Thursday, November 21, 2019

Seriously REO Speedwagon Needs To Sue Adam Schiff

These hearings have become analogous to both the Hillary campaign and cat chaceing a laser pen video.
Firstly in that they've tried to stack the rules entirely in their favor they still keep coming up with the short end of the stick.
Secondly in that there is certainly a measure of entertainment in watching a cat chase laser beam and in the schadenfreude of knowing that cat will never catch it.

Most people have a limited stomach for crybaby sore losers and even the most entertaining cat video can only hold an audience's attention for two or three times though the loop.

Wednesday demonstrated the entire process in a nut shell. After a o three page self serving and ambiguous opening statement followed by numerous leading questions, Schiff and his minions were once again certain that they had finally caught Trump. Schiff couldn't wait to go into recess and get his face in front of the news cameras to declare victory. The bombshell has finally gone off! For the 347th time! And of course ABCNNBCBS et al were already repeating the aria even before the recess began. Egar as they are to prove that there is no unconsidered consequence they aren't willing to ignore in pursuit Donald Trump's head.

Today's story ended with the second act, comprised of Republicans cross examining the Ambassador and clarifying the ambiguities to reveal that all he really had were presumptions built from the same kind of hearsay after hearsay we had been hearing since the Schiff show started.

But I guess we don't need to worry for the Schiff show never ends. Well not until it become a matter of "will the last person on stage turn off the laser and take the cat home with them please."

This Vindman shit is seriously fucked up.

The job offer from Ukraine pretty clearly shows in who’s national interest Ukraine thought Vindman was operating. It should have been revealed to his commanding officer IMMEDIATELY and led to serious questions about where his loyalties actually do lay including a polygraph examination. If he did report it to his superiors as he claimed he did and they failed to follow up should at the very least raise questions about their competence if not loyalties. If he didn't report the offer it constitutes a deriliction of duty and should trigger an immediate article 32 hearing. 

The fact that he holds dual citizenship should have disqualified him from having any dealings with Ukraine or US policy as regards Ukraine. This is such an obvious conflict of interest even a blind man could see it. Not only should he be removed from the NSC but anyone associated with placing him there should face demotion and transfer to the most out of the way, inconsequential job possible. This shit is  seriously fucked up.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Who Is Going To Win This Struggle And What Happens When They Do?

It should be pretty clear by now to most everyone that there is a monumental struggle going on in our country right now. The outcome of that struggle will determine whether the United States permanently sinks into becoming a full fledged empire controlled and operated but the Praetorian Guards of the bureaucratic establishment, the deep state if you prefer, or if We The People again becomes our guiding principle and the decisions of the voters actually do matter in regards to the policy directions of the nation. Is the President elected by the people to remain the true chief executive of the nation as defined by the Constitution or is he to become a mere figure head following the dictates of an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy?

This question is no longer one of  idle speculation. The possibility of violent civil unrest if not a civil war is becoming a real possibility. Our nation and people have not been so divided and suspicious of each other since the upheavals leading up to the War Between The States in the mid 19th century. That war surrounded the freeing of people held in slavery. The issue was pretty much cut and dried. Were we all to be people with the God given rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Bill of Rights or not? The coming struggle is going to be between those who still believe in those founding principles, that the people are the Masters of the state and those who wish to make the state the master of men, locking us all into thes slavery of dependence and blind obedience.

There is nothing new about this struggle. Dwight Eisenhower warned us of its coming in his farewell address. (I would strongly encourage any and all to watch it)1 Like him or not many remain convinced that John Kennedy's assassination was driven by his openly challenging the power of CIA and Federal Reserve Bank, the very engines of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of. The two most important directives Kennedy launched were the very first ones that were scrapped or simply ignored by the Johnson administration. Kennedy had ordered the Treasury Dept. to issue US NOTES that were completely outside the control of the Fed's debt machine, and he had begun discussions with Gen. Douglas MacArthur on how to best extricate the US from the growing disaster in Southeast Asia. Later telling members of the Joint Chiefs who were encouraging greater US deployments, "Convince General MacArthur and you'll convince me." After his assassination the Treasury Note program, which was intended solely for funding technological development i.e. NASA and infrastructure development and repair, was immediately shelved and the further issuance of US NOTES was halted. 2  Shortly thereafter we got the fabricated from confusion "Gulf of Tonkin Incident"3 which became the justification for expanding the war in Vietnam.4 The death machines of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned us of kicked into high gear. Now nearing 60 years and over 50,000 dead Americans later we still suffer from the scars of that war.

Today the conflict manifests itself in the open insurrection of the bureaucratic state against another President who wants to end the cycle of American involvement in endless wars that serve no discernible American interest, seeks to create relations with hostile nations based on communication rather than conflict and confrontation and worse still, dares to communicate directly with the American people and refuses to have his message filtered through a media system that serves as nothing more than a mouth piece for the CIA and is cousins in the alphabet soup of civilian intelligence operations.

That this President continues to draw huge crowds and is growing his support base only angers the bureaucracy and makes them more determined to not just destroy him but subjugate what they consider as "the great unwashed" to their will.

As it stands right now the visible part of this conflict remains in the political arena and focused on the impeachment charade which is nothing more than a continuation of the Russian collusion charade. The impeachment vote wasn't about impeachment, it was about trying to create and control the narrative of a President "struggling under the weight of investigations" and riding that narrative to a political victory in 2020 as they rode the "unanswered questions" of the Russian collusion/obstruction narrative to a majority in the House in 2018. The underlying desire is not so much a political victory but to maintain the ever thinning veneer of democracy shielding the bureaucrats pulling the levers of power.

The real danger will come when this coup attempt fails as the last one did and the President in turn rides that to a second term. Will they ramp up their idiot shock troops of antifa and the Black Lives Matter to foment even more street violence, chaos and assaults on the basic freedoms that underpin ours and any free republic? Will they unleash there thinly veiled alliance with Islamist agents of chaos to conduct attacks against Synagogues and Churches as is already accruing in Europe and particularly in France? Or will they go straight to the "Kennedy option"?

What ever they do they are not going to stop their assaults on the President as chief executive, the concepts of constitutional self-government and Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. You are not going to hear Nancy Pelosi say "Oh well we lost this time, we'll try again next time." Your not going to see the bureaucracy return to serving the policy directives of the President and the public like they are supposed to. Such is anathema to their nature and there ingrained vision as all knowing masters over the masses who they regard as subjects rather than citizens.

A certain candidate who shall remain nameless was the test case for seeing how far they can apply pressure to destroy the second amendment. He may have failed but that doesn't mean that pressure is going to stop. It will just move to other channels and operatives.

They may do their best to remain nameless and faceless but they are human and as with all humans they have fears. And their greatest fear is now as it always has been for tyrannies, an enraged and armed public willing to act. In addition they are possessed of a great many insecurities as to just how willing to act the junior officers, NCOs and non commissioned ranks of the military will be if instructed to turn against the very kind of people and communities many if not most of them come from.

Whatever happens there is not going to be any returning to "the old normal" as what is being foisted on the public as " the new normal" already has a lot of people pretty angry. The stand off at the Bundy Ranch was a precedent they wish to avoid. They would much rather see us all go quietly into dependence and servitude and if not go the way of way of Ruby Ridge or Waco Texas.

Decision time is coming like it or not. Will we heed Jefferson's warning that "A government powerful enough to give you everything you want, is also powerful enough to take everything you have."Or will we be forced into acting on his other warning that "The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike."