Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wasting Time On Twitter Wars When Real War is Upon Us.

While a Twitter war between President Trump and the mayor of London serves no good purpose for either the UK or the US, Sadiq Kahn needs to remember his place. He might be the mayor of a European capital, that status in relation to the Presidency of the United States is still pretty lowly. As far as his saying that our President's State visit should be cancelled he ought to just shut his goat munching mouth. Mayor's don't set State policy or conduct foreign relations.

Does this rug sucking piece of shit really think anyone has forgotten that it was he who has said both that terrorist attacks are "Just a part of living in big cities..." and that this latest slaughter was "no reason to be concerned."

 As far as I'm concerned this piece of human excrement makes Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our time." statement look like pure genius. Sadiq's peace is spelled piece, as in pieces of Londoners scattered around on the streets. If it had been up to me my Twitter response to him would not have been so polite as to say he was "making up pathetic excuses." I would have sent a private message to PM May asking "Why haven't the heads of Scotland Yard and MI5 been fired for shear incompetence in not arrested for negligent homicide?" I'd further ask "Why hasn't Kahn been charged with aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy?"

The UK has declared it's independence from the European mainland so now they had better realize that Islam has long since declared war on Britain and they damn well better start fighting back with something approaching the earnestness their grandfather's had in fighting against the Nazis or within a decade if not less there won't be any Britain left except in the history books.

The British at prayer in the midst of the destruction 
of the Blitzkrieg. Where is that British fortitude
today?  We all need to hope and pray they can
find it again, for all our sakes.
Do our President and the American people really want us to be in a position analogous to that of Britain in the dark days of 1940 and '41? Dodging the almost nightly bombing raids and praying that the fascists didn't come storming across the Channel the next day?

We saved the Brits' asses twice before when the threat of destruction was still on the other side of the English Channel. Unfortunately it seams that now, with the fascist murders in their midst, many Brits don't even have the courage to fight for their own survival.

When I read the story of the people lying on the floor of that restaurant all but waiting to be slaughtered, where one individual was video recording what may have been their last moments on Earth and another man shouted out "Fuck these Muslim scum!" and he then came under immediate rebuke for swearing at these heinous murders my heart sank. It sank even farther as I read of Tweets supporting the man who had rebuked him, saying how he had "retained his dignity" by doing so.

How in the world can anyone think that there is dignity in cowering in oh so polite fear when facing getting your throat cut or you head cut off by demented vicious murderers who want to kill you for killings sake? Why can't these people understand that the only dignity in such as case is in standing up and fighting back even in the face of certain death? Just what the hell is wrong with a government that tells its own people that the best response to these attacks is "Run, hide and call."?

The only sound I hear coming from across the pond is that of their own "Greatest Generation" groaning and turning over in their graves. I can only imagine how betrayed those that still survive must feel.

The ass lifters seem to be the only ones praying in
the UK and they sure as hell aren't praying for
the salvation of what's left of a once great people.
Just what combination of perfidious self-deception and wanton complacency is it that drives so many people to not see that this is clash of civilizations not seen since the Gates of Vienna 335 years ago. Just what will it take for these people to see that as far as the Islamists are concerned the current invasion of the West is but a continuation of that same conflict and that their goal have not changed at all?

I know that for far too many Christianity is now somehow passé. But as it stands they had better start praying to our forgotten and neglected Father because he may be all that remains standing between them and their destruction AND damnation. Their government and politicians sure don't seem  a to be. They may not have the moral or intellectual fortitude to pray for their own survival but I won't let that stop me from praying for them. I can only hope that that my prayers do some good and that a merciful God can open their eyes to what terrible fate may await them both in this world and the next.

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  1. Well said Sir. I do hope the British people have the umption to save their country. They have unnecessarily given away too much.


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