Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Reasonable Reaction.

It seems that President Duterte of the Philippines is a practical, if hard and profane man and Democrats are the Sam old emotional cripples who are hell bent on ignoring  realities no matter how ugly.

After a recent speech regarding his having declared martial law in southern Mindanao to fight the ongoing ISIS insurgency one would be Democrat inheritor by the name of Chelsea Clinton took exception to his saying that he would take personal responsibility for any misdeeds they might commit in what has essentially become a war zone.

When Chelsea reacted with the usual feminist, women's rights crap Duterte quickly responded by asking her where was her reaction when her father was "fucking Monica Lewinsky in the White House?"

As is to be expected of cowards Chelsea quickly ran away and the left is condemning Duterte as an "dangerous extremist". Nevermind the continued and increasing frequency, violence and depravity of the Islamic assault on Western Civilization, their tune never changes.

Unless and until these political elites find themselves directly suffering the consequences of their perfidious political correctness and appeasement they will continue to sell their souls for the hope of political power over the rest of us. They will continue to hide behind their gated walls and security details. Suffering and death is for us little people not the self important political and social elites.

Apparently President Duterte is not going to wait for ISIS to spread their violence further and is going to treat the insurgency for what it is, a war directed at the nation and people of the Philippines. The horrors of the fascist Japanese occupation is still within the living memory of many Philippinos. Why would they want to risk repeating that  horror story? I for one say good for him. No war has ever been won by talking to the enemy or appeasing them for cynical and partisan political gain.

As long as Europe's and our own political hacks, and that term is being gracious, continue down the path of appeasing the Islamic fascists they will only grow bolder and more barbaric. At our very peril these morons would have us forget that is the very definition of terrorism.

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