Friday, August 14, 2020

Why I Have Come To Loath Professional Athletes,

Organized sports, from professional to the local American Legion leagues is an integral part of supporting and participating in our local communities. Our anamosities were directed at the teams of other cities as friendly rivalries. Nobody cared cared what race or color or where they came from. They very last thing we cared about, wanted to know or even gave a passing thought to was what their politics were. Neither did we care or think about what the politics of our fellow fans was. They were fellow supporters of our guys, playing for our team against those hated rivals from across the town or across the country. That's all that mattered. It a freaking game, and we loved it as such because we played them as kids or we simply loved to watch the competition. A good play was a good play because it was a good play not because it was made by a black guy or a white guy or a brown or yellow guy. We had no problem with meritocracy in sports. We went to the ballpark, arena or stadium because we wanted to see our guys play and win. They were as the should be, neutral ground for everything except beating the other team.

But now all that of has ruined. Destroyed beyond repair by bunch of selfish assholes who think they have the right to not just shove their politics in everybody's face but also demand that everyone, fellow players and fans alike agree with them or risk being called a racist and or being cancelled in social media. Some people have even been fired from their jobs because they dare speak their minds in disagreement even over the smallest of points. They have destroyed our affection for "our" guys, but our affection for the games themselves. The fans are staying away in droves not just from the venues where they are played but also from the TV broadcasts of them. If they think the owners will continue to pay their outrageous salaries in the face of declining ticket sales and shrinking ad revenue they might want to think again, but they won't. So they will get the layoff notices like millions of other Americans, except they will blame it on a racism that doesn't exist.

The "black lives matter" movement has become like a religious cult. A cult possessed of an all seeing eye that is in endless search for things to be offended by and people to condemn and destroy. If you have lived a life or even had an ancestor that fails to meet their definition of what is politically proper you are subject to condemnation. Even for things you have no control over. Worse yet, like in the worst of religious cults, for the "transgressor" there is and can never be any forgiveness or absolution no matter what. The question is, will the rest of us have the courage and gumption to fight back. It is the left that has declared us their enemy and that we and anything we hold dear must be destroyed simply because they say so.

But then that is what this is about. It's not about the right to protest or express an opinion. It's about destroying yet another aspect of life that is and sould be a model for and an expression of what's good and what has been accomplished in and by the great American melting pot. It's about giving voice and power to those who would be an American Pol Pot if given the chance.

Open your eyes people. The "Fourth Turning" is upon us. America's 80 year cycle of crisis has come again. We have successfully overcome them before, albeit only after paying a terrible price. What the cost will be this time is yet to be determined. These forces of destruction are determined that this struggle will be fought whether we want it or not. The question is, will the rest of us muster the courage to not just fight back but destroy them and the vile collectivist oppression they stand for?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Is The Black Vote Going To Crush Biden?

In 2016 Trump garnered a larger percentage of the black vote than either of the Bush clan Presidents and this was a significant element in Trump's victory of the Hildabeast. It wasn't just that HRC was such an awful candidate who was arrogant in her assumption of victory and a monolithic black vote.

Trump's appeal to blacks of "What have you got to lose?" clearly stuck a cord with many blacks who saw not just 8 years of Obama doing little to nothing to improve their lot, but 30 years of black Democrats enriching themselves while spreading little but crumbs in the communities they claimed to represent.

Is 2020 going to be different? You bet it is! In 2016 there wàs black support for Trump but it was not especially vocal or out front about it for fear of ridicule by the black establishment. In 2020 there are a great many more blacks who have come out of the closet so to speak. And for everyone that is now openly supporting Trump there will be even more who will simply make their feelings known only in the voting booth.

The unspoken fact is that even a 3% to 5% shift on the black vote will doom the Demonrats. We know it, the Demonrats know it and the world is going to know it come Nov.

The other factor that the Demonrats are going to have to dig out from under is that they took the house in 2018 on the basis of a lie. They and the news media had pounded the Russia collision drum from the moment he took office. Subsequent events have show it to have been not just a lie but also a corrupt conspiracy that used the machines of government to attack political opponents. I have little doubt that there is a good percentage of those who voted on that basis who don't like being lied to, specially by politicians, and will vote this year on the basis of their anger at being lied to.

It's not going to be a Reganesque landslide for Trump but it will be, I think, a significant loss for the Demonrats. Otherwise we may as well begin carving the tombstone for the American experiment, because the left is determined to destroy it once and for all.