Monday, June 12, 2017

It All Grows More Than A Bit Tedious And Predictable. But It Remains Dangerous For The President.

Having been both sorely disappointed and newly outraged that ex-Director Comey didn't drag Donald Trump's bleeding corpse into the Senate hearing room, the left is now embarked on pursuing even the most absurd of notions as if to try and prove him guilty of something by either ignoring recent example or crude simplistic analogy to a 400 year old fictional play. I kid you not.

I've been through the the desert on a source with no name!
The flesh of the Democrats may be rotted away but the bones
remain alive and deadly like some take of Odysseus.
News was released today that the Attorneys General of both Maryland and the District of Columbia are filing suit claiming that Donald Trump's businesses receiving money under legally executed contracts from foreign entities constituted a "conflict of interest" that they of course want the courts to interpret for them as an impeachable offense.

Never mind of course the millions if not billions of dollars the Clintons pocketed from everyone from the poor storm ravaged citizens of Haiti, to Kremlin linked Russian banks, to every corrupt and xenophobic Muslim Potentate between the Pillars of Hercules to Straits of Oman. Nope, no collusion or influence peddling involved there. "Move along folks there's nothing to see here."

The latest desperation play is of course a real play being put on for the public in New York City, casting President Trump as Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". I have not seen it and I don't need to look for it on YouTube to confidently predict that the assassination scene is unduly graphic beyond anything that could be ascribed to the Bard's metaphor and that Mark Antony's "I come to bury Caesar not to praise him" speech will either be absent or distorted beyond any recognition. With CNN praising it as "A masterpiece" you know it's complete garbage. Those idiots haven't got anything right in the last two years. They couldn't figure out two plus two equals four if you counted it out for them on their own fingers. What next? "MacBeth" with Kelly Anne and Ivanka as two of the three witches and Hillary as he ghost of murdered King Duncan?

That brings us to the "never Trump" neocon pretenders over at "The Weekly Standard". Their latest line of presumptuous assault is to serve up the goings on inside the White House as President Trump vs. the Trump Administration along with a side a side dish of "Many insiders prefer Pence."

All of these dispicable creatures would be giddy as school girls after getting laid for the first time if they could actually find some albatross to hang around the President's neck. Short of that and in the meantime they will be satisfied with creating phony controversy after phony controversy. Anything and everything to manufacture salacious headlines and to try and distract the President from the pursuit of his agenda.

Traitors are real.  They think of no one but themselves
and they have been around since the dawn of man.

If I could give the President some advice it would be for him to be wary of his advisers, especially anyone who hasn't been with him since well before the Republican convention. As his enemies become more desperate and frustrated with their impotence they will not be beyond finding an insider to manufacture evidence, entrap him with a secretly recorded conversation and even be prepared to take the fall of a prison sentence in exchange for a large enough bribe into an untraceable off shore account. They are even capable of entrapment and blackmail to force the creation of an unwilling but weak-minded Quisling. There is no Machiavellian plot that they will not consider. These are not redeemable souls we are dealing with. The President might even be better off dealing with the devil himself. At least he would know who he is right up front.

He's there already​. I dare say even more than one.
You can bet they are discussing where, when and how
they are going to serve the President up for dinner.
To drain the swamp he should be prepared to start
inside the gates of the White House.

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  1. First on my list to go would be Rinse My Penis. He's much too close to Ryan and Ryan was a no show during the campaign. I know Trump has to make nice with our "leadership" in Congress but the fact is he's being slow walked. The TPTB don't want change. Things were running just fine before Trump and they believe all they need to do is run out the clock.


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