Thursday, December 17, 2015

There Is A Day Of Reckoning Coming.

There is a day of  reckoning coming, not just for America but for our political and media elites more specifically. We are rapidly reaching a point where their insistence that we not speak out in the name of defending our nation, our culture and even more fundamentally ourselves as individuals has gone beyond just liberal touchy feely tolerance and multi-culturalism but has crossed the line to where we have to ask ourselves not just a lot of serious questions, but demand the answers be given in the light of public scrutiny.

Is this just stupidity or is there some deliberate malfeasance behind it?
Are these people simply lacking in the intellectual capabilities to draw logical conclusions from a series of openly visible events?
Have they become so become so ideologically hidebound that they would put their political agenda over and above the life and limb of the citizens the portend to serve?
Are they either willing or ready to accept the consequences for the failure of their policy/stupidity/malfeasance?

Before going any further with the questions we need to lay out some facts.

1. There was a recently reported incident of Muslim men making large multiple purchases of untraceable cell phones. The very kind used for clandestine communication and more importantly as munitions detonatores.

2.  There were also widely reported incidents of not just Muslim men making bulk purchases of propane tanks but widely reported thefts of these same tanks from grocery outlets where one needs no more than a bolt cutter and a single minute to make off with enough explosives to take down a city block.

3. There is now evidence that the madness in Syria has reached a new level of madness. There are reports that Turkey has turned a blind eye to the smuggling of precursors for sarin gas out of Turkey and into Syria. Couple that with reports that a jihadist cell in Switzerland was recently busted in possession of toxic gas.

4.  There exists irrefutable video evidence of Palestinian jihadists converting propane canisters into crude artillery rockets and launching them out of Gaza into southern Israel.  All while shouting Allahuh Ackbar of course.

Do these media and political elites of ours honestly expect us to believe that these various groups don't communicate with each other, that they don't share technology? Or maybe they just think all of us are so involved with the latest edition of "The Voice" or "Survivor" or whatever new bread and circuses distraction they cook up or that we can't be bothered to look up from our cell phones long enough to step off the railroad tracks in time before we get run down by the train? Indeed that might be true for a lot of people, especially of the younger generation, but that's not all of us.

Ever since 9-11 we have been subjected to a series of what I would call pin prick attacks. I would contend that these are deliberatly small, not simply to be annoying and to kill Americans but to desensitize us to continued and perpetual violence.
 I would further posit that this 5th column in our midst are stockpiling and preparing for a single massive simultaneous attack in multiple locations. Neither would I put it past them to employ a known Palestinian tacktic of setting off one device, waiting for the first responders to gather and then set off a second even larger bomb and effectively decspapitating the capability to respond to even more attacks.

These people may be 7th century barbarians but they are armed with 21st century technology and are not afraid to use it or sacrifice themselves in the process.

I know I am not the only one forecasting such terrible events and I do so not to frighten the public but to warn the media and the politicians that should not but when such horrors come to pass we know who we are going to hold accountable for them and it's not just the barbarians and their 7th century death cult but the elite who have deliberately put them in our midst and our lives in peril.

We know full well that the power of government should be used to protect and defend us from our enemies not be used as a weapon against us for refusing to sit back and meekly accept the destruction of the nation that we built.

Me, I'm going long on pitchforks and torches.  The reckoning is and will come.


  1. There's no alternative. Muslims must not be permitted to live in Western lands. All must be removed and sent to Muslim lands, regardless of U.S. citizenship obtained by any means. Rule of law and tolerance only works for Europeans. Otherwise they're weapons in lawfare meant primarily to paralyze us by "forcing" us to try to square the circle. Asking us to figure out who's a "good" Muslim or a "moderate" or a patriotic one only diverts attention from the point I made above. There can be no such thing as a Muslim-American. It's like talking about a fat thin person.

    For a long time we thought of law as a protection of the people but now it's clear that the legal system cannot deal with people who treasonous in every political thought they have. In England of the middle ages certain people could be declared outlaws and there's always been the concept of treason. Now if the words "multicultural" or "diversity" are mentioned our minds are prevented from applying these two concepts. A Muslim believes that another Muslim can be killed if he leaves Islam or even just criticizes the Koran (blasphemy). This person can never be a citizen and does not belong among civilized people. We who value freedom of conscience cannot tolerate such base, vicious doctrines or the people who hold them. We have to rekindle our faith in the concept of the outlaw and treason or we will commit suicide and merit an epitaph, "Here lies Joe who was murdered by a Muslim. At least he never lost his faith in diversity."

  2. Thanks so Colonel and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Thanks so Colonel and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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