Sunday, February 14, 2016

Playing Politics In The Face Of Disaster.

Saturday night's debate was, as advertised, ugly. Not just sharp elbows ugly but viciously and personally ugly. Sadly throughout all the personal vilifications and name calling there was scant mention of the twin impending disasters in Syria and the global financial markets.

With the military situation deteriorating for anti Assad forces in and around Allepo, Syria's second largest citevents Turks have started shelling Shia forces laying siege to the city. Saudi Arabia has moved air craft to Incilk air base in Turkey and has stated they are prepared to move in ground forces at any moment. If there developed a confrontation between Turkish/Saudi air or ground forces and Russian military forces things could well spin out of control. Add in the Obama administration's proven fecklessness and incompetence and we could be faced with either the trigger for a much wider conflict or Obama's capitulation to a Shia hegemony stretching from Iran, across northern Iraq and into Syria and Lebenon.

On the financial front instability and volatility have been the hallmark of day to day events not just on Wall Street but across the globe. As I mentioned in a previous post, Monday may well prove to be a pivitol day. Not just for financial markets but for the Middle East political situation as well.

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