Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Well Now, Let's Just See.....

With the latest revelations that the NSA has been gathering information on members of the House and Senate, we will now have to wait and see just which members have the balls, not just to "investigate", but to proceed with criminal charges and/or impeachment proceedings. Personally I'm not going to hold my breath. All the hearings on the Hildabeast's Libya boondoggle have come to naught. (And in that light, is Congress critter Gowdy of SC endorsing Rubio really a surprise?)

The list of just who was being spyed upon, if it is ever fully revealed, might prove interesting. From what has come out so far it would appear that party affiliation will not provide immunity if the individual is an overt supporter of Israel. I'd bet Chuck U Schumer is livid and having a a hard time not running to the closest available microphone and camera to vent his spleen.

And then there is the now ubiquitous question: How ma y more points will this add to Trump's lead in the polls?

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