Thursday, June 29, 2017

Incompetence, Arrogance Or Just Plain Old Stupidity. Take Your Pick

The MSM, CNN in particular, has been feeling a bit perplexed of late. Oh hell let's be frank about it. They've got their nuts in a vice and they don't like the squeeze they're feeling. It doesn't matter that they are the ones that put them in there and it's they who with their persistent lying that keeps turning the handle.

Reaching a point of desperation they're now claiming that President Trump calling them out for the lying sacks of shit that they are is making them feel threatened. How laughable.

They're like the mugger who got their ass whipped by their would be victim and now plead to the judge that if the victim would have just handed over his wallet nobody would have been hurt never mind facing charges. They're not sorry for their lies. They're sorry they got caught telling them.

Almost as soon as Donald Trump won his first primary race, in spite of the media saying it would never happen, his supporters have faced not just threats but very real violence and assaults and even bloody beat downs.

All through this, the MSM has either played these assaults as nothing serious at best or simply refused to cover them at worst. It's these same assholes who have been carrying water for the DNC that have been ginning up the violent rhetoric since the moment of Hillary's humiliating defeat. That the humiliation and defeat we're theirs to own as well as it Hillary's is the last thing they will admit.

Frankly I would not be terribly upset to see some CNN or MSNBC reporter take a serious thrashing because I don't see any other way they are going to begin to understand that they are supposed to be honest and dispassionate brokers of information. Sure they are entitled to their opinions, just like anybody else, but they need to confine their opinions to the editorial section and quit trying to pass them off as news.

Why defies common sense is that they either can't or refuse to see that the public not just sees through their bullshit and their sick and tired of it, sick and tired of these talking heads acting repeatedly as if calling themselves journalists exempts them from the rules of common decency, courtesy and respect.

If indeed it does come down to some frustrated citizen giving the likes of Wolfie boy, Erin Burnett ot Mourning Joe a bloody nose or worse, it will be nothing more than a self-inflicted wound and a justly deserved one at that. They underestimate just how sick the public is of them and how much many of us would enjoy watching it as a repeating loop on YouTube.

If that vice handle were in my hand I'd be giving it some hard and fast turns. The only question would be what's louder, their shreaks of agony or mine of delight.

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