Friday, July 15, 2016

What Is The Trigger Point? How Much More Will People Take?

What will it take? Just how much more are we supposed to withstand before we demand that our government finally respond to acts of war with our own acts of war?

Will our politicians remain so recalcitrant that the the people will be forced to act in our own defense? It's not the politicians and the social and banking elite who are the targets of these 7th century barbarians, it's the regular people who depend on government to protect them from just such events.

What do we have to do to get government to act in our best interest against people who want nothing more than to kill as many of us as possible and are willing to die themselves in order to accomplish their evil goals? Do we have to march in the streets demanding action? Do we have to bring our city centers to a halt and not relent until they act? Or will we have to take the initiative against the enemy ourselves? Do we have to make our own threats? Must we resort to our own violent reactions before government acts?

This horrific attack in Nice is not the first time some Jhadist has taken a vehicle and used it as a weapon. It's not even the first time it's happened in France. Do a simple search for "Muslim driver deliberately runs down pedestrians" and the the list is appalling long.

Don't tell me that the FBI and Homeland Security don't know which Mosques are the hotbeds of this hate filled barbarism. Don't tell me that the greatest threat comes from white American military veterans or even the ragtag remenents of the Klan or skinheads hiding in a compound in the mountains of Montana. Don't tell me that closing our borders and halting immigration from the cesspools of the Middle East that breed this insanity is not an effective tool in at least reducing the potential for more attacks.

And yet even as the light of dawn in Nice reveals the bodies of the dead still laying in the street our so-called President still can't utter the words Islamic terrorism. Nobody but nobody is waiting for him to say once again that the motives of the attacker are undetermined. Nobody is buying the disingenuous prevarications coming out of the White House press office. We don't want statements. We want to see clearly articulated plans of actions to defend the nation AND destroy the enemy.

We know who the enemy is and it's not just some "lone wolf" who's been radicalized on the internet. The enemy is Islam itself and its failure to reform and become compatible with the rest of the civilized world.

For the moment you can bet that neither the Obama administration nor Hillary Clinton have either the first idea or slightest intent of doing anything of substance. They will run their mouths about strengthening alliances and sharing more information but not a single proposal for real action other than sender a few hundred more of our beleaguered troops into harm's way in northern Iraq and Yemen.

Short of giving Muslims the option of converting to Christianity, internment or packing their shit and getting the hell out I don't know what else can be done to rid ourselves of this menece. Clearly the problem in Europe is far more serious and clearly more deadly than here at home. But do we really want to wait until we are seeing this horrible attack duplicated here on an even more massive scale than we already have?

Before anybody starts bellyaching about civil rights, tell me what greater civil right is there than to go about your life free from the fear of being obliterated by some demented 7th century madman hiding behind his "religious freedom"? Where are the so called "moderate Muslims" lining up to report the would be murderers among them?

We all know that at the rate these monstrous acts are accelerating it's going to come down to a choice of us or them. That has been the story of history since the first scribe to a stylus to clay tablet. Every century or so some monster or group if monsters thinks they have the right to subject the rest of the world to their will. When it happens the cost in treasure and lives to slay the he beast is horrible and each time the cost seems worst than the last. We might kill the monster but the evil bitch that breads it is always in heat.

The bottom line is that when people become angry and fearful they do not act with reason, but they do act, and even the slightest provocation or perceived threat will bring forth violence. When that happens those Muslims who don't overtly wish us harm will suffer along with the rest and it will be BOTH their own inaction, their own failure to clean up their own house if horrors AND our politicians feckless political correctness that will be responsible.

So the next administration, be it Hillary or Trump will have to make a decision. Do they want to confront the monster where it breeds and decisively or do they want to face both Islamic violence here AND a growing internal rebellion born of the refusal to act?

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