Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nothing Coincidental About It. Rev.1

In Rev.1 I have added some additional commentary near the end just above my list of questions to ask yourself.   JWM Jr.

This is going to be a longer piece than what I usually post. I hope that you dear readers will take the time to consider it worth of your attention. Thanks as always for stopping by Joe Martin's Ghost.

Over the last few weeks several national central banks, including two of the largest, the Bank of Japan  and the European Central Bank, have openly moved to negative interest rates. This combined with the US Federal Reserve having recently raised its rates by 25 basis points, has led to a virtual flood of cash assets moving into US based bank accounts, Treasury Bills, notes, bonds and other Dollar based instruments.

This has had the effect of making the Dollar stronger. Making imports cheaper and US exports more expensive. The all to predictable result being companies like Carrier Corp. announcing the moving of their manufacturing and distribution operations to Mexico and Donald Trump further cementing his place in the polls.

Now the financial press has dropped the other shoe and it landed with a resounding thud. No I'm not talking specifically about the growing pressure on FED Chairman Yellen to reverse the recent rate hike or even the speculation over whether the Fed has the authority to to impose negative rates. No, that loud heavy shoe is the growing chorus to eliminate both the €500 and $100 bills.

Never mind the absolute insanity of negative interest rates and charging depositors for storing their money (calling them savings accounts would be absurd on its face). Any sane individual will immediately look to find another means of storing/protecting their accumulated wealth. Even stuffing your mattress would be preferable to the slow "death by a thousand cuts" of negative interest rates.

And here in lies the vicious cruelty of this non-coincidence. Make no mistake about it, these near simultaneous moves in the financial arena are nothing more than naked manifestations of greed and growing centralized control over how individuals conduct their lives. In short the destruction of our God given personal liberties. Bailing out the banks in 2008 solved nothing. They are just as if not even more insolvent now than the were then.

Even deeper behind these two moves lay other stories and editorials calling for the elimination of cash transactions entirely! The governments of Norway and Denmark are already laying the groundwork for exactly such systems. The cover story for all this, the big Goebbels like lie, is that these moves are necessary in order to fight organized crime, money laundering and public corruption. All of those things exist of course. There even exists people naïve and or stupid enough to not only believe such absurd lies but would also publicly or editorially defend them.

To properly understand just how perniciously evil this plot is, you first have to understand that of the $1.4 trillion in US currency in circulation, a full $1.1 trillion of it, nearly 80%, is in $100 bills! The percentage for the Euro is even larger once you include the €200 and €100 bills.

Not if, but when the depositors start lining up and demanding their money in cash, to try and prevent their hard earned savings and their children's futures from being destroyed by the slashing jaws of inflation and negative interest rates, they will find themselves turned away by both currency controls limiting how much of their own money they are allowed to have, or by the simple, physical fact that their will not be enough $50s, $20s or $10s to go around.

If the fascist coalition of banks and corrupt government succeed in this deconstructipn of our libertirs, not only will the average working family be trapped in those jaws but they will also be caught, bound up in a system that can virtually track every move you make and every dollar you spend with a few keystrokes on a computer. The likes of Hitler and Stalin could only dream of such power.

The first and foremost lesson here is that just as with Greece, just as with Cyprus, the survival of the corrupt banking system that is choking to death on its own debt creation must come before you, your liberty or even your right to be able to feed your family with the wealth you have created. As far as they are concerned you are nothing more than a cypher, a string of ones and zeros to be used for their benefit and their's alone. As the crisis deepens and the banks illiquidity grows more apparent they will be back with their bloodstains hands out again. This time it won't be money supplied by the printing presses at the FED. This time, with depositors locked in to accounts they can't close or fully access the Treasury will "authorize" the banks to steal DIRECTLY from your accounts. 5%, 20%, 20%, there won't be any limit to what they can and will take. There won't be any legislation "authorizing" it. They will simply steal your money and tell you it was "necessary" to save the system. I.e. keep the deck chairs on the Titanic in proper order.

When this very thing happened in Greece and Cyprus, these very same forces all told us "these are small countries and far away, nothing like this could ever happen here." Well we better open our eyes because they are getting ready to shove it down our throats. They might even say that because of "criminal activity" it is necessary to issue all new currency. Any old currency must be exchanged by a set date or it will be declared void and worthless. Of course when you attempt to redeam your old bills you will be told their are limits to how much you are allowed to exchange and anything over that amount will be seized. You will also be subject to being treated as a criminal and investigated for simply saving your money outside the direct control of government systems. Again make no mistake, the big banks are part and parcel of government and they are both desperate to get their hands on your cash, IRAs, money markets, mutual funds or any fungible asset you have.

Already today, even before this corrupt engine is fully in place, if you go into your local bank and try to make a large cash withdrawal you will be told that they "don't have that amount on hand" or if they do, giving you your own money would "interfere with their ability to conduct their daily operations." Nope these banks aren't illiquid not one bit. If your local bank branch is threatened by a $10,000.00 withdrawal they have some serious problems that go a lot deeper than your little $10,000.00.

This just a new twist or FDR's seizing everyone gold back in the thirties. Yeah they gave you $26 or $27 an ounce for it then after they ha DC their grubby little hands on it they turned around and reset the value to $32 an oz. Bingo! They stole 20% from the holders of gold with the stroke of a pen. What makes you think they won't do the same thing with your hard earned savings again? Do you think the government or the banks are possessed of any morals or conscience?

If you have any doubts about the veracity of of any of this, ask yourself; Why are banks required to report any patterns of cash deposits or withdrawals to the enforcement arm of the Treasury Department, the IRS? Ask yourself; Why is it any of the governments business what you do with your own money on a day by day basis? Ask yourself; Why are local governmentd going to such absurd measures as requiring your 8 year old daughter or grand daughter purchase a $500 vending permit to sell a 50¢ glass of lemonade in front of your own house on a hot summer afternoon? Ask yourself; Why did the police in Staten Island NYC feel it was justified in violently confronting and killing no less, a man who was committing the heinous crime of selling single cigarettes? Do the state and city of New York not collect enough taxes on them already?

What's going to be next? Are they going to send the cops out on patrol and make sure your 13 year old son is not mowing your neighbor's lawn for $15 without getting a business license?  Never mind that working at the Quick Mart after 10:00PM can turn into a death sentence in 3 seconds flat over $50 in the cash drawer and a carton of Kool cigarettes, little Julie and her neighbor Johnny might have $30 in untaxed income! Oh wait does Julie have a crush on Johnny and gave him a free glass of lemonade when he finished mowing the grass? Did he declare that as income on his 1040? Did Julie give him a 1099? Or did Julie's daddy include that 50¢ as added compensation on the 1099 he gave Johnny?

I know that for the vast majority of Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, this is not the kind of world we want to live in and it sure isn't the kind of state we want to leave to our children and grandchildren. So what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to let these dropped shoes turn into boots on ours and our children's throats? Are we all just going to change are names to Winston Smith and wonder home much of our private conversations our "smart TV" and our I phones are listening to and reporting to gof only knows what government agency? Do we even still possess enough collective spine to even resist?

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