Thursday, July 7, 2016

Feeling Spat Upon.

As William Shakespeare said,"There is something rotten in Denmark." and it doesn't take anything more than plain old common sense to see it.
The events of the last week have clearly demonstrated that there are one set of rules for us commoners and absolutely none for the powerful elites and their agents.
These circumstances are little different, some would argue even more egregious, than those that led to the Continental Congress drafting the Deceleration of Independence.
As someone who held a TS/SCI security clearance and worked inside a high security SCIF for both terms of my clearance, I can state from my own knowledge of procedures, what I was told were actions forbidden by law and the nondisclosure agreement that I had to sign that outlined the severe penalties involved if I screwed up, I know for a fact that what Hillary Clinton and her staff did was a violation of the law. It was very clearly explained to me at the time that if something leaked by my action or words I can and would be charged and intent had no bearing on it.
That FBI Director Comey and now AG Lynch went to such great efforts to distort the meaning of the words in the law, even going do far as to include interpretations of intent where none exist, shows the veracity of my earlier conclusion.
The last step of the investigation I went through to be granted a clearance was a polygraph examination. These tests include electrodes measuring brain activity, monitoring of pulse, blood pressure and resperation rates, along with galvanic measuring of how much an individual is sweating. They even put a specisl cushion under the subjects butt to measure how much they are squirming in their seat or clinching their butt cheeks in reaction to the questions.
Somehow I don't think either of the Clintons or any members of their staff are going to be volunteering to be subjected to such examinations that any of us commoners would be REQUIRED to do so if we were in these sensitive positions.
As it stands then, there is no reason to beleive any thing we here from the Clintons or their minions is anything but a bald faced lie.  NOT PREVARICATIONS OR OBFUSCATIONS BUT BSLD FACE LIES!  Trust is earned and they have done everything to show that they are not worthty of it. 

The Clintons and this government have spat upon us and then all but challenged us with "What are you going to do about it?" As such we owe them nothing. Not respect, not loyalty, not trust and certainly not obedience. NOT A DAMN THING!

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