Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Comey's Conclusion, Collusion Or Confounded Confusion. The Weight Of The World Now Falls On Loretta Lynch's Shoulders.

This "conclusion" (collusion?) by FBI Director Comey that there is insufficient grounds to prosecute the Hillary Clinton or any of her staff pretty much guarantees that she will not be holding anything but carefully stage managed press conferences and interviews between now and November.

That said, there is more going on here than meets the eye. Either Comey has succumbed to blackmail or covert threats to his family, (what has become known as Arkancide) or he is more clever than anyone thinks, even the Clintons, or both. Anyone like myself who has held a TS/SCI clearance and read and signed the attendant nondisclosure agreements, with their promises of arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for failure to comply, understands that Comey's  statement was pure prevarication and obfuscation on the pertinent points of the applicable law. (18 U.S.C. Section 793-F).

AG Lynch by her history is clearly beholden to Bill Clinton, director Comey is not. Perhaps by his report he relieves himself from any threats from the Clinton Mafia and puts the entire onus of the final decision on Lynch and the DoJ, thus making ANY decision they make seen as either completely spineless or purely political.

It should be noted that when it was first announced that Director Comey would be issuing a formal statement it was also said that he would be taking questions from the press "in private" afterwards. WHY DID THIS NOT HAPPEN? As has been mentioned elsewhere, Black's Law Dictionary defines gross negligence as "extreme carelessness". The two phrases are indistinguishable in their legal context or meaning.

We all know, as Shakespeare said, "There is something rotten in  Denmark" and this mess already stinks worse than a wheel of Limburger cheese left out in the hot sun.

The report raises more questions than it answers. Outside any legal questions how aggressive is Donald Trump and his opposition research team going to be in pounding on this? Are there any reporters with the guts and integrity to vigorously hound her with the legal definition question and most importantly, how will that 5-10% of the voting public, that decides the outcome of any election, (outside if fraud of course) going to react to the rancid stench burning in their nostrils?

Hillary, the leftwing media and blogosphere might think she just got a pass and will spin Comey's statement as an exoneration. What it has done in reality is forced AG Lynch into that narrow crevice between a rock and a hard place where Hillary has resided for the last year and into making a huge bet with her reputation and career based on the outcome of November's election.

If she passes on pressing charges and Hillary wins in November she will either move back into private practice or stay on as AG under Hillary. If she passes and Trump wins, she risks getting dragged even deeper into any subsequent investigation and a possible conspiricy indictment of her own.

If she opts for pressing charges and Hillary wins her career is finished. If Trump wins then maybe she escapes with her personal reputation intact and perhaps as a behind the scenes attorney in a private law firm way, way, way outside the DC beltway. Either way she risks the aforementioned Arkancide.

The stench of association with the Clinton Mafia cannot ever be scrubbed off. Not with bleach or acetone or sandpaper. The repercussions of her bad judgement and that 30 minute conversation on the tarmac in Phoenix will haunt AG Lynch for the rest of her life. But hey that's just the way the Clintons roll. They don't care how many bodies or how much damage to lives and reputations they create, just so long as they remain at the top of the festering pile.

Sadly, the future of the Republic, perhaps its very continued existance, may rest in the decisions she makes in the next few weeks. If she has any intelligence and integrity at all she is in for some long and sleepless nights. For her sake I hope she locks the door to her office, calls every honest spiritual advisor she can think of (one might hope that the great Billy Graham can muster the strength to help her in this her hour of great tribulation) and then falls to her knees and has a good long prayer for the Lord's advice and guidance. She is going to need it and I will be praying that  she finds it. Perhaps we all should.

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  1. I had some hopes for Comey but I forgot about the exemption from criminal laws that operates in favor of Democrat presidential candidates (and IRS employees).


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