constitutionalist another concept she has yet to grasp.)  Do you really believe that the police is (sic) who handles code violations and regulations? No---in my city, we call building inspectors, code enforcement, parking enforcement, nuisance (which you are) abatement, etc---If I lived next door to you or even near you, you could expect, without a doubt, that any and all of these agencies would be all over your lying behind. But, this is all moot. I would never live in some forsaken RED State and you would not live in CA...so moot!"  (Forgive her her bad syntax even though she is one of that boards spelling and grammar Nazis.  Every board has at least one.)

This was my response

FVS:  "Congratulations! So then you are indeed (and I'll include stingray68 in this as he endorsed your little rant) a perfect example of the classic, textbook, leftwing fascist who would use the power of the state to suppress free speech and contrary opinion and incarcerate those you don't like for political reasons.  In other words you are the very antithesis of what being an American means. 

"They say confession is good for the soul but I've never heard of a repentant fascist.

"Whereas the classical liberal would quote Voltaire; "I disagree with what you say sir, but I would defend to my death your right to say it."  You then display all the traits of the fascist who falls right in line with the theme of the 1934 Nazi Party convention; "We Command the State!"  You epitomize Joseph Goebbels statement "We came to power legally in order to gain the possibility of acting illegally."

"In fact I'm going to quote your post and this response in a new post at the top (both here and repeatedly) so any and all can see that a typical leftist really is a despicable fascist.  You will stand convicted (just like the Nazis) by the words out of your very own mouth."

She can count on me following up as I can (and will be) relentless in my hatred and exposure of fascists and what they really are.


  1. And here I was so looking forward to having you post a cogent thought or two that might even lead to some sembelance of a civil dialog. But then maybe that was a vain hope. I would freely extend the olive branch but I doubt it would be received with anything but acrimony But then if that is all that might be expected they will be quiclly expelled.

  2. Seems that someone peed in your anonymous poster's cornflakes this morning.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment Johnny McDonald.

    Like with all fascist cockroaches the best disinfectant is the bright sunlight of truth. This is how they work. Once you get them angry by exposing their ignorance they can’t help revealing their inner hatreds. They may think that they are being clever by trying to hide it with sarcasm and deflection, but it is never much more than a very thin veneer. You can then scratch right through it by tying their actions directly to the actions and words of their not so illustrious predecessors. This only multiplies their rage and brings out not simply more of the usual name calling but what for them seems to be the final insult; that you (for the crime of exposing their inner fascist)are in need of deep psychological care. They suddenly transform their persona from that of rhetorical rock throwing street thug to that of the oh so wise and concerned psychiatrist. This is just as phony as the rest of their twisted personalities and is no different than the tactics of their other favorite group, the communists who confined their enemies by the millions in "psychiatric hospitals" because their only crimes were ones of non-conformity, “not thinking (agreeing) properly.”

    Ultimately this one is like all other leftist fascists; they have swallowed the big lie that fascism is a product of the right for so long that it is like a cyst embedded in their liver. Then someone like your humble correspondent comes along and with a little truth and slices that cyst open, all that putrid bile comes spilling out, and they can’t help but end up exposing what pathetic little hate filled people they really are. And that is my goal, to tear away they phoniness of liberal altruism and expose their inner hate filled monsters for all to see.

  4. As I said earlier, projection is one of the tactics of the failing fascist argument. Pretending to possess expertise in areas where they have no training in is but another way of trying to deflect from their own defective though process.

    My only "compulsion" is with exposing leftwing fascists as the despicable, loathsome, sanctimonious, bottom feeders that they are.

    It doesn't take a genius to see that they never construct a rational argument in defense of their positions. (Really how does one defend personal animosity that has risen to the level of irrational hatred?) All they really try to do is deflect by creating false constructions of the object or person that their hatred has become focused upon. The last thing they want to due is turn their analysis inward, as they fear what they will find is just those things what we loath and find so contemptuous in them.

    All one needs note is the startling similarity between the iconic propaganda of the Nazi as directed at the Jews in the 1930s and 40s and that of the Palestinians, Hamas, etc. today. The later has simply been copied from the former in both form and substance and imagery. In short there is no tolerance in the "tolerant" left. Only an excess of hatred and bile that knows no bounds once spilled out and exposed.

    They are totalitarians in any interpretation of the word. To them their world vision is complete and there is to be no deviation. Any who dare disagree will be condemned as "criminals" and persecuted and prosecuted as such or judged as mental defectives to be confined to the re-education camps. That such methods are identical to those of both the Nazi and the Communists does not even cross there conscience, as is most likely as fascists and or communists they have none.


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