Saturday, February 13, 2016

Handing The Election To Donald Trump.

It's long been said that corporations have no moral accountability. After yesterday it appears they have little common sense either. Or do they.

I don't know the exact circumstances at Carrier Corp. that led to their announcement that they are closing their Indiana facility and moving manufacturing operations to Mexico. Neither do I know the political perspectives or leanings of the majority of the Board of directors that voted to make this move. From a purely political perspective it is either a purely bottom line calculation or it's an act of political genius.

Only the completely oblivious would think that the timing and substance of this announcement is not going to become political fodder. With Donald Trump campaigning strongly on how just such actions are destroying the American middle class, this hands him a glaring example of just what he has been saying, not to mention how many thousands of more votes it will put in his column going forward.

When Indiana holds its primary was just made irrelevant. You can bet the farm that Trump will wave this like a bloodied flag at the next debate. You can also bet that he has staff working overtime to ascertain just exactly who Carrier Corp. and it's board members have been sending contributions to.

Bottomline being, either Carrier's board are heartless or they fully intended this move to accelerate Trumps campaign and the reform of trade policy he is focusing on. Either way that is what they have achieved.

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