Thursday, December 3, 2015

And This Latest Bloodbath Surprises Who?

So now the shooters in the gruesome San Bernardino attack have been revealed as Islamists and that revelation has led to celebrations in the Muslim twitterverse. Neither of these facts come as any surprise to any rational clear thinking individuals.

This of course would not include the likes of Hillary Clinton who stated in the wake of the Paris attacks that Islam didn't have anything to do with terrorism. I don't think anyone should hold their breath waiting for the Democrats and RINOs to try and deflect from the facts by trying to lay off the blame on "American gun culture". (Correction, our sorry excuse for a President is already blaming the deaths on purported lax background checks.)

These same two associated groups will concurrently express endless dismay, as we will no doubt see another up tick in Donald Trump's poll numbers.

Matt Bracken's predictions, as noted in the post below are already coming true. Sadly, it is still going to take more than what at present is only about half of registered Republicans to wake up and smell the cordite, before real forthright actions will be taken against the menace of Islam.

The questions then become: How many more attacks will occur between now and the election? Will our sorry excuse for a President, the Democrats and the RINOs continue to stonewall in the face of reality? Will there be a movement to drive this douchbag from office for his increasingly maleficent neglect of the safety of American public? Will he try and double down on his tyrany and try to impliment a massive firearms seizure program? Or will we have to wait for January 20th of 2016 when President Trump is sworn in before anything can be done?

If I recall there was a bunch of arrogant crap that came out of the leftist blogs after the 2008 election calling for President Bush to resign immediately. One can only wonder what the Obama's supporters reactions are going to be when that gets thrown back in their face.

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