Friday, August 28, 2015

Deliberate Intentions.

If it was the intention of the NEA and the rest of the leftist cadre to destroy the Enlightenment and the unique American culture that grew out of it by producing a generation of squishy liberals who judge everything through a prism of emotion rather than logic and reason, I'd have to say they have nearly succeeded.

It's not there are not a lot of intelligent hard working young people out there that are just as appalled by the society around them as their parents. Its just that there are as many or more of these thoughtless emotion driven twits. If one needs any evidence of it just look at how many young people who feel the need to cover themselves with tattoos and piercings. What was once the pervue of sailors, criminals and primitives is now the norm and I would defy anyone to tell me it represents anything but social devolution.

Combine that with the fact that so many young people can't be bothered to speak proper English and you have a recipe for disaster in any drastic social turn. I recently encountered a young woman in her early twenties for whom it was impossible to construct a sentence without using the word "like" at least twice. I have to wonder just who would hire such inarticulate people and how could they possible survive in a crisis.

I have no doubt that these morally and intellectually stilted individuals are also thoroughly invested in the poison of moral relativism and that that robs them of the capacity for critical social analysis. This makes them incapable of grasping the fact that there is a large swath of black society that doesn't give a rip about their political leanings or alleged social tolerance but quite simply hates them because they are white.

I somehow doubt if any of the victims of the growing tide of black on white hate crimes were first asked by their assailants if they were registered Democrats or sufficiently "tolerant" of the violence about to be inflicted upon them.

Tolerance in political terms has come to mean a lack of capacity to make critical judgements.

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