Saturday, June 3, 2017

Right On Cue.

Faced with unfavorable reactions from across the political and social spectrum, Kathy Griffin issued the standard non-apology apology and then fell back to the tried and true leftist tactic, playing the victim card.

Like all self-righteous, self-important leftists, Griffin doesn't think the old tried and true axiom that "actions have consequences" should apply to her. Similarly she not bright enough to think there are such things as unintended consequences.

So today we were treated to a performance and don't kid yourself this was nothing but a performance. On could argue that crocodile tears, self pity and blaming everyone but yourself we're raised to an art form at Griffin's press conference but we've seen it all before. In fact Hillary has had this particular show on the road since last November. Nobody with any common sense is buying it from Hillary and were sure not going to buy from a nobody like Kathy Griffin.

So Kathy, I hope you enjoy your long, well deserved and self-created oblivion. Just be prepared for all those high profile lawyers to desert you when the money runs out. I doubt you have the money or the pull to fight off the Trump family lawyers once they set their sites on you.

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