Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Politicians Same As The Old Politicians, Or Hijinks And Pandering in Iowa.

As could have been predicted, Donald Trump's failure to win the Iowa caucuses Monday night has brought out a fresh set knives aimed at Donald Trump. The primary narrative being presented is that Trump having declined to participate in the last debate created a groundswell of resentment against him that produced the result we saw. But I have my doubts that such a simple explanation is what is at work here. Never mind that there have been some questions raised about Microsoft's magnanimously offered tabulating software. (Microsoft being a major contributor to Rubio should raise a few eyebrows.) It should also be considered that there is also some old fashioned political dirty tricks and naked pandering behind Cruz's victory.

Reports have surfaced that Cruz operatives were telling caucus goers that Dr. Carson already had plans to drop out of the race after Iowa so they might as well consider voting for another candidate, namely Cruz. Combine this with his last minute decision to endorse calls to increase the amount ethanol in gasoline and you get two factors that could have swayed enough voters to give Cruz his narrow victory.

Once one considers these two factors it demonstrates something else. Rather than being a political outsider and principled conservative, Cruz is just another underhanded, do anything to win an election politician.  Gee who could have possible thought that?

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