Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chaos In Europe.

The uncontrolled immigration crisis in Europe grows worse with each passing day and at first glance one can't help but have sympathy for people fleeing the horror and depredations of war.  But a closer examination reveals something more.

For thirty some years now it has been the clear but infrequently spoken policy, and even then only in whispers, of radical Islam to colonize Europe with ever growing numbers of immigrants. Yes the Middle East has been thrown into turmoil, war and a medieval barbarism carried out with modern implements and broadcast for all to see with 21st century technology that staggers the imagination. But these horrors are either a deliberate construction and or a self inflicted wound. Granted the West and particularly the US has a certain responsibility to bear. It has failed to confront an implacable enemy with a full certainty of will and finality of purpose.

The West has chosen to forget its previous history with Islam and chosen instead the foolish path of political correctness and placation with an enemy whose tactics have not changed in fourteen hundred years. After the devastating attacks of 9/11 the US moved quickly to remove the Taliban from the seat of government in Afghanistan and attack the al Qaida terrorists they had given free range to operate. But then like fools we quickly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by assuring the interim goverenment, a government we put in place, that we considered Islam "a religion of peace" and they were free to incorporate their barbaric 7th century Shria law into their new constitution. We then compounded this foolishness by repeating it in Iraq. The lessons of the final victory over Japan and the obvious parallels between Islamic and Japanese suicidal fanaticism were forgotten and ignored.

The American military and US Middle East policy were quickly transformed from dominant victors to Br'er Rabbit, elbow and ankle deep into the Tar Baby.
The implacable and relentless enemy that is Islam then exploited our foolishness to not simply kill our brave soldiers but to draw us deeper into the trap of trying to deal with 7th century barbarism with foolishly misguided 21st century "proportional response." We applied the failed lessons of Viet Nam and got the same result. We did not withdraw with honor but with shamelessness.

The difference being that after the withdrawal from Viet Nam they went about repairing and rebuilding their country, in Iraq "Vieitnamisation" policy has failed once again and left the worst of the worst manifestations of fundamental Islam to reign supreme and to grow and spread. And just as conquering armies have done since time immemorial they sow fear among civilian populations and drive them before them to create chaos and clog the logistical capabilities of their enemies, namely Europe.

All this flood of refugees is just taking that longstanding policy of colonization to a new and extreme level.  It should also be noted that those European countries that remained free after the defeat of the Nazis in World War II continue to try to accomidate the hoards while those that have only recently escaped from half a century of Russian/communist colonization are putting up resistance and trying to stem the flow.

Once again the Islamic hoards are stacking up at the "Gates of Vienna". The question is will the Europeans be able to recognize that this is another attempt at conquest just by a different means? Will they be able to fight them off or will the massive numbers of Muslims already entrenched create such civil disruption as to make it all but impossible?

These are not the Goths and the Visigoths who sought to become Romans and carry on with the systems of Rome. These are the hoards of Ghengis Khan who will do nothing but consume and destroy. Europe better wake up and so had the US because we're next.


  1. >> they sow fear among civilian populations and drive them before them to create chaos <<

    You're right. I hadn't thought of ISIS' barbarism as having that purpose but I think it's exactly to drive people into Europe. Europeans, of course, assume that refugees can ONLY go to Europe so the rest follows as the night the day. The idea that safe areas IN those countries can be established by Western military force does not occur to Europeans. That would be neo-colonialism on steroids, of course, and would actually require them to be active defenders of their lands instead of the passive bitches for Muslims that they are.

  2. And I don't expect Poland - even with the help of Hungary and the Czech Republic - to save Europe again. They will be lucky if they manage to keep from being over-run once the muslims consolidate their hold on the rest of Europe. Perhaps they will have to become vassals of Russia once again to stem the tide.

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