Friday, February 5, 2016

Bridge For Sale In Brooklyn...

President Obama commented today that the announced unemployment rate of 4.9% was "bad news" for Republicans. Really Mr. President? Except the only people who give any credibility to the BLS number are Democrats and hack journalists. But then that's a redundancy isn't it? Not a word out of his lying, shit filled mouth about the still horrendous labor participation rate. Not a word about the continuing contraction of global markets. Not a word about how the Baltic Dry Index is at is lowest level ever. Not a word about declining U.S. exports. Not a word about how the only growing job market is in bartenders and wait staff.

Tell us, you lying sack of shit, how any of those are indicators of a healthy economy? Where are all the manufacturing jobs you were going to create? Oh that's right they all went China and India. To bad that didn't work out because you have so devastated the domestic economy that fewer and fewer Americans have the necessary disposable income anymore even to buy the cheap crap from China or India. Maybe you should invest in a first grade elementary arithmetic text book. You might actually learn something you miserable piece of trash.

Instead of trying to erase Southern history there a millions of us who would very much like to erase you and what you have done to our country from or memory and history. Your lies and corruption make Boss Tweed and Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scouts. I look forward to teaching my grandchildren what an evil, contemptable, spawn of Satan himself you are. May you fry in hell.

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