Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Who's Poking Who's Hornet's Nest?

So now the media and the political elites have something new coming out of the Trump campaign to get their collective knickers in a twist over. Well isn't that just special of them? Having taken the time to watch the majority of Trump's speech yesterday where he announced the proposal, the audience's reaction was quite predictably just the opposite.

The point I would raise however is not the merits of any such proposal or reaction to it, but rather how Trump characterizes the political elites and their media minions and how the media deliberately ignores it when he calls them out as liars and the political elites dare not address his calling them "stupid people who don't know what they are doing." These charaterizations, true or not, are just what his audience has already concluded for themselves and is simply glad to here a candidate, any candidate, give voice to their frustrations.

Well then here we are, the pundits etc. have a new reason to declare that Trump has at last "gone to far" and predict is imminent demise. More like a reflection of their inability to learn from past mistakes. The more adamant the tortured wailings of the establishment the more certain his supportes become that he speaks for them.

So then going back to the title of this post; just who is is poking what hornet's nest? Is it Trump who is poking tbe nest of the elite's faux indignity or is it the media and political elites that are poking the nest of the voting public's disgust with their repetative lies?

Their was a line the movie "Used Cars" about how "used to be when you bought a politician, he stayed bought". Problem for the elites is that Trump can't be bought and won't be bought. For the establishment it all boils down to that one simple reality. Once was a time when the media considered it their job to challange the politicians and government policy not just to influence it but to guard the public from overreach. Now it seems they reguard their job to be to protect government from the righteous indignation of the voting public.

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