Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Impudence And Stupidity All Rolled Into One.

Just this week the Hildabeast stated that Donald Trump has a "sexist" problem. This from a woman who just announced that her husband will be hitting the campaign trail for her. Really Hillary? You're going to play the "women's issues" card AND the B.J. Bill card at the same time?

I mean after all haven't we been told for all these years that Hillary was this woman of her own talents and accomplishments? Is that the case or has her own internal polling numbers become so bad that she feels the need to roll out Bill's pathetically stained coat tails before even the first ballot is cast?

One can't help but think that the tired old hag wishes she had divorced him right after she won the NY Senate race. But it's too late now and like it or not she is stuck with him. B.J. has always been a background factor in her campaign. A double edged sword if ever there was one. Two things are now certain, Hillary will be wearing Depends at the next debate and the stench that arises from her campaign is not just of old urine but desperation.

Small wonder that Trump's only response to the "sexist" remark was "BE CAREFUL". I think maybe Trump has her just where he wants her and she hasn't figured it out yet and he has more than a few "Trump" cards up his sleeve that he has yet to play. I suspect he is holding them back because he sees her as the weakest candidate on the Democrat side in terms of available information to destroy her one the conventions are over.

I think Trump is a master player who is playing in three dimensional space while the rest still struggle on a two dimensional board. By the time this is over Hillary's campaign will have all the inevitability of Bob Dole's.

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